Default [Q] Turning USB Debugging ON from recovery mode

I have an HTC Sensation running stock ROM (Android 4.0.3 + Sense 3.6)
I can turn the phone on but the screen appears black only with the notification panel working fine.
The lock-screen doesn't appear, nor does the home screen, nor does the settings open up when clicked from the notification panel.
I had recently disabled unused factory applications which might be the cause. (Not sure)
I tried many links from xda as well as random YouTubers, and they said to first unlock the boot-loader, root the device, install clockworkmod and get a nandroid backup.
Is there anyway any way i can turn USB Debugging ON from recovery mode?
Or any other way I could fix my phone?
Or anyway i could extract all the internal data?
I need the data as its very important to me.
Please help.