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Helmi BA WM2k5 AKU3.0 Beta (v.1.1 Beta)

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Default !! WM5 on BA !!

I think it will be a good while before it happens, especially at the same speed as the devices that already run WM5. It's nice to see but the speed and compatibility is just out of the reach. Just stating my opinion on the matter of using multiple roms at the same time running and benchmarking to test the speeds against WM2003se.

Unfornately with all the hard work and people uniting globally (which we need more of) these roms are still less than 45% of the speed that WM2003se offers.

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users should know by now that there is no official WM5 on BA. we have now are roms which ppl spend so much time of their life to make it happen.

of course as ppl have stated so many time, DO NOT COMPARE THE PERFORMANCE BETWEEN WM5 AND WM2003SE.

one last thing M$ sux.
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Default Until the Next Release


I just wanted to congratulate you on this magnificent rom. Unfortunately, I have decided to go back to wm2003 (at least for now :wink: ) due to the fact that this rom was brutally draining my battery (2400 mAh). Moreover, without M$ Voice Command being functional... well, let's just say that I depend on it a little too much ops:
At any rate, I will be looking forward to the next release. One thing worth mentioning is that after having the rom installed for one full week, it did slow down quite a bit and starting crashing a little more often. Just yesterday, I had to soft reset about 3 times in 15 minutes! From there, I also found a weird bug. After soft reset, the phone might or might not start randomly. The bootscreen version numbers on the radio and ext.rom display "None" occasionally, which can easily be solved by doing another soft reset. Like I said, I thought it was a bug worth mentioning.
Smaller bugs include skipping at the beginning of a song in TCPMP and ActiveSync in the BA thinking it is connected when it is not even craddled.
That is my report, and my request for the next version is that if you can make the battery life longer, I guess I can learn to live without M$ VC (although a fix for it wouldn't be a bad thing :wink: )
Hopefully, this gives you a little direction and hopefully my role as a beta tester helped out (at least a little).
Thanks for all your efforts and keep it up!!!! We are all counting on you!

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Default Next release.... when???

Helmi, we all know that you are always busy with your work. And we all know that cooking rom also takes a lot of time....
Concerning to the above mentioned bugs, we guess that you must have found out solutions. So we are all longing to the next release of your brillant ROM....
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Default mysterious hang.

when i lock device, and hit the POWER button to turn on screen and come back to it like 2 hours later. ITS FROZEN. only every now and then? but its happened to me twice last night within 6 hour period.. anyone else get it?
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:lol: Clean rebuild from scratch :lol:

Downloaded the ROM and addons from first page of this thread and some additional bugfixes. For those who lost track on all the intermediate updates: this is what I did:

part1: basic ROM
used setoperator to change operatorname in ROM
changed cfg.txt and made remarklines of the autoconfig installs
flashed the ROM and hardreset with two times YES
just one message on the pimg missing, no problem

part2: fixes, middleware and configuration
installed on ramdisk then softreset
installed a2dp_setup on ramdisk then softreset
copid gpsid.dll to /windows
installed cab_custom OSASIA 10may05 on ramdisk
installed todaythemefix1 on ramdisk
installed global contact addresslist on ramdisk
installed three company certificates
then softreset
configured exchangemail, three pop3 mails, mms, gprs
paired bt headset and bt gps
tested connections and mail and so forth

part3: userapplication
installed resco filemanager incl. ftp on ramdisk
installed magig button on ramdisk
installed tomtom on ramdisk
installed oziexplorer on ramdisk
installed igo navigator on ramdisk
installed ewallet on ramdisk
installed minimo (firefox for pda) on ramdisk
installed taskmanager on ramdisk (wxp like, incl cpu-usage, processes)
installed macromedia flashplayer on ramdisk
installed microsoft .net on ramdisk
finalized with some personalization and a soft-reset

all very smooth, not one single install error/warning
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:? few issues after clean rebuild :?

1: would love to use Cyberion VoiceDialer, can't find a working CAB.
Helmi posted once a version with incomplete cab, who has a working one?

2: haven't got any idea on how to activate a2dp
Installed ad2d_setup in a clean ROM, but realy can't find any of it back in programs or settings. How should this work?

3: is my radio 1.13.00 to old?
WiFi started very clean and fast after clean install, even faster in the air than the phone after softreset. Many times. Later on, when the complete build-up was ready WiFi started to act less. And also my favorite website still doesn't work, even not when tested directly after the ROM install, so with no other s/w installed.

Could this all have to do with my radiorom version, should I go to 1.15.00
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Default How can I use this ROM with Italian Language Support?

Hi Elmi.

First of all I thank you for all your hardwork to create this ROM. I will be glad to test it, but I need to know if there is the possibility to set up the Italian Language for the O/S, SMS and MMS.

There is some CAB's File to upload to make the ROM working in Italian Language?. Thanks
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Default EXTROM/storage card

modified extrom on storage card to the following ( see below). Find it very useful as after hard reset all apps are installed without any problems and pda works without any hickups.

SHOW:\Storage Card\ExtROM\custom.bmp
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\Extrom_version.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\Batti.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\ClearVue_PDF_only_2.4.386_WWE.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\calplus.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\D3D_Driver_Addon.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\MMS_Enable.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\SkypeForPocketPC.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\A2DP_Setup.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\tcmdpocketarm.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\NETCF.ARM
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\PIMG.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\WiFiFoFum2.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\XCPUScalar.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\SaveToSIM_WWE.CAB
CAB: \Storage Card\ExtROM\WapPushUnlock.CAB
CPY1:\Storage Card\ExtROM\DelCDetect.exe
CPY1:\Storage Card\ExtROM\Autoconfig.txt
EXEC: \Windows\DelCDetect.exe
EXEC: \Windows\AutoConfig.exe
RST: Reset

RAMDISK!!! Have learned the hard way!!!! Its better to install apps on the ramdisk.
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Hi ,

Can anyone tell me where can i get the ?


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