Default S3 LTE KK CM11 FB problems.

Hello, in the begining sorry for my English.

I have Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE with ROM CM 11 Kitkat 4.4.2(version from 10 May) nightly and ROM boeffla from end of April.

I made a fake account in Facebook and in this account Iam on 1 group(locked group, secret) and I watching one fanpage.

I would like (VIA 3G/4G witch is all the time on):
- get every info from this group - new post, nem comments
- get everything from fanpage - comments, new post, new statuses

I want to geting this info after sound - something like a SMS.

Sound and next something like :"New "something" in XXX" - click to watch.

I want to my S3 check it every 15 minutes because after news I must do something quickly.

I install firs original FB app

Next the others FB unoficcial apps(from g. play)

But in every app I have problem

When the screen turn off the internet connection is disconnect and I cant getting info witch I want.

When I turn on screen and go into app(FB original etc.) i watch info about broken internet connection. I click:"refresh" and then everything is good.

Do You have any ideas? How to change that internet(3g/4g) option?

Thank You very much and good 15th.