Default [Q]Help needed for making a rom with aroma installer

Hello guys,
I made a new rom with aroma installer. I am not able to flash it. flash it.
When i flash it i get "error flashing the zip", "Error opening the zip".
Can someone pls help me asap.

Here is the log:

HTML Code:
I:Switching packages (TWRP)
I:Set page: 'install'
I:Set page: 'flash_confirm'
I:Set page: 'flash_zip'
minzip: could not determine length of file
minzip: Map of '/sdcard/Revosoft Project X Rom v3' failed
E:Unable to open zip file.
Error flashing zip '/sdcard/Revosoft Project X Rom v3'
Updating partition details...
I:Data backup size is 827MB, free: 3713MB.
I:Unable to mount '/usb-otg'
I:Actual block device: '', current file system: 'vfat'
I:Set page: 'flash_done'
I:Set page: 'rebootcheck'
I:Root permissions appear to be lost... fixing. (This will always happen on 4.3+ ROMs with SELinux.
I:Copying file /cache/recovery/log to /cache/recovery/last_log

ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500