Unhappy [Q] Post Screen Replacement - Weird Failed Boot up

Hey all, I have an Asus TF300T and recently replaced a cracked screen. I replaced with the same type - 69.10121.G01. Replacement went smoothly enough.

Once screen replacement was complete, I plugged in the charger - saw the Battery Icon on the screen confirm it was charging and the light on the power button stayed orange - until fully charged. Now the light is green.

Unfortunately,the tablet wont power up. I checked the on/off switch next to the power button. Checked all connections. Held power down, Pressed hard reset, etc. I read somewhere here that someone had success with Volume Down + Power - and after my 20th attempt at that, the ASUS recovery screen appeared for 2 seconds and then the screen went dark again.

So the screen/digitizer/lcd/whatever "works" but there is something amiss. Unfortunately, I am on a boat and cant get to another screen to try the HDMI cable on a TV or monitor. Any thoughts on what could be causing this or what might make this work again?