Question [Q] Bootmanager won't Download Necessary Files

I have been away from my Evo 3D for a while now, and when I came back to it I wanted to set up Bootmanager (I have the pro version, if that makes a difference). I downloaded the app and ran it, and I kept getting the "Error Downloading Files" message.

The error message recommended turning off Wi-Fi, so I went to 3G and still got the same error. I tried deleting the Bootmanager folder and uninstalling the app, then getting both back (which was recommended in another thread I read) and I still got the same message. I found the log file in the Bootmanager folder and read it; it turns out that the connection to whatever URL they had set up to download the Bootmanager files was no longer a valid URL.

Does anyone still have Bootmanager installed that would be willing to copy their Bootmanager files for me (obviously don't include any ROM files, just the core files that it copies to your SD card on first boot)? I have a CDMA Evo 3D so, just to be safe, I'd only want the files from another CDMA Evo 3D.

Any help on this would be much appreciated!
My current phone:

Sprint HTC Evo 3D
ROM: Viper3D r284
Kernel: Anthrax rls3.7.0

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