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By pbrauer, Senior Member on 15th August 2012, 04:36 PM
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The Unofficial Transformer Infinity(TF700) ROM & Kernel Listings v 2.0
Updated 10/23/2013

It is finally time for a complete re-write of the guide, so here goes. Hopefully this will make it easier to follow and use!

I take no credit for the work represented here, and no credit for the idea, and no credit for incredible amount of work that has gone into figuring out how to cook tasty ROMs for the TF700. This is just an attempt to provide a quick and easy starting point for users looking for ROMs and their details.

If you have any [ROM/KERNEL] specific question ask in the appropriate thread for that. Please do not post them in the thread for this listing as you are not as likely to get your question answered as quickly as you would in the appropriate thread.

  • Rooting: This is an operation that you do to a device that gives you "Root" level access to your tablet or phone or whatever. Other terms for this may be "SuperUser", it means you have access to the entire device, including areas that the manufacturer or provider may not want you to have access to.
  • Unlocking: Unlocking is the step past rooting, where you "unlock" your bootloader. This gives you full access to the bootloader, and is the second part required in order to be able to flash new ROMs. **MAY VOID MANUFACTURER WARRANTY
  • OTA: Over the Air Updates. These are the ROM updates that come directly from ASUS (or whomever built your tablet). When you root and flash you almost always lose OTAs.
  • Flash (or Flashing): This is where you replace the Operating System for the device with a new one. There are many reasons for flashing, Google has lots of discussions about the topic.
  • Bootloader: Computers have a process when you turn them on, the first part is the Bootloader which contains just enough information to tell the device where the harddrive is, etc. Accessing the bootloader is required in order to replace the ROM, or in other words to Flash your device.
  • Recovery: This is an important part of the Android system, it allows you to turn on the device and get ALMOST to the full ROM load. Recovery is where you go to load custom ROMs, perform full backups and many other tasks. There are several different recovery apps, two of the most popular are CWM or ClockworkMod and TWRP. Most of the ROMs you will see are supported by one or both of these.

Hopefully this little bit of information helps, of course the opinions and answers are mine alone so if you have any issues let me know!

Current ROMs

4.3 based ROMs

CMB ROMs TF700: CM Based ROM with a dark theme.

CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightlies: Official nightly 4.3 builds

PAC-man AIO Offical:: Hybridized ROM combining CM Nightlies, AOKP and Paranoid Android ROMs

4.2 based ROMs

CROMi-Xenogenesis (5.1.1): This is a true 4.2.x ROM for the TF700 with all sorts of goodies

Paranoid Android 3.69 (HALO): PA 4.2 based ROM for tablets and phones. Tons of control over everything.

HAIRYBEAN Unleash the Beast: A new JB 4.2.1 based ROM for the ASUS Tablets.

Cornerstone Bryce_ROM: Built off the CM10.1 nightlies using Cornerstone. Provides multiwindow capabilities.

Baked Black Bean 8:Latest and greatest from teamBAKED. Dark Bliss Black KANG ROM.

Official CM10.1: Cyanogenmod 10.1 Nightlies for the TF700. Now updated to the 4.2.2 Build

TF700 Stock Upgrade (Bootloader and 4.2.1): The newest ROM from ASUS, including 4.2.1!

4.1 based ROMs

CleanROM Inheritance 3.4.7: Deodexed OC ROM based on scrosler's ROMs.

TF700 Stock ROM - JB Odex version of the Stock ASUS ROM, taken from the WW version but modded for any locale.

Linux Ports for the TF700
Multiboot Linux for Infinity TF700evelopers thread for the WIP Linux port for the TF700

Native Arch Linux for TF700t:WIP for 3.4.7 CROMI-based tablets. Currently on-hold while dev works on kernel for CROMi-X

Ubuntu for Infinity: A dev build of Native Ubuntu Linux

Native Ubuntu on TF700 Lubuntu, LXDE Unity2D, Gnome for the Infinity!

Kernel Packs Kernel: Great, stable and fast for 4.2 ROMs on the new bootloader Kernel: Tweaked and improved version of Asus kernel

MaxKernel: CROMi Overclocked Kernel with lots of tweaks

Hundsbuah Kernel: Great and Stable Kernel from Hundsbuah

Bryce Kernel: Updated and changed version of the CM10.x kernel. Verified on PA and LiquidSmooth ROMs

3.1.10 Kernel + CIFS + ROW: A new kernel with some of the new experimental features.


Data2SD Enhanced A different approach and solution to improve I/O

Extended Power Menu: Adds the option to Reboot or Reboot into Recovery. Only for JB 4.1.1 ROMs. for .16 or .18 Based ROMs [B][I][COLOR="Red"]

Infinity Tweaks: Some performance, root and other tweaks

Disabled Scrolling Cache: A performance tweak for deodexed ROMs that may improve lag.

Recovery and Backup

TWRP Recovery: Touch-based recovery tool with on-screen keyboard.

[TOUCH]ClocworkMod Recovery Touch enabled version for JB ROMs and bootloaders.

[NON-TOUCH]ClockworkMod Recovery A version of CWM for the TF700, used for backups and ROM Installation

NVFlash for the TF700: NVFlash is a great utility that basically eliminates almost any chance of a software brick due to flashing or updating ROMs and Kernels.

Unlocking/Rooting/Restore Guides

All in one ADB Tool: A veritable swiss army knife tool, automates updates, backups and other functions.

Guide/Tool - Update to Official JB then Root: A guide to upgrading and rooting JB ROMs from the developer of Scott's ROMs

Manual Firmware Update using dlpkgfile: Guide for those that want OTA but have unlocked

Restore Root if Lost After Upgrade to JB: For those that lost Root after they upgraded.

All-in-One Guide for Asus Infinity: So this is the mac-daddy of posts, one stop to root, flash, and unlocking. Well written, well laid out and easy to follow.

Restore to Stock Recovery: For unlocked bootloaders, allows you to go back to the stock recovery and receive OTAs

Resource Guide: Quick Reference Resource Guide

Bootloader Unlocker: Links and instructions to unlock your Bootloader

How to Manually Update Firmware: Explains how to manually perform OTAs
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15th August 2012, 04:36 PM |#2  
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There is an excellent thread started by Wolfman87 over in the Q&A Section talking about the confusion around OTAs, bootloaders and recoveries. The entire thread can be viewed here:

I have taken the liberty of cross-posting an excellent summary by MartyHulskemper on the basics

ASUS Firmware updates:

* .22 was the release firmware
* .26 changed the scheduler from noop to cfq, smoothing out disk-write performance a bit, alleviating I/O issues to at least some extent; some minor app updates as well, it seems.
* .30 updated camera firmware (removing the clicking sound, amongst other minor fixes). The big thing was it updated the bootloader as well (without notice), which later turned out to prevent installation of Nvflash. This effectively shuts out those who flashed the .30 OTA or .30 manual ASUS firmware files from the added security of Nvflash... for now.
* .16 is the initial JB update

Confusion may stem from our colloquial designation for JB (.16) being out of order with the ICS builds that came before it (.22/.26/.30) -- our tendency to abbreviate anything needing more than three keystrokes has turned to shoot some people in the foot. If, however, you look at the full build number, the difference is quite evident:

.22 = ASUS firmware version = ICS
.26 = ASUS firmware version = ICS
.30 = ASUS firmware version = ICS

.16 = ASUS firmware version = JB


I believe any CM10/AOKP-based ROM will happily boot off of both the ICS and JB bootloaders. Currently, however, there seems to be no specific need or benefit to using the JB bootloader, so I'd stay away from it whenever possible.
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15th August 2012, 04:36 PM |#3  
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Older ROM links

Older/Decommed ROMs - Archived Tweaks

Stock Rooted Odex Pre-rooted ROM Based almost completely on the ASUS Stock ROM. Adds some new camera libs.

Paranoid Android 3.0 RCIE: AOSP 4.2.1 release with a Tablet UI

LiquidSmooth JB 4.1.2 RC8: Latest and greatest AOSP based ROM

Stock Rooted De-Odex / Odex: A new ROM from Scott based off the ASUS update

[JB4.1.1] 10/18 Stock Root Odex/De-Odex: Based on the official ASUS Base ROM from Scott's ROMs

CleanROM 2.3 - The Infinity Unleashed!: Minimalist ROM based on 4.1.1 JB Stock ROM. Tweaked for minimal bloat and maximum speed.

Stock ODEX and Rooted ROM: Stock ROM based off the

ParanoidAndroid 2.53 [ROM-ALPHA]: A hybrid PerApp ROM for tablets and phones.

Team EOS ROM for the TF700 Nightlies: A Team EOS port, we have been added to the list of their nightly builds.

Mysticial ROM v1: A "ported" version of the TF300 ROM tweaked for the Infinity

Baked Bean 7.1(tf700t)[JB 4.2.1]: An AOSP Based ROM with lots of goodies!

Unofficial CM10 Builds 10/18[Alpha]: Unofficial nightly build from Hiemanshu.

TF300 JB ROM on the TF700 This is a discussion about installing the JellyBean build for the TF300 on the Inifinity.

[AOSP]4.1.1 Pure AOSP Build (pre-Alpha): You need TWRP, and it is pretty hacked, but a new ROM for the Infinity!

CyanogenMod 10 Unofficial 4.1.1 (Round 3): Experimental CM 10 Build

CM10 TF700: A WIP CM 10 Build for the Infinity

.30 Firmware Update: The Official ASUS update for the firmware, contains some different system tweaks. Not JB, and do not use if you are planning on installing NVFlash

Zeus TF700T Series v 4.0 ONLINE: Stock with Full Add-ons

Stock US with Root: Vanilla deodexed, rooted ROM with Busybox included

CWM Repackaged OTA Repackaged OTA for those that have either unlocked or rooted and are using CWM

Maniacs ROM: Built off of .26, this is a base ROM from Maniac. with Tweaks: Deodex, rooted, busybox, debloated, tweaked with BeatsAudio added

Stock Kernel + insecure +init.d + nodpi: The kernel from the latest ASUS Rom for those that want to tinker, or for people that only want the new kernel.

Clemsyn's Kernel for TF700: Overclock to 1.8ghz or run at 650 GPU

Data2SD - I/O Boost: Makes changes to the RAM disk configuration to address I/O performance ChainsDD Superuser.apk: That's right, a version of ChainsDD superuser built specific for the TF700.

Mystical Kernel v0.1: Provides a true root, and also allows for changing lcd density. More to come as well.

Transformer ADB v6 with Flash Recovery: Provide a nice ADB-based tool to flash recoveries, unlock or update from your PC.

Blob Tool : This is a tool for working with Blob files, makes building and deconstructing much quicker.

Complete Flash Layout: Complete analysis and deep dive of the Flash Layout of the tablet.

Boot Partition Restore: A Fix to restore the Boot Partition with CWM/TWRP
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15th August 2012, 05:01 PM |#4  
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I look forward to this thread filling up with awesome ROMs and such.
26th August 2012, 08:39 PM |#5  
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The Rooting utility is the easiest way to root a Transformer Infinity: Beginners can read out this tutorial,
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26th August 2012, 10:45 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by Utkarsh.bhatt12

The Rooting utility is the easiest way to root a Transformer Infinity: Beginners can read out this tutorial,

It's just sparkym3's Debugfs method, which is linked on the site you linked to, so no need for an intermediary really.
27th August 2012, 04:59 PM |#7  
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Updated with new ROM and other link updates
11th September 2012, 05:31 PM |#8  
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Updated to include the TF300 install links for brave souls.
13th September 2012, 04:42 PM |#9  
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Not one but TWO new ROMs in the past 24 hours!!! Hopefully a great sign of things to come.
13th September 2012, 11:46 PM |#10  
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So, i moved this thread back to Development since it is well updated and i think that this can cohabit with the other sticky thread hence do not report this to us.
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14th September 2012, 04:35 PM |#11  
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Hmm. I didn't get a request to confirm the uid & gid. Superuser's there & Root Explorer works but Titanium & Root Checker both think I'm not rooted.

Curses. Foiled, and I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for those kids and that mangey dog.
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