Default [Q] PIT files to repartition?

I would like to repartition my internal sd card so that I have much more space for apps (games in particular) as I have upgraded to a Note 3 and wish to use my t879 primarily as a gaming device.
There are instructions on repartitioning through ADB and parted, but whenever I try to use parted to give me a partition table I get
"Error: Unable to satisfy all constraints on the partition." I have searched google for about 10 hours and through every related xda post, only to find no solution to this error whatsoever.
I found on the N7000 forums that a user created modified PIT files to repartition through ODIN.
That sounds like a great work around to my problem with parted. Does anyone know how to get PIT files for the T879 and modify them in the same way?