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[INFO] Modem files and info

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By stempox, Guest on 4th August 2011, 08:55 PM
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big props to glitzbd for starting this thread and then allowing me to pick it up after he got busy with school and then sold his Sensation.

To briefly explain with a somewhat-less-than-accurate analogy for the purist, the radio you can flash is like a firmware package in Windows terms, and the RIL is like a driver. It is important to match them for best results, or else poor or no reception is likely, as well as high battery drain.

If a ROM has a recommended radio, that means the ROM is already matched to that radio by having the matching RIL files included in it by the ROM chef. The reason for this may be that the ROM chef or the testers had good experience with it, it may be the latest radio available, or something different. However, You can try different radio/RIL matched pairs since your phone may not get the same results as someone else's in the same area. The newest radio/RIL is not always the best for your phone in your area of the world.

Be careful when mixing GB and ICS based ROMs and radios and RILs.
My experiments so far have been less than successful, had to reflash to recover mobile network connectivity.
If you are having problems getting a GB-based radio/RIL pair working on an ICS-based ROM, then you could try deleting /system/ and from the RIL zip file before flashing as these files are not needed on ICS-based ROMs. h/t Omar302. If you are able to get a good working combination, please report it.

Do some testing, coverage and transfer speeds may vary. Give it a day. YMMV. If you find a good combination for your ROM and area of the world, please post it.

To check the current radio version, go to Settings, About Phone, Software Information, More, and check the Baseband version listed there. That is the correct current version. It is a known issue that Bootloader may report a different version; it is incorrectly reporting it, don't worry about it.

To check what RIL you have to run getprop "" (with the quotes) in Terminal Emulator or run this from a command prompt on your PC when connected with the USB cable.
[/B] Code:
adb shell getprop ""
and it will print out the RIL version. Or use the RILInfos app h/t cb1100r



Before doing any of the steps below, the HTC Sensation needs to be S-OFF. If you aren't S-OFF or you aren't sure, Go to this thread first and follow the instructions there.

UPDATE: Apparently the newer Sensations are being shipped with an HBOOT which cannot be set to S-OFF at this time unless you use the Juopunutbear method. You do have to follow the HTC Unlock method first. If you do attain S-OFF using Juopunutbear, then feel free to proceed.

If you have a newer Sensation, the HTC Unlock method *may* allow radio flashing. Before proceeding any further however, I strongly encourage reading this thread by trkaaa.

Flashing the radio with a corrupt file or interrupting the flash, can brick the device, so please proceed with caution. Always check the MD5 checksum before flashing a radio.

There are two ways to flash a radio. The first way is proffered and preferred by setzer715 and I agree with his logic but it may not be possible for you depending on your bootloader and whether it is locked for extended fastboot commands or not. The second method should work fine however so no worries.

First method:
Download the your choice of radio for the HTC Sensation.
Open the and copy the radio.img file to the folder on your PC where you have the adb.exe and fastboot.exe files. If you don't have those utilities click here to download them. If you S-OFFed your phone according to the link above you should already have them however.
Note: If you right click on the file and choose "Extract All", then the folder "\phonetools" will be added to the path you target to extract the files to. So if you choose C:\ for the target, the files will be unzipped to a folder named c:\phonetools.

1. Check the MD5 checksum of the radio.img file against the RADIO.IMG MD5 checksum below. Download whatever utility you like to do it with, one is included in the package, but please check it first to lower the potential risk of bricking your phone.
2. Connect your phone to a PC, and make sure that USB Debugging is enabled on the phone.
3. Open a command prompt on the PC. Change to the directory where your phone tools with adb.exe are located.
4. Type:
cd \phonetools adb reboot bootloader
5. Once your phone is in bootloader and you see a white screen with text and FASTBOOT USB near the top of the screen, type:
fastboot flash radio radio.img
You should see something like this:
C:\phonetools>fastboot flash radio radio.img sending 'radio' (22205 KB)... OKAY [ 3.915s] writing 'radio'... OKAY [ 12.437s] finished. total time: 16.353s C:\phonetools>
Note: If you get "Remote not allowed" then your bootloader is locked for extended commands. Not to worry, just scroll down a few lines and proceed with the second method.

6. When the flashing completes, type
fastboot reboot
7. Done. Enjoy!

Second method:
1. Make sure the filename is exactly or it will not work.
2. Copy it to the same folder as adb.exe. If you don't have adb.exe on your computer click here to download it. Note: If you right click on the file and choose "Extract All", then the folder "\phonetools" will be added to the path you target to extract the files to. So if you choose C:\ for the target, the files will be unzipped to a folder named c:\phonetools.
3. Copy the file to the C:\phonetools folder.
4. Connect the HTC Sensation to the computer via USB and make sure that USB Debugging is enabled on the phone.
5. On the computer, open a command prompt. Change to the directory where your phone tools with adb.exe are located, such as c:\phonetools.
6. Run the following commands:
cd \phonetools adb push /sdcard/ adb shell md5sum /sdcard/
NOTE: The MD5 you get should match up with the PG58IMG MD5 below. If not, re-download & try again.

7. Run this command.
adb reboot bootloader
8. The HTC Sensation will reboot into fastboot mode. Pressing the Power button will put the device into the bootloader mode.
9. The bootloader will scan for the radio update. Once it finds the update, select Volume-Up for Yes.
10. Allow the bootloader to finish flashing the updated radio, and press Power when prompted to reboot the HTC Sensation normally.
11. Use ES file Explorer of File Expert or something to delete the from your SD card or else it can be more difficult to boot to recovery.
12. Done. Enjoy!

Note: If you get a message about "incorrect CID", then you will either need to set supercid using step 4, or you can edit the file to add your CID. It is not that hard to do.

1. Get your CID using CID Getter or something like that.
2. Open the file using 7-Zip or Windows Explorer and copy the android-info.txt file out to a folder. Leave the file opened.
3. Use Notepad++ to edit the android-info.txt file. Do NOT use Notepad or Wordpad, it will destroy the Unix formatting.
4. Add your CID using the same "cidnum:" format, or you can simply edit one of the existing lines to replace that CID with your own.
5. Make very sure you have EIGHT (8) characters in your CID, like "T-MOB010".
6. Save the file after editing it. Close Notepad++.
7. Drag the android-info.txt file into the opened file. Choose to overwrite the existing one.
8. Copy to your SD card and proceed to flash normally in bootloader.


For the RIL, the steps are easier.
First make sure you download the matching RIL for the radio, then you just need to copy the .zip file to the root of your SD card using the adb push method above or whatever method you choose.
Then boot into recovery and flash the .zip file. The updater script will automatically wipe dalvik so no need to wipe anything else.
Reboot and enjoy!

I don't bother with the MD5 checksum since a RIL flash failure won't brick the phone, unlike a failed radio flash.

Big Thanks to Omar302 and Hawke84, thanks to them we have new RIL packages which have been edited to automatically mount /system before flashing. Please give them some thanks if you have an extra one for the day.

If this thread helped you, please rate it up with the Rate button at the top!! Thank you!!
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4th August 2011, 08:55 PM |#2  
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The newer ICS ROMs generally require you to flash the corresponding firmware first. The firmware includes the radio and the RIL is included in the ROM! So you do not need to flash a new radio/RIL pair unless you want to change it.

Matching radio/RILs are divided into sections below with the radio(s) listed first followed by the RIL. Newest files are at the top.

Radio and RIL Downloads

Radios are now primarily hosted at Dev-Host for faster transfer If you have "recognized" status, click here for info for free premium hosting as a "recognized" program benefit.

Radios are alternatively hosted on dropbox, if you get a notification about too much traffic then copy from my dropbox to yours, or create a dropbox account from this link and we both get extra space! Then copy from my dropbox to yours and then download it at your leisure.

Ice Cream Sandwich Base

Update: Recent updates have shown that radio/RIL matching seems to be less important than it was for the GB versions. I have not done full testing yet but have tested 11.69A and 11.72 with all available RILs, all worked, HunnyBearLewis has done some good work here, but it is definitely possible to mix and match the 11.69A or 11.72 radios and and of the available RILs, and the newest DisH2 or DisH3 updates. I have also tested 11.69 with all RILs and the newer DisH2 file, all worked.

Latest: I have tested all radios below from 11.59 to 11.72 with all available RILs and and the TMO DisH files and they all worked. I have not tested the Vodaphone DisH file or the 11.76A radio yet, although I will try the radio later this week.

From OTA 3.33.401.55
Dev-Host:Radio 11.76C.3504.00P_11.29A.3504.18_M MD5:38CE206D6719F7CD1F859B17DFCC2875
radio.img MD5: 3418224B571D9BBEB3F8B18631F15BE7

From Italian OTA 3.33.401.6 h/t kekkojoker90
Dev-Host: Radio_11.76A.3504.00P_11.24A.3504.31_M
DropBox: Radio_11.76A.3504.00P_11.24A.3504.31_M MD5: F986FE638BBBEF8A8727B6DB7D66E780
radio.img MD5: F06C55BC45716180EB3D145047042F1B


From the Canadian Bell 3.32.666.13 OTA - h/t orellius
Dev-Host: Radio_11.69B.3504.00U_11.24.3504.10_M
Dropbox: Radio_11.69B.3504.00U_11.24.3504.10_M MD5: D279886DE3333B4D776F5A37BE2FFF51
radio.img MD5: F2A1C43FF8F095AD50F62F086663B718


From the HTC Ville


From the 3.32.1400.112 HTCCN OTA
Dev-Host: 11.72.3504.00U_11.23.3504.08_M2
Dropbox: 11.72.3504.00U_11.23.3504.08_M2 MD5: 80D8540A6D8C6A68D414B807A5819988
radio.img MD5: C022B0E795D4A519B7436CB3E7A07C49

HTC-RIL 4.0.0024HMQ


From the 3.32.709.108 RUU
Dev-Host: 11.69A.3504.00_11.23.3504.07_M2 -h/t Steve0007
Dropbox: 11.69A.3504.00U_11.23.3504.07_M2 -h/t Steve0007 MD5: 0AA3761F8D744870D056C7BE1B3C1C77
radio.img MD5: B90AC6136F15C1FF2ACFAA9B6A728F32

HTC-RIL 4.0.0017HMQ - h/t Steve0007


From the firmware release 3.30.401.1 & 3.30.401.101!
Same radio in the newest Firmware from 3.32.401.3 & 3.32.401.103 RUU
Check your ROM chef's recommendations for the appropriate firmware which is HIGHLY recommended before flashing the latest ICS ROMs, especially if you are coming from a GB ROM.
Dev-Host: 11.69.3504.00U_11.22.3504.07_M
Dropbox: 11.69.3504.00U_11.22.3504.07_M MD5: 2C60CCB215AE5FF41915FE95DD086135
radio.img MD5: 833a9ece6c63f0237f34ddde99961910

HTC-RIL 4.0.0013HMQ - h/t Omar302


From the 3.24.401.1 RUU:

This Radio/RIL is already included in all ROMs based on RUU 3.24.401.1. You may have to use a newer HBOOT such as 1.23 or 1.27.
The 11.68.3504.00U_11.21.3504.13_2 radio is included in the
Firmware from 3.24.401.1 & 3.25.401.101 RUU
. Check your ROM chef's recommendations for the appropriate firmware.

Dev-Host: Radio 11.68.3504.00U_11.21.3504.13_2
Dropbox: Radio 11.68.3504.00U_11.21.3504.13_2 MD5: 53E05DD32AFC1B8EAEB757CE4622C486
radio.img MD5: a7e5a7fc1491b9834baf317a0cc6e256

HTC-RIL 4.0.0012HMQ - h/t Omar302


From the 3.12.401.2/102 RUU:
Dev-Host: Radio 11.65.3504.00U_11.19.3504.29_2
Dropbox: Radio 11.65.3504.00U_11.19.3504.29_2 MD5: 94A3DC2691E78E9023397284AD030C8E
radio.img MD5: 5932242674a239def7d6cce981ce3a91

HTC-RIL 4.0.0003HMQ - h/t Omar302


NEW (old) Radio! - So this radio came from a GB base, but I decided to try it since the version was 11.x like the other ICS radios and not 10.x like the GB radios. And guess what, it worked with no apparent problems or issues just like all the other ICS radios.

From the 2.08.401.1 RUU:
Dev-Host: Radio 11.59.3504.00U_11.16.3504.16
Dropbox: Radio 11.59.3504.00U_11.16.3504.16 MD5: E7F50960BE0F1FB23A0D5C5139EAEA8E
radio.img MD5: 2820ddfa9c830e63a8199e78979ce927


Paranull has graciously set up mirrors for ICS radio/RILs here, thanks!

Gingerbread Base


From the 2.08.401.1 RUU:
Dev-Host: Radio 11.59.3504.00U_11.16.3504.16
Dropbox: Radio 11.59.3504.00U_11.16.3504.16 MD5: E7F50960BE0F1FB23A0D5C5139EAEA8E
radio.img MD5: 2820ddfa9c830e63a8199e78979ce927

HTC-RIL 2.2.0210HMQ - h/t Hawke84


HTC-RIL 2.2.0198HMQ - h/t trust-no-one - Vodaphone Australia - Tested by trust-no-one with Android Revolution HD 4.1.10, radio 10.58.9035.00U_10.15.9035.02_2 ??


From the 1.72.401.1 RUU:
Dev-Host: Radio 10.58.9035.00U_10.15.9035.02_2
Dropbox: Radio 10.58.9035.00U_10.15.9035.02_2 MD5: 722549b642a1374964798cc82100855e
radio.img MD5: b804dbc6484915c5a710eb630a353f6f

HTC-RIL 2.2.0173HMQ


From the 1.45.401.2 OTA/RUU:
Dev-Host: Radio 10.56.9035.00U_10.14.9035.01
Dropbox: Radio 10.56.9035.00U_10.14.9035.01 MD5: 64a0383b87b4b780cf516f7d7e43b784
radio.img MD5: b911d1b5bcf30b87fe395f6fe4773940

HTC-RIL 2.2.0169HMQ


From the RUU:
Dev-Host: Radio 10.43a.9007.00U_10.11.9007.27
Dropbox: Radio 10.43a.9007.00U_10.11.9007.27 MD5: 81b96fd9db9d37965a698dc02e8a945b
radio.img MD5: 8e23ad8149016cecba92ce506919d5fc

From the 1.35.666.1 RUU:
Dev-Host: Radio 10.50.9007.00U_10.12.9007.21_2
Dropbox: Radio 10.50.9007.00U_10.12.9007.21_2 MD5: 3c2e34200c3a1d78dddc261bd32be850
radio.img MD5: 47c1b69457b29a2dc56b3f6038404cea

HTC-RIL 2.2.0162HMQ - Orange, Bell, and Telus


From the RUU:
Dev-Host: Radio 10.42.9007.00P_10.11.9007.15
Dropbox: Radio 10.42.9007.00P_10.11.9007.15 MD5: 6e37fb179d2e7b765c1c9b4d5149f983
radio.img MD5: b91b5fb8980315a1a2b73629a348b091

HTC-RIL 2.2.0159HMQ - TMOUS (Possibly Telstra Stock too according to kira168)


From the RUU:
Dev-Host: Radio 10.38.9007.00P_10.11.9007.06
Dropbox: Radio 10.38.9007.00P_10.11.9007.06 MD5: 9f4146692616cfd34d4c14412eec304a
radio.img MD5: 9dc88f73bd573af0ed0b3e2e7cc38ef1

From the RUU:
Dev-Host: Radio 10.39.9007.00P_10.11.9007.09
Dropbox: Radio 10.39.9007.00P_10.11.9007.09 MD5: 071ea37012ddce8df250c68f13a38cbb
radio.img MD5: 20fa06a310fe22bf148c737f5b0d83d5

HTC-RIL 2.2.0151HMQ - Vodaphone


pimpmaneaton has put together the new 4EXT Interactive RIL Flasher package. Go check it out! It has all the RILs so you can cycle through and pick the one you want.

Please keep in mind that I recommend keeping GB ROMs with GB based radios/RILs for now, as well as ICS based ROMs with ICS based radios/RILs based on the list below, unless you have read this thread and understand what you are doing.

For reference, here is the original Sensation radio thread. It is not monitored by anyone now, please continue any radio discussions in this thread.

If you know of another radio/RIL you would like included please post the info in the thread so the RIL files can be extracted and a zip created for flashing. If anything on this page needs improvement, please let me know that as well. Thanks!!

If this thread helped you, please rate it up with the Rate button at the top!! Thank you!!
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4th August 2011, 08:55 PM |#3  
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Info 2 [INFO] Modem files and info
rcdata.img, or DisH files.
These are not radios. They are customer radio data files which can be flashed in addition to the radio. The DisH3 update came in the TMOUS 1.45 RUU, the first DisH2 file came out with the 1.50 OTA from Europe, and the latest DisH2 update came out with the TMOUS 3.32 ICS OTA. Chance are very good that you have one or the other, and unfortunately I don't know of a good way to tell which or to remove it. The only way I know is to flash the other one, or the one you want to try.

Well, some interesting reports, maybe the DisH2 vs. DisH3 doesn't really matter so much as making sure it is from the right carrier and right region. The problem with getting the files is that it requires downloading 380 meg RUUs in order to get one file that is less than 200 bytes.

So I guess people need to let me know if they are having connect/disconnect or flaky issues and if your carrier is something other than the four five six versions we have so far.

NOTE: If you have Vodaphone Italy, check here.

Vodaphone UK users, please check here, h/t akamustang

Asia (Taiwan) area users, please check here.

This is from the latest OTA from Italy. Not sure if carrier dependent.

Vodaphone Germany users, please click here

Vodaphone France users, please click here.
Flashing a new radio will not change it as it is a different firmware partition. radio.img vs. rcdata.img. If you flash a firmware package that contains an rcdata.img partition, then it will overwrite whatever you have now. You can delete the rcdata.img file from the firmware file by opening it in Windows Explorer (Not Internet Explorer :-/ ) and highlighting the file and hitting the delete button and answering yes to avoid this issue.

Any assistance in getting new rcdata.img files from different carriers/regions would be gratefully accepted. The basic process to check/extract it is to first download the RUU or OTA, extract the file from it, then copy the android-info.txt and rcdata.img files from the Once you have the android-info.txt and rcdata.img files, then the easiest way to make it into a flashable zip is to simply drag those files into one of the current DisHx files and choose to overwrite when prompted.If you have some time and can do this, please PM me if you need any further assistance.

All three versions are in the attached .zip file below. If you download the file, extract it, you will see folders named:


They contain the three different updates in the format for flashing through bootloader.

This info below comes from the rcdata.img files within the files. If you use Notepad++ and open the rcdata.img files, you will see this:


or you will see DisH=3 depending on the file you are looking at, or in the newest version, DisH=2 and IMEISVN=2. To be very clear, DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE.

Whichever one you flash is a matter of choice, but it seems important to match the value in the build.prop file to the DisH value. That line may appears twice in the file, you can just edit the first one and the second one will be ignored. Or you can delete the second line to make it easier. A new ROM flash will overwrite it.

So edit /system/build.prop first and change to either 2 or 3 to match the DisH value, then flash the corresponding file with the rcdata.img file in it through bootloader.

1. Open ES file Explorer. Under the settings menu, make sure you have Root Explorer enabled and have Mount File System checked.

2. hit Favorites, /

3. Scroll down, tap system.

4. Tap in build.prop, open With ES Note Editor

5. you will see the first instance of on the first page generally. Change the value to either 2 or 3 to match whichever Dish file you intend to flash.

6. Scroll down in the build.prop file and look for the second instance of and change it to match whichever DisH file you intend to flash or ignore it or delete it.

NOTE: If you are flashing the newer DisH2 file attached to this post, also make sure that you see this line. It should be in the newest TMO ICS based ROMs. If you don't see it, add it.

NOTE: If you are flashing the older DisH2 or DisH3 files, set it to to match the IMEISVN value.

7. Tap the menu button and then Save. Hit back, back, back to exit and then reboot.

Note: Sometimes it seems as if a reboot after flashing did not effectively change between DisH2 and DisH3 and vice-versa. I pulled the battery for a few seconds and it worked the first time every time, but YMMV.

I am going to be doing some testing with various radios and the DisHx files.

Update: So far for me, the best combination is still the 11.72 radio with the 4.0.0024 RIL and DisH3. I do get the occasional +1 second ping times, but the transfer speed is definitely best. I tried 11.69A with the new DisH2 update and both of the latest RILs. It seems that with the ICS versions, matching the RILs may be less important than with the GB versions. More testing is needed there. Anyways, I get the feeling of being throttled maybe? Hard to tell for sure, but it feels like that. The tradeoff seems to be fewer +1 second ping results, though I did see a couple in 20 or so tests.

Please post back which combination works best for you with your results and location. Thank you!

Another possible fix for poor data speeds is to call t-mobile and see if they have your phone in their database, and make sure on their database it shows that you have a sensation and they have the right data package going for you. Also make sure your Sim card isn't old, which any t-mobile store will exchange as far as I can tell for free. When I went to the TMO store in the mall having connection issues, they replaced my SIM with the "latest model" from what the guy said and even copied my contacts for free.

If you get no signal at all, first try putting the cover back on. Second, dial *#*#4636#*#* and wait a second. It should go to the diag menu and you will see a Phone Info button there to tap. Under that is some more options, including a drop-down menu for Preferred Network Type. You may be on the wrong network type. For TMO, I would make I was on one of the WCDMA or GSM choices. Make sure you aren't set to EVDO or something that won't work.


WiFi issues
WiFi is also dependent on the radio so changing the radio/RIL may also improve WiFi. If you are getting very bad signal or transfer speeds, then you might check out WiFi Analyzer. At one point a few weeks ago, my speed dropped a lot. With WiFi Analyzer, I was able to see that one of my neighbors had gotten a new WiFi router and was on my channel! After I switched to a different channel, all was well again.

[APK] WiFix - Fixes regional Wi-Fi problems in IceCream Sandwich - This has helped many people.

If you are getting very poor or no WiFi signal, you might take the back case off, and check the little golden pins above the camera. They may have gotten bent. h/t to danilo081 and malybru
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4th August 2011, 09:13 PM |#4  
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this is fantastic, im glad you made a thread with RIL's. i was actually going to pick up on this project but im glad you started. Major thanks!
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4th August 2011, 09:33 PM |#5  
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Glad I could help
This community has given me some amazing things, and I saw this as a way to actually give back so I am super excited to help! I am almost done repacking the RILs and tidying the updater scripts!
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Hello, you would have Bell Canada ?
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4th August 2011, 10:07 PM |#7  
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Max128 what version radio does the Bell Sensation use? I am looking for the Bell RUU and can't seem to find one :/
4th August 2011, 10:13 PM |#8  
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My radio of Bell Canada : 10.50.9007.00U_10.12.9007.21_2M
4th August 2011, 10:19 PM |#9  
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PM Sent
I sent you a PM with the files I would need to make that for you, if you have a link to the Bell stock ROM you could also pass it my way!
4th August 2011, 10:26 PM |#10  
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So with android revolution HD i mounted /system and flashed the tmo RIL and it still sits on 3G then back to H if i use a stock rom it stays on 4G/H no switching, is there somthing im doing wrong?
4th August 2011, 10:26 PM |#11  
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I have a complete backup and a dump of my rom Bell Canada. The only problem I its not how its turned into RUU.I was told that it was possible so I'm open to it.For system files that you request, no problem I will make a zip and upload it on Megaupload and pm to you.

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