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AllianceROM Lollipop v10 OMFG! 08.03.2015

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By TheDriller, Senior Member on 10th June 2014, 06:57 PM
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Announcement from RErick: AllianceROM Lollipop International Base

The Alliance Team is proud to present AllianceROM for the AT&T Note 3. This is the most customizeable ROM available for ANY device. Millions of different on the fly theming options, more so than any AOSP based ROM. If you are tired of having to choose an xposed module and reboot only to see the effect isn't quite what you like, then I challenge you to try this.

The Possibilities Are Endless...

Help Key

Based off of International Lollipop FW
Knox and associated containers Removed
Official Device Status

Color Changers

Statusbar with Awesome KitKat gradient option!!!
Dropdown bg gradient
Toggle bg gradient
Notification Icons
Traffic Meter
Asu meter (signal strength)
Battery Bar
Toggles On
Toggles Off
Toggles Dim
Toggles Text
Settings Button
Dropdown Clock
Dropdown Header
Dropdown Date
Dropdown Handle
Dropdown Background
Brightness Slider Background
Clear Button Background
Ongoing Headers
Power Menu
Phone text (option to turn off 3rd party apps)
Dialpad/phone tabs/contact tabs
Checkboxes and Switches

Statusbar Mods

Alliance statusbar wallpaper app with transparency
Traffic meter
Asu Meter


am/pm style small/large/none
Day of Week small/normal/none

Show/hide Alarm
Show/hide Bluetooth
Show/hide Volume
Show/hide Keyboard
Show/hide Dormant Mode
Show/hide Nfc
Show/hide Smartstay


Battery image selector
Battery charge image selector

Battery Bar

Choose style
Choose thickness
Charge animation on/off


Alliance Wallpaper app
Hide dropdown Header
Date shortpress launch app
Date longpress launch app
Hide brightness slider
Hide notifications title
Hide no notifications title
Hide ongoing notifications title
Show/hide AOSP clear button
Show/hide Lock button
Show/hide Recents button
Show/hide Settings button


Hide toggle text
Hide toggle indicator
Number of toggles in view 1 to 10
Collapse dropdown after toggle press

Power Menu

Show/hide Data
Show/hide Airplane
Show/hide Accessibility
Show/hide Power Off
Show/hide Restart - with 4 way reboot
Show/hide Screenshot
Show/hide Sound options


AOSP lock with shortcuts enabled
Finger Ink enabled
Color change Ink
Random Ink color - Changes color on each unlock
Widgets on secure lock enabled
Quick unlock - no need to press ok when entering pin/pw on secure locks
Torchlight enabled

Phone Mods

Call record
Automatic incoming call record on/off
Automatic outgoing call record on/off
Remove increasing ringtone
Set end call delay

General Mods

Screen off animations - CRT/Fade/None
Low storage notification on/off
Low battery popup on/off
Full-charge notification on/off
USB connect sound on/off
Email security on/off
NFC With screen off on/off
NFC icon show/hide


Restart SysUI
Restart SecPhone
Back N Theme back up app
Statusbar Wallpaper
Dropdown Wallpaper
Unlim multiWindows
Any app pen Window
Alliance control in settings
Torch on lock screen enabled in settings>display


Save messages to sdcard
No mms conversion
Group messaging enabled
Scheduled messaging enabled
Unlimited recipients
No sms in call log
Increased sms per hour limit
Split view on/off toggle enabled
Increased mms image size
Screen on/off notification toggle activated

*** v10 08.03.2015***
The big rework
Sorry the theme is not done yet, we are still working on it
Added all kinds of per app colors
Fixed the ones that didn't color properly
Reworked Alliance Control
New Animations
Added CM Battery Picker and color option
Completely revamped Framework, rom is much faster now
Added Kofferland for a very special koffer
Put in a fun throwback
Fixed NFC... It works, I tried it everywhere I could
Added a whole effing ton of new options to system settings thanks to @Morningstar
Updated Alliogram to latest sources
Theres more but hell this has been 2 months in the making, so I forgot some stuff I am sure...

*** v9.1 05.24.2015 ***
Emergency Patch For OTA Lib
Just want to eliminate a future FC is all
Flash over the top of v9

*** v9 05.23.2015 ***
Removed 3minit Battery Mod
Added back stock colorable battery. 3 way color option available with it.
Added Alliance App Bar to Notificational Panel (there is a slight bug im still working on. On first boot, go to Alliance Control and go to Shortcuts. Enable the App Bar, then disable it and then restart SysUI to fix the gap in notification panel)
Added Text color to Contacts list
Added Text Color to TO/FROM List in MMS
Added some other SysUI enhancements
Added a Cloud Based theme storage. Make your theme, and Upload to share or Download other users themes. All themes are stored on our server.
Added option for Official Alliance Busybox
Updated Alliogram to latest sources
Added Official OTA Lollipop support for N900A
After this release I will push updates via OTA and all you will need to do is set your options in OTA and when its done downloading, Hit Flash and there will be a Safestrap option
Added back bloat apps
The only things that have been removed are apps available on the playstore
Forced NFC Off for the time being (I lost all my work when I bricked my phone, have to start over)
Theme is not done yet, again lost all my work. 
Hopefully I will have more on the next release. The major things are mostly worked out

*** v8 05.05.2015 ***
Don't know what happed to my other changelog stuff :eek:
Initial Lollipop Release
NFC is broken. I know. I'm sorry. I will fix it next release
Material Design conflicts with Alliance Manager themes. Use caution and common sense while adjusting colors.
Alliance Theme base is in the works
ROM will automatically flash OC1 Kernel so after install, just hit reboot.
Reboot to safestrap works, and the rom will flash NC2 kernel. To reboot back into the rom, flash the OC1 Kernel located on the SDCard in the OC1_Kernel folder thanks to @Walter.White for his files and method. Saved me a bunch of prep time!!!:good:
Please let me know whats not working and what should be changed/added its your ROM so YOU TELL ME! :cool:

*** v6 05.10.14 ***
Whitelist to protect various apps from System BG wallpaper/color
Add package name to the whitelist file in Alliance Folder on SD card
Completely rearranged ROM control. Much cleaner now
Themed in call screen
Themed SecSettings lightly
Squashed some bugs
Added new WiFi toggles. We haz switches now
Separated check box and switch color
Separated some text coloring.
Separated Power Menu colors
AOSP lock screen added
New messaging app. Colored in app.
Galaxy S5 Launcher with icon pack support
Fixed NFC quick panel icon switching correctly now
Fixed some layouts
Disabled the ATT contacts app. No more bull**** opening contacts for the first time.
There's some more I probably forgot too.

*** v5 04.02.14 ***
You can now theme your rom with 1 click! Backup and create themes
Backup and create new CS Settings!!!
Fixed bubbas issue. He now owes ME 5 dollars! :cool:
Fixed the progress bar... (This is why RocketPlayer equalizer FC)
Added more battery icons
Added more Toggle icons
Changed the way ATT does their NFC smali so all images should be universal
30 completely working toggles. They wont disappear on you anymore!
Added new Alliance wallpapers! Awesome work @Sparkyb
Lightly themed Contacts and Dialer Big thanks to @Tired Storeman

*** v4 03.13.14 ***
Added TW Launcher back with option to set text color for Icons etc...
Added System Background wallpaper and color changer
Added Date style drop down in Notification Panel
Added your choice of different quick panel toggle icons (and S5 style circles too!)
Fixed CPU widget display
Added color picker to CPU widget display
Added an option to use default pop-up dialog boxes, or select your favorite...
Added a whole bunch of new toggles ( torch, CS shortcut, camera, battery, power off etc)
Added a user transparency selectable AccuWeather widget (fully transparent to fully opaque)
Fixed the E-Mail force close issue (sorry, my bad)
Integrated Safestrap into Alliance Settings app. It will no longer take up space in the launcher, just use the ROM Control app to open it from now on.
Added a meet the Alliance Team in ROM Control, check us out. We're a bunch of pretty cool fellas...
Also added a little something special for those who look for it :)
There's probably more, but that is all I can remember off the top of my head

*** v3 03.10.14 ***
Cleaned up some code to make it leaner and faster
Added Back N Theme Support (Now you can set up your ROM however you want to and back up the settings. Then when you flash a new rom, you can restore these to save time!)
Back N Theme was not made for the Note 3, were working on resizing the app, bear with us please, but Since we have these fancy little pens, they do come in quite handy to use the app. Its well worth it
All FC fixed that I know about. It was my fault with the Phone/SystemUI FC... I fixed it...
Hey at least I try to get fixes out as soon as I can!

*** v2 03.08.14 ***

Unlimited Bluetooth Tethering
Transition animations set to .5 by default. Using camera will still make it go back to 1.0 for some stupid reason. I'm looking into it
Fixed Volume Hot Boot
Fixed App picker Hot Boot
Fixed Settings FC
Removed Persistent WiFi Notification
Removed WiFi Unstable Notification (Need testers for this as I cant test myself)
Device Status Official
Added Notification Transparency/Color
Fixed Ink Effect
Added CPU Core load widget with color changer
Added Color link to Battery History Chart
Added System Wallpaper Chooser
Added On the Fly WiFi Icon chooser
Added On the Fly Signal Icon chooser
Option to hide/show data in and out icons
Added your choice of List View Animations (This is so effing sweet!!!)
Added your choice of Dialog style (6 choices)
Removed TW messaging cause it sucks...
But I added a modded AOSP style messaging (no color changer on this one)
Will provide OTA for TW Messaging and Launcher
Removed TW Launcher, Apex is faster and more customizeable (because of this some of the launcher mods in Custom Settings will not work)
Added restorecon to run at boot
Some more that I probably forgot...
I am already working on the next update, but this is what I am releasing right now. :)

*** v1 02.17.14 ***

First Release (Sorry about this one)

A huge thanks to the entire Alliance Team for all their help. And for inviting me to join them. Its a HUGE honor guys!
beer in box
Mike T
Anyone else that I missed
I do this because I love doing this, not because I am trying to make money. I have a career in the petroleum industry, this is just a hobby. There has been many countless hours put into this project by more people than just me. This being said, I will NEVER ask for a donation, but they are always appreciated. If you like this project and would like to contribute in a different way, I always need testers. Also, clicking the thanks button works just as well

New install instructions:

1) Download ROM zip and verify MD5 sum, place on your internal or external SDCard, it doesn't matter which.
2) Make any backups you need with Titanium Backup or whatever you use while this is downloading
3) Also make sure that you are on latest KK SafeStrap (version 3.72) AND you are on ROOTED NC2 Firmware
4) Boot into Safestrap Recovery via app or hard reboot
5) While in Safestrap first choose "Boot Options" And Then Select "Stock ROM". Activate it. If you are already on the Stock ROM Slot and it is activated AND YOU HAVE A BACKUP, or if you ALREADY have a stock backup move on to Step 7.
6) Click the back button on the bottom right to get back to the main screen, and then choose "Backup". You will want to make sure all 3 partitions are selected to backup. You can choose internal or external sdcards (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THE EXTERNAL) by clicking Where it says "Storage: xxx SDCard (xxxx MB)" towards the middle of the screen. Choose where you want to create the nandroid (backup) and select "OK." Now just swipe to make the backup. Once the nandroid is done continue on to step 7.
7) Back out to the main screen using the back button in the lower right corner of the screen. The letters at the top should be in red and say "ROM Slot: stock"
8) Now choose "Wipe" and it should pop up the wipe screen. It should say "Factory Reset" and on the next line "Wipes Data, Cache, and Dalvik (not including internal storage). If it doesn't, hit the back button, if it takes you back to the main screen, go back to "Wipe" until you see this message. Now just swipe to Factory Reset.
9) Now you should have a clean stock partition that is ready to have your ROM flashed. Hit the back button until you are back at the main screen, and now you will choose "Install."
10) Now find the ROM zip, you placed on your phone, either on internal or external SDCard and install the ROM. Once the ROM is flashed, you should reboot the device.
Now that you have made a backup, if for whatever reason you want to go back to that ROM on the stock slot, you can boot back into recovery, and choose the "Restore" button and restore the backup to the Stock slot.

XDA:DevDB Information
AllianceROM Lollipop, ROM for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3

RErick, sparx, @Goldie, @Txr33
ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
ROM Firmware Required: Safestrap 3.75/Kit Kat Firmwares
Based On: TouchWiz

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: v10
Stable Release Date: 2015-08-03
Current Beta Version: v8
Beta Release Date: 2015-05-05

Created 2014-06-10
Last Updated 2015-08-04
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10th June 2014, 06:57 PM |#2  
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In preparation for new releases with out my modded ROM Customizer, I am going to post it here for those that want to flash AlliamceROM and are currently on another KK ROM.
Remember this is only for coming from another KK ROM and want to run this ROM. Download and install like a normal app.

Remember the reboot option in this app will only work if you have my reboot to safestrap mod already baked in current ROM.

Safestrap Modified ROM Customizer
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10th June 2014, 07:26 PM |#3  
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Bubba's Spot


Black Glass theme for the Note 3 base. Flash in recovery.

A new boot animation , Most Holo has been removed and replaced by flat black and dark greys.Apk's included are framework-res, twframeworks, Black Dialer (fixed thanks @ lacoursiere18 ... my buddy Brian lol) , Black Contacts, Inverted Glass Stock email, Black Multi Service Tray, Black Clock Package, Job Manager, Black Glass Calculator, Inverted Splanner and SPlanner Widget.

Theme includes Black Glass. Some will show no matter what. For the Menus to show up:
Go to Custom Settings/Themes and Colors/Backgrounds/Popup Dialogs Then de select enable colors.
Go to Custom Settings?Themes and Colors?Backgrounds/List Menus Then de select enable colors.
Go to Custom Settings/GeneralSystem/Dialog Popups and select TW Dark.

Black Glass Release 2 Here


Flashable Dialers:

Flash in recovery

These zips will ONLY change the Dialer button images, the tab images at the top, and in some cases the divider lines found in Contacts and Settings unless otherwise stated. Of course those top tabs are the same ones that show up in Settings and various places in the rom. Nothing else will be touched. They can flash over the stock,Alliance Theme, or my Black Glass theme. I'll be adding more as I get them made.

Release 2 haz an improved Inverted Email (although not complete), less Holo, and a lot fixes to crap only I would care about.

Back To Alliance Theme

Clear Glass Dialer

Glass Plate dialer

Batman Dialer (No Tabs)

Batman Dialer (Tabs and Toggle Background)
To get the toggle bg unselected gradient and select OTA type. You can set the color to whatever you like by changing the circle color.

Captain America Dialer (Tabs and Toggles)
To get the shields to show as toggles:
Go to Custom Settings / Notification Panel / Toggles / Toggle Icon Style ... Select Switches.
Go to Custom Settings / Themes/Colors / Background Colors / Toggles / Background Style ... Select Off
Go To Custom Settings / Themes/Colors / Linked Colors and unselect Toggles .. Then to Unlinked Colors and set Toggles to white.

Flashable Toggle Switches
Flash in Recovery.
These will replace only the "Switch" option in the Alliance CS Toggle Type

Horizontal Lighted

Verticle Toggle

Horizontal Rocker

Vertical Rocker

Back to Stock Alliance Switches

Old and Outdated like Bubba

Final Milestone Version Here 12-10-14

Alliance Manager Themes

Place zip in the Alliance themer folder on your sd card. Select the theme with the Alliance Manager.


The Grinch

The Joker

Blorange throwback to @ppalbicke Mad Props my friend

Invisible Woman

Women of Sin City

Made your own Alliance Manager Theme and want a preview image?
Here is everything you need

User created themes

Assians Creed
Call of Duty
Dark Knight
Hell Boy
Pacific Rim
Real Dark Knight Rises
Star Wars 4
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Hell yeah! Can't wait for my days off!

Sent from my SM-N900A using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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10th June 2014, 09:17 PM |#5  
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Really looking forward to trying this. Miss having an alliance ROM on my phone.

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10th June 2014, 10:50 PM |#6  
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Only problem I am seeing so far is wifi doesn't stock after reboot. And Alliance manager when clicking choose theme. It fcs

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10th June 2014, 11:18 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by warfenix

Only problem I am seeing so far is wifi doesn't stock after reboot. And Alliance manager when clicking choose theme. It fcs

Sent from my SM-N900A using Tapatalk

If alliance manager is fc Uninstall the app. Then delete the Alliance folder on internal SDCard and then reinstall apk from here
as far as the WiFi. I will look into it. I never noticed it not sticking.
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10th June 2014, 11:32 PM |#8  
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Won't let me delete alliance folder even after uninstalling the apk. ? Gave es file explorer root access as well

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10th June 2014, 11:58 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by warfenix

Only problem I am seeing so far is wifi doesn't stock after reboot. And Alliance manager when clicking choose theme. It fcs

Sent from my SM-N900A using Tapatalk

I get the same issue with WIFI. I had to reenter the password to connect to the WIFI after a reboot.

Also, for those in the family who are trying 4.4 for the first time. With the s5 settings that RErick used, you have to change the view of the main settings page to List View in order to see the options to change the default font and font size in the display settings. Just an fyi.


---------- Post added at 06:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:33 PM ----------

Originally Posted by warfenix

Won't let me delete alliance folder even after uninstalling the apk. ? Gave es file explorer root access as well

Sent from my SM-N900A using Tapatalk

Use the root browser so that it asks for SU rights.

---------- Post added at 06:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:49 PM ----------

Originally Posted by RErick

If alliance manager is fc Uninstall the app. Then delete the Alliance folder on internal SDCard and then reinstall apk from here
as far as the WiFi. I will look into it. I never noticed it not sticking.

Thanks RErick....Alliance manager doesn't fc when choosing theme now.

Gmail force closes when opening a picture attachment.

This ROM looks amazing. Going through all the options is somewhat overwhelming.

I'll keep you up to date on any other issues I see.

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11th June 2014, 12:00 AM |#10  
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Good job @RErick

As far as the wifi problem goes....

Change the following line in build.prop:- to false
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11th June 2014, 12:05 AM |#11  
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Yeah I just caught that error @Walter.White
thank you. It will be fixed in next release
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