Default [Q] Notification counts slow to update

This isn't a huge problem because everything works but it is an annoying item that seems like it should be able to be resolved. I have a widget created in Zooper for the counts of my sms messages and three gmail accounts. The issue is, that the widget doesn't update unless I turn the phone off and on again. So for example, I get an email and it shows a 1 next to that account. I go in gmail and read it. I press my home button to come back to the screen and the counter is still at 1. This doesn't change to 0 until I turn the phone off and on. It also will go to zero when the the minute changes on my zooper-made clock widget.

Any idea how to get my counts widget to update when I've read or cleared my notifications without having to turn my phone off or wait for the minute to change?

I use tasker for a few things and was hoping there was a way I could just set up a task that when I exit sms or gmail apps I can do a force update, but I haven't figured that out.

Thanks for you help