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[ROM] ViperOneM8 3.2.1 Tweaks, HUB, IconPacks, Themes, OTAs and more All variants

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apktool d -b -f Freetime.apk xda
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[ROM] ViperOneM8 3.2.1 Tweaks, HUB, IconPacks, Themes, OTAs and more All variants, ROM for the HTC One (M8)

j to the 4n, Turge, m0narx, hansbert,ivicask,shnizlon
Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: HTC Sense 6.0

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 3.2.1
Stable Release Date: 2014-11-23

Created 2014-04-04
Last Updated 2014-11-23
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This Agreement contains the complete and entire understanding and agreement between you and the
providers of this ROM ("Licensor") and supersedes any previous communications, representations, or
agreements, verbal or written, related to the subject matter of this Agreement. This Agreement may not
be modified or amended orally, impliedly, or in any manner not set forth in writing or permitted by this
This Agreement may be amended by Licensor at any time and without notice, but only by amending this
document as posted in Team Venom ROM threads or Team Venom ROMs, unless otherwise agreed to in
writing by you and Licensor.
Any amendments will become effective immediately after being posted. As a condition for this license
you agree to periodically check this license Agreement and terms of use.

License Grant


Licensor hereby grants to you, and you accept, a nonexclusive, nontransferable license to use the
content only as authorized in this License Agreement.

Prohibited Acts

Except as authorized in this Agreement, no Team Venom related portions of this ROM may be distributed
by you or any person under your authority or control. You agree that you will not assign, sublicense,
transfer, pledge, sell, lease, rent, lend, or otherwise dispose of the Team Venom portions of this ROM, or
any part thereof, or share your rights under this License Agreement, including passwords and user
names. You agree that you will not disassemble, decompile, convert to another programming language,
or otherwise translate the content, and that you will not rent, lease, or lend the content, or any
component of it, in violation of 17 U.S.C. 109(b)(1). You agree that you will not alter, publish, copy,
cut, modify or transform the content, or any component of it, in any form to any storage medium, known
or unknown, for any purpose whatsoever, except as authorized. You will be held legally responsible for
any trademark or copyright infringement that is caused or encouraged by your failure to abide by the
terms of this License Agreement.

Licensor reserves the right to deny access to any person or to terminate this license for any reason if
Licensor reasonably believes that is not being used for its intended purpose, or for any other reason in
the sole discretion of Licensor.

Licensor's Rights

You acknowledge and agree that the Team Venom owned portions of this ROM are proprietary products
of Licensor, protected under the copyright law. You further acknowledge and agree that all right, title,
and interest in and to the ROM content, including associated intellectual property rights, are and shall
remain with Licensor. You agree that only currently serving Team Venom members working on official
Team Venom Projects may modify, distribute, or use the ROM and its contents.

No Warranty


Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Licensor be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or exemplary
damages or lost profits, even if Licensor has been advised of the possibility of such damages. SOME

No Guarantee of Correctness - No Legal Advice - No Medical Advice
The ROM has been prepared and/or obtained for general information and entertainment purposes only
and is not intended to provide legal, medical, tax, or professional advice. You acknowledge that Licensor,
its owners, partners, employees, officers, directors, attorneys, and agents do not promise or guarantee
that the ROM is correct, complete, or up-to-date. There is no guarantee that the ROM is correct,
complete, or up-to-date for any specific circumstance.

Privacy Policy

By using this ROM, you agree to the collection and use of your information by Licensor in accordance
with this Privacy Policy. Licensor reserves the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time
without notice. Your continued use of the ROM following any changes to this Privacy Policy will
constitute your acceptance of such changes.

Information Collected Automatically

This ROM automatically collects technical information when you connect to VenomHUB or check for OTA
updates. Examples of this type of information include the type of phone operating system you are using
as well as your IMEI for phone/user identification purposes and for OTA Update functionality.
Information collected for the purposes of utilizing VenomHUB or OTA ROM updates will not be shared
and is inaccessible publicly.
Governing Law
You expressly agree that this License Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with,
the laws of jurisdiction in which Licensor resides, to the exclusion of any other applicable body of
governing law. This Agreement is entered into in that jurisdiction and not any other jurisdiction.


The following exceptions apply to the above:
In the case of Team Venom Theme Apks, you are permitted to modify, host, and redistribute solely for
use in official Team Venom Viper ROMS. You agree that said modified Apks will be properly labeled as
Team Venom Theme Apks. Further you agree that under no circumstances will said modified Apks be
utilized in any projects that are not explicitly sanctioned by Team Venom, collectively. This includes but
is not limited to: Unofficial Beta releases and ‘Kangs’. Team Venom takes no responsibility for issues
arising from modification or redistribution of aforementioned Theme Apks.
All downloads now on:

ViperOneM8 3.2.1 (November 23rd)
  • Fixed the issue with closing folders:
    (touching anywhere to close the folder doesn't open apps/folders anymore when you touch one on homenscreen)
  • Fixed the issue with the workspace getting locked by default
ViperOneM8 3.2.0 (November 22nd)
  • Merged with new 3.28.401.9 base
  • Updated stock kernel
  • Added HTC M8(m8tl) support from official 3.32.1400.7 base(must select in aroma)
  • Enabled Verizon tethering
  • Added removal option for Flash player inside aroma installer
  • Added removal option for HTC Dot View inside aroma installer
  • Added HTC Blinkfeed to take per app theme colors
  • Added HTC Weather to take per app theme colors
  • Added HTC IME to take per app theme colors
  • Added HTC Service Pack to take per app theme colors
  • Fixed browser FC issue for some languages (e.g. when opening incognito tab)
  • Fixed custom lockscreen notifications
  • Updated HTC Blinkfeed
  • Updated HTC Camera
  • Updated other HTC market apps
  • Updated Google Play Services 6.5.87 (Fixes FC with Adaway and others...)
  • Updated Google Play Store 5.0.38
ViperOneM8 3.1.0 (November 1st)
  • Added Verizon support from official 3.28.605.4 base
  • Added Sprint support from official 3.30.651.2 base
  • Added custom sense themes per app/all apps
  • Added WIFI ON stats in power manager
  • Readded wallpaper scrolling
  • Increased ATT MMS size, 1M, 2M, 5M (Works on full wipe only)
  • Fixed black VVM icon for ATT users
  • Fixed wrong powersaver icon
  • Removed venom dotview leftovers
  • Updated T-mobile carrier files to official 3.32.531.2 base
  • Updated Camera and Audio drivers from T-mobile 3.32.531.2 base
  • Updated Google Play Services 6.1.83

ViperOneM8 3.0.1 (October 20th)
  • Fixed wallpaper issue same having when using none stock navbar height
  • Removed wallpaper scrolling again...for above fix
  • Included new ATT Message.apk to provide proper MMS size limits
  • Fixed MMS over Wifi for Tmous - thx for Jbb3393 for the hint

ViperOneM8 3.0.0 (October 19th)

Support will be added once Verizon and Sprint release a 4.4.4 based rom

  • Re-based on 3.28.401.6
  • Merged with 3.28.401.7 (FIXES Vipnet Croatia Data issues)
  • Enhanced camera features
    - More options for preview time after taking a picture
    - Enabled Blink Detection
    - Enabled Crop Me In
    - Enabled front camera video scene
    - Disabled GeoTagByDefault
    - Added more resolutions for video recording
  • Removed weather item in tweaks not showing when weather is uninstalled
  • Fixed being able to remove all prism menu items
  • Fixed 5x6 app drawer grid size layouts
  • Fixed hiding app/folder labels on homescreen/appdrawer
  • Fixed All apps bar with full transparency
  • Prism will check system setting for rotation before prism tweak
  • Added wallpaper scrolling back
  • Added screen ON stats in power manager
  • Dock now locks also with workspace
  • Some minor fixes and optimizations in VenomTweaks
  • Updated Easter egg
  • Updated Google Play Services 6.1.74
  • Updated Google Play Store 5.0.32

ViperOneM8 2.5.0 (September 25th)
  • Updated Verizon carrier files to official 2.21.605.2 base
  • Updated T-mobile carrier files to official 2.22.531.6 base
  • Updated HTC Gallery 8.27.808455
  • Updated Google Play Services 6.1.07
  • Updated HTC Sync Manager
  • Updated HTC Scribble (Notes) (Full rom only)
  • Updated TWRP recovery with working UMS and MTP (Full rom only)
  • Fixed build.prop issue for Sprint devices
  • Fixed SystemUI FC when pulling statusbar on immersive mode
  • Fixed broken Android Data Usage
  • Fixed "Always Display Data Icon"
  • Fixed background on contact card when clicking NEQS user card
  • Fixed long press Quiet Hours HEQS icon
  • Fixed screen on time in vertical HTC quick settings
  • Fixed notification count icon
  • Fixed OpenVPN
  • Fixed FlashPlayer - Thanks to mackentosh
  • Fixed revealing venomnavbar not working properly in landscape
  • Fixed HTC Calendar widget not working on 3rd party launchers
  • Fixed FC when entering invalid hexcode in venomtweaks
  • Fixed issue with multiple actionbar buttons when the activity is resumed from recent apps
  • Fixed FC issue when clicking the url icon
  • Fixed Notification widget/Blinkfeed clock not showing custom weather correctly
  • Fixed mixed up Sense animations
  • Fixed UMS(Mass storage) on Sprint
  • Rewrote QuietHours:
    - Muting whatsapp notifications work now(...stupid whats app devs, not following coding guidelines how to play a notification sound)
    - Dim option works properly now, without interfering with charging led
  • Added old venom battery icon back
  • Added option to start EPS when quiethours starts and exiting when quiethours ends
  • Added option to configure apps to show red led color on incoming notifications
  • Added toggle in icon theme view to set background to black, so see "white icon packs"
  • Apps are ordered alphabetically now when customizing icon packs
  • Added toggle to open normal menu when on blinkfeed page
  • Added hiding htc sync icon
  • Enabled call recording

ViperOneM8 2.4.0 (September 07)
  • Fixed and updated Polaris Office
  • Fixed HTC Backup
  • Fixed flashlight notifications
  • Fixed SystemUI FC when downloading attachments with new Tapatalk
  • Fixed back button not working when accessing camera/other apps from lockscreen or backing our from security pattern
  • Moved Google Street View and Cloud Print to /data
  • Improved 1% battery icons and charging animation
  • Removed more unneeded libs
  • Added additional and re-arranged system languages selection (Full ROM only)
  • Added HTC Backup removal option in aroma

ViperOneM8 2.3.0 (August 29)
  • Fixed force new task exclusion list
  • Fixed HEQS screen timeout and synced values with Android
  • Unlocked all widgets for lockscreen (again)
  • Fixed lockscreen widgets on aosp lockscreen
  • Added Phone icon mod back
  • Fixed Move text below pattern
  • Fixed Hide hints on pattern lockscreen
  • Fixed CM style pattern dots
  • Fixed/reduced some Wake-locks
    -NlpWakeLock (GooglePlayServices)
    -HTC Function test
    -HTC Device management
    -qPnp-charger service

ViperOneM8 2.2.0 (August 19)
  • ADDED full T-Mobile carrier support
  • FIXED T-Mobile WIFI calling
  • FIXED Locked IPV4/6 Settings
  • FIXED AOSP incoming call workaround not working

ViperOneM8 2.1.0 (August 16)
  • Merged with HTC OTA 2.22.401.5
  • Added new stock kernel from OTA (Only full ROM)
  • GPS improvements and fixes from HTC
  • Workaround white gap in dialer when having custom stock navbar size
  • Fixed Notification icon color
  • Added longpress power custom actions

ViperOneM8 2.0.1 (August 12)
  • FIXED Sprint WIFI calling
  • FIXED Sprint bootanimation
  • FIXED Verizon bootanimation
  • FIXED Latest YouTube not working
  • FIXED Missing search items in Google Search
  • FIXED Hiding NFC icon on t-mobile carrier (will just work if fullrom is installed)
  • FIXED Custom Lockscreen notifications not working
  • FIXED Smallapps showing updates in playstore
  • FIXED Widgets for resizing on 4x5 and 5x6 home screen

ViperOneM8 2.0.0 (Aug 10)
  • Re-based on 2.22.401.4
  • ART compatibility
  • Added ability to show/hide venom apps in native settings
  • Added ability to show HK setting
  • Added force new task exclusion list
  • Added Boomsound and HK to "hide specific statusbar icons"
  • Added NFC to "hide specific statusbar icons"
  • Fixed freeze when wiping dalvik cache in VenomTweaks
  • Fixed immersive mode exclusion list (previously min 2 apps were required to get it to work)
  • Fixed App Installer to be able to work with external SD card
  • Fixed custom autobrightness
  • Added sound boost mod option in aroma
  • General aroma clean up, improvements and additions

ViperOneM8 1.8.0 (June 28)
  • Fixed
    • Fixed venom settings category for vzw users
    • Fixed hide&reorder for quicksettings
    • Fixed min swipe distance for venom navbar
    • Prevent recording a bugreport and give a warning when logcat functionality has been disabled
  • Added
    • Added back key action to 3 finger gesturev
    • Added back reset buttons for color preferences
    • Added custom icons for navbar buttons
    • Added navbar height for stock navbar

ViperOneM8 1.7.1 (June 20)
  • Fixed
    • Fixed search/menu button not working properly on stock navbar
    • Fixed issue that some activities (Icon Theme -> Customize) wont open when you acess VenomTweaks from Settings
    • Fixes issue that uninstalled venom apps still appear in the venom settings section
    • Fixed app installer not working
    • Fixed VenomHub not showing thread links

ViperOneM8 1.7.0 (June 19)
  • Added
    • Added/Fixed Venom DownloadProvider: Let's you create download groups based on file extension
    • Added Venom Keyboard skins
    • Added back VenomAppInstaller
    • Added SOS Function to HTC Flashlight
    • Added VenomPackageInstaller
    • Added kernel customisation support to tweaks (requires update from your kernel dev)
    • Added PnP control to CPU tab
    • Added HTC DotView Customizations (New Tab in VenomTweaks)
      - Choose custom apps to show notifications on your HTC Dot View Case
      - Choose apps that shall turn the screen on on incoming notification
    • Added Venom category with venom apps to native settings
    • Added customization of Extreme Powersaver Launcher shortcuts
    • Added Extreme Powersaver to APM
  • Fixed
    • Fixed Blinkfeed FC on adding RSS from browser
    • Fixed Gallery FC on sharing button
    • Fixed appdrawer 5x6 grid size icon and text spacing
    • Fixed Sprint tethering -tnx baadnewz
  • Updated
    • Updated all VenomApps to use HTC Theme Colors
    • Updated VenomHUB
      - registration required
      - rate and comment items on the hub
      - download count of individual items
      - sorting items by download count and rating
      - system notifications for news, ota, new and updated items
      - venom news blinkfeed service
    • Updated VenomSidebar
      - fixed open on touch setting opening also on swipe
      - added panel custom color option
      - added swipe to open setting
      - added min swipe distance
    • Updated VenomTweaks
      - Visual and code improvements
    • Updated Google play store 4.8.20
ViperOneM8 1.6.0 (May 11)
  • Added
    • Added immersive mode (toggable via apm)
    • Added exlusion list for immersive mode
    • Added three finger tap customization
    • Added screen off action to 3 finger swype
    • Added Homescreen layouts
    • Added screen off prism menu item
    • Added wallpaper scrolling back
    • Added back wide crop size for wallpaper
    • Added skip unlock animation
    • Added slide out dock on homescreen
    • Added slide out statusbar on homescreen
    • Added slide out dock/statusbar timeout
    • Added option to remove contact picture mask
    • Added auto maximize lockscreen widget
    • Added option to set an own default widget on lockscreen
    • Added Quick Pin Unlock back
    • Added mod that keeps the screen off after hanging up a call when having a bluetooth headset connected
    • Added HtcWeatherClockWidget theming
  • Fixed
    • Fixed Motion gestures defaults
    • Fixed gap in prism when using 4x4 layout + venom navbar
    • Fixed extended app drawer grid (5x6)
    • Fixed red square icon for sprint users in settings
  • Updated
    • HTC social apps plugins
    • HTC Dot view
    • HTC Sense TV
    • All user apps
ViperOneM8 1.5.0 (May 1)
  • Added
    • Added selective hide navbar on keypress
    • Added configurable min swipe distance to venom navbar
    • Added option to hide the dock on blinkfeed
  • Fixed
    • Fixed longpress on venom navbar
    • Fixed doublepress when hiding venom navbar on keypress is active
    • Fixed height of venom navbar when in fullscreen apps
    • Fixed duplicate navbar tweaks
    • Fixed stock navbar transparency issue
    • Fixed navbar button glow
    • Fixed crashing Landscape Navbar
    • Fixed VEQS Mobile Network
    • Fixed white space in dialer when hiding the native navbar
    • Fixed AT&T VVM (full rom)
    • Fixed FC when sharing Zoe
    • Fixed show in album tweak when cropping an screenshot
    • Fixed missing NFC NEQS tile
ViperOneM8 1.4.1 (April 28)
  • Fixed issues with missing navbar when updating to 1.4.0
ViperOneM8 1.4.0 (April 27)
  • Added
    • All Venom apps now observing theme colors
    • Added ability to long press some Native HEQS
    • Increased NEQS limit from 12 to 20
    • Added Tweaks, Hub and Flashlight NEQS titles
    • Added stock navbar customization
      • Ability to toggle Edit/Search navbar buttons
      • Ability to change the button colors
      • Ability to change the glow colors
    • Added Venom Navbar
      • Ability to toggle Edit/Search navbar buttons
      • Ability to change the button colors
      • Ability to change the glow colors
      • Ability to change the background color
      • Ability to autohide navbar after a specific timeout
      • Ability to setup activation area color/width and height
      • Ability to swipe up to show navbar
      • Ability to touch to hide navbar
      • Ability to touch anywhere to hide navbar
      • Ability to press button to hide navbar
    • Added option for color weather icons
    • Added option for color blinkfeed
    • Added option to hide labels in app drawer and folders
    • Added option to change app drawer actionbar background
    • Added option to use Prism menu icons
    • Added option for Prism menu icon overlay color
    • Added option for menu background
    • Added option for menu text color
    • Added screen on time + wifi time to power usage
    • Added weather animations back
    • Added unlocked native tethering for all carriers (full rom/use at own risk)
  • Fixed
    • NFC icon is now hidden
    • Fixed NEQS icon color and indicator overlay
    • Fixed HTC bug when deleting the last picture in a folder in gallery
    • Fixed default mappings for motion gestures
    • Fixed text size in 5x6 app drawer
    • Fixed app drawer icon size and paddings (custom, icon pack,..)
    • Fixed gallery to crop wide image for scrolling wallpaper
    • Fixed white space in dialer when hiding the native navbar
    • Fixed AT&T VVM (full rom)
  • Updated
    • All keyboards (full rom)
    • All user apps
ViperOneM8 1.3.0 (April 17)
  • Added
    • Added 5x6 app drawer grid
    • Added HTC Speak to full rom
    • Added motion gesture remapping
  • Fixed
    • Fixed custom App drawer icon
    • Fixed 5x5 folder
    • Fixed system UI FC when changing theme after changing HEQS setting
    • Fixed Hide volume warning
    • Fixed delay of back/home key when having no doublepress action mapped
    • Fixed swipe down to launch voice commands from lockscreen
    • Fixed missing NEQS Extreme Power Saving tile
    • Fixed missing NEQS tiles when less than 12
    • Fixed landscape NEQS tile layout
    • Fixed AT&T config (full rom)
    • Fixed missing stickers
    • Fixed Exchange Mail mod
  • Removed
    • Removed "HTC Apps" from App Drawer
ViperOneM8 1.2.0
  • Fixed
    • Fixed Status bar dimming tweak
    • Fixed VEQS Task Manager FC
    • Fixed Stickers in photo editor
    • Fixed Pie longpress timeout
    • Fixed VenomTweaks FC when selecting custom backgrounds
    • Fixed hiding powersaver notification
    • Fixed ticker size on small status bar (reduced size)
    • Fixed custom weather location for prism and lockscreen when location in settings is disabled.
    • Fixed stock battery icons (weren't same color as stock)
    • Fixed custom App drawer icon
    • Fixed 5x5 folder
    • Fixed Gestures FC when no gestures were set
    • Fixed Screen Recorder

  • Added
    • Added 5x6 app drawer grid
    • Added HEQS default color will now match selected theme
    • Added OTA support for all carriers
    • Added lockscreen pattern tweaks
    • Added support for Sprint and Verizon
    • Added T-Mobile WiFi Calling
    • Added AT&T VVM
  • Removed
    • Removed broken widgets (Notes, Task, Apps and Shortcuts)
ViperOneM8 1.1.0
  • Fixed
    • Fixed Exchange Mail mod
    • Fixed Smart Dialing
    • Fixed ability to flash lastest TWRP from ViperOneM8 install
    • Fixed De-Sense option
    • Fixed T-Mo option (still no WiFi Calling)
    • Fixed signal/data tweaks (signal icons, wifi activity, always-on data icon, signal bar count, etc.)
    • Fixed nav bar disappearing with certain tweaks
    • Fixed missing screenshot folder on new devices
    • Fixed ability to turn off screenshot notifications
    • Fixed Venom File Manager FC
    • Fixed system and cache partitions not being formatted properly
  • Added
    • Added tweak to disable the camera shutter for screenshots
    • Added Google Search
    • Added Google TTS
  • Removed
    • Removed broken widgets (Notes, Task, Apps and Shortcuts)
    • Removed bloat (Fitbit, HTC Advantage, ZOE app due this summer, Get Started)
    • Removed Venom Sound Enhancer and restored HTC BoomSound
    • Removed duplicate calculators
    • Removed Google Now Launcher from De-Sense option due to too many issues with no launcher
    • Removed Dalvik/ART runtime choice in Development Settings
  • Updated
    • All data apps
    • HTC Gallery
    • Google Play Store
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apktool d -b -f Freetime.apk xda
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If you need any help, please use our new ticket system. The tickets are monitored by several people and you should have an response pretty quickly.
Also your question won't get lost like it might happen here on xda, if it's because of different timezones, your post got lost on previous pages etc.
You'll get notified about every action and reply via mail, so you won't miss anything.

That system also helps us developers to be able to concentrate more on coding instead of wasting time reading back in the thread and pick out the questions that need a answer.

The Ticketsystem you can see and use here:

Little introduction

Here you can see how submitting a ticket looks like. Ensure to fill in the fields correctly and provide as much info as possible,
that ensures, that your issue will get resolved as fast as possible[

That's the main view. It shows a list of tickets you created.

That's the details view of every action happened to the ticket and with each reply it got,

Venom Registration

Why is it required?

The Account is required to identify you as unique user, to be able to comment and rate downloads in the hub. Also there's a more complex user management system behind it to identify team members, beta testers etc.
Another reason why we implemented the registration is to protect our work and content. We suffer under some "developers" in other foreign forums that steal our work, sell it as their own rom and work and even use the hub content and so they use the bandwidth of our servers.

How to and trouble shooting

1. How to register

Open VenomHub and choose to create an account.
Enter the required data and confirm to create your account.

After the registration an email will be sent to your entered email. You need to confirm it to create your account:

2. Troubleshooting
I didn't get the activation mail

Open VenomHub and click resend a couple of times. Also please check your spam folder, might be thrown in there. Also please be patient. it can take a few minutes till the activation mail is sent...if lots of users requested a registration it can also take half an hour or longer.
Other Issues

Independent if you already confirmed your account or not, you should have in "Settings->Accounts & Sync" after you entered and sent the registration data.

You might try to remove the account and register again. Probably choose another email account if you got one.
I followed above instructions and still can get it to work

Pm @j to the 4n or @ivicask with your email you registered with for help.

1. When will the next version be released?
Wrong question.

2. How do I install the rom?!
ViperOne Install Instructions

  1. Download the the latest ViperOne full ROM zip from the download section
  2. Place the file somewhere on your phone storage. Alternatively, if you have a USB OTG cable (I have this exact one), you can place the rom on a USB key (FAT32, NTFS are all supported).
  3. Confirm the MD5 on the download page matches the MD5 of the file on your phone (ES File Explorer will show the MD5 of the file)
  4. Reboot to TWRP Recovery
  5. Backup current ROM if desired
  6. Install ROM using TWRP and select wipe during aroma install if coming from another base
  7. Reboot and Enjoy

3. How do install OTA (Over-The-Air) updates?
Settings - About - Software updates

4. How do I restore my HEQS (Horizontal Enhanced Quick Settings)?
Try long pressing the date in the notification bar (Pressing the date for about 2 seconds will toggle between HEQS, Quick Launch bar and "nothing")

5. How do I make my device look like stock?
To disable some of the tweaks, do the following:
  1. Disable HEQS (Horizontal Enhanced Quick Settings): Long press the date in the notification bar for about 2 seconds to toggle between modes until it's hidden
  2. Disable Weather: Tweaks - Status Bar - Weather - Hide
  3. Disable Header Text (cpu usage, etc.): Tweaks - Status Bar - Header - Information - Hide
  4. Disable VEQS (Vertical Enhanced Quick Settings): Tweaks - Status Bar - Vertical quick settings - Disable

6. I have a problem with the ROM (FC, Boot Loop, apps closing automatically). How can I get my problem resolved?
First things first. Try wiping data and replicating the issue:
  1. Rebooting into Recovery
  2. Perform a Nandroid backup (of just Data if you wish)
  3. Flash the ROM and select the option to "Wipe Data"
  4. Try replicating the issue

If the problem persists, capture a logcat and send it to me.

To capture a logcat, If you have fastboot setup, you already have the drivers installed and probably already have adb.exe in the same folder as fastboot.exe:
  1. Open the Command Prompt (run it as Administrator if UAC is enabled in Windows)
  2. run adb logcat >c:\logcat.txt
  3. To capture an FC, use the command adb shell "logcat | grep AndroidRuntime" >c:logcat.txt
  4. Press Control-C to stop logging
  5. Paste the contents of c:\logcat.txt into
  6. Post the link here with the problem being experienced

If you still have the issue, check to see if it's been reported here. If it's not the case use the Feeback option in VenomHub
7. Whats the md5 sum thing?
It ensures, that the rom is downloaded correctly and completly to avoid weird issues when installing/using the rom. Google for "md5 sum checker" and you should find what you need.

8. I found a theme or mod, will it work on this rom?
It's NOT recommended to use mod/themes that dont clearly state, that they are compatible with our rom. Thems/Mods always use framework files which will brake mods/stuff in our rom.

9. My question is not listed here, what to do?
Ensure you used the xda search, google and your brain before asking a question in the thread. If you cant find an answer yourself we will answer your question for sure! (-:

10. My media (pictures, music, etc.) is not listed in the Gallery/HTC Music/etc.
Try rescanning your SDCARD by using an app such as Media Scanner

11. What are the correct sizes for custom carrier logo?
Try 100x100

13. Developer mode is no longer listed in Settings. How do I enable it?
Go to Settings - About - Software information - More and click on the Build number 7 times. (For real! )

14. Insufficient storage error on app update/install in play store

15. Will there be a ViperOne ROM based on the stock Google Edition ROM?
Team Venom is an HTC Sense developer team. Our focus is to deliver the best feature-filled Sense 6 ROM for the HTC One and we have no intention of deviating from that.
16 I switched to ART runtime from developer options and now phone doesn't boot
This means you have incompatible software or system mod/theme installed.
You can revert to dalvik runtime using this flashable zip
If you want to try ART again, please try flashing full rom again, and dont use any themes or mods outside official Venom HUB, or provide logs to the developers so that they may pinpoint the conflicting software preventing the ART from booting.

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Kung FUU

If you have questions regarding Firmware, you may redirect them to my thread here:

Please be aware though that i keep my thread mainly for providing the files and information, I dislike off-topic very much and will ask moderation to rigidly remove anything that is not helpful to other users (helpful are problems with good answers in not too many posts ). This is in most cases nothing personal, let me just say: don't be offended if a post of yours is being removed as regular thread maintenance.

The other option you can use is the new ticket support system on where i will be trying to answer firmware/viperone related questions. You may NOT abuse that support system for purely firmware related stuff because that is my business and not Team Venom's. The support system is theirs though. So please do ask, but make sure its the right place for your question first!

Thanks guys!

18.08.2014 Post Quote from way up the thread
KK listen up guys quick heads-up on an important firmware thing:

the past days have revealed some real sh!t issues with guys running old Firmware underneath this nice ROM - nothing we can do about sorry.
BUT: i have this neat FUU solution over HERE which will give you a similar way like HTC's RUU to update your firmware you WILL need S-OFF this way. S-ON users, please check HERE!

Now, the current Tmobile section seems not to have an active Firmware guy anymore, so i decided to run a quick FUU / ZIP package for ya.

Grab it right where the first link points. INT users please refer to Post #1 of same thread and VZW, sorry you're currently screwed.

PLEASE do update your Firmware - it will save you enormous headaches! Some phones seem not to take it too well. This is real.

UPDATE 2014/10/11
Looks like there's yet another firmware support nightmare rolling in.
3.28.401.6 will be fine with ViperOneM8 2.5.0 - no issues detected. Full Firmware package available on my thread in the above link.
3.28.401.6 ROM however will NOT be running on older firmware! You WILL have to UPDATE.
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Oh heck yeah! Bring it, my Dev edition M8 is shipped today! I love you guys, so glad to see you, Jan, and Hansbert here Turge!
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oooooooohhhh, the moment I've been waiting for since I got my m8!!

Thank you!!!
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It's amazing if I knew viper wud be on the device I wouldn't have ordered Lmao[emoji23]

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