Default [Q] App inventor & Analog input of game controller

I want to make a demo app using Appinventor. (I barely know about computer programming, So I thought Appinventor was the fastest, most ideal tool for me.)
I have difficulty of receiving analog input of game controller(trigger button) on Appinventor.
It looks like that Appinventor only receives Bluetooth signal from device outside.
So how can I make Appinventor receive analog input of game controller via Bluetooth?
Here are some possible ways I thinkÖ

1. Connecting Bluetooth supporting game controller to Android.
In this case, What should I do with Bluetooth signal from controller in order to make Appinventor acknowledge analog input of game controller?
(I think original signal of controller canít be received by Appinventor directly, is that right?)

2. First, Connecting Xbox controller to Windows PC. Second, Sending signal of Bluetooth of controller to appinventor.
In this case, What should I do, what do I need?

If possible, show me the example, please.
Iíd really appreciated your kindness.