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From the Creator of Bionx
Co-Produced by the master behind JBX Technology
A Google Open Source Project
Dedicated to the Development of OMAP4 Kexec Development

Bionx Catalyst3
By: Nx Biotic (Rom Development)
Dtrail (Kernel ,Kexec and Script Development)

Official Thread & Screens


Me, Myself, and I, as well as and anyone else doesn't take any repsonsibilty for damages on your device!
Rooting your device will void your warranty!
Don't play with settings you aren't familiar with, you could burn/ruin/or corrupt your device!!
Ask, if you have any questions!!

Altho The Droid Razr will probably never see a future update past 4.1, That doesn't mean we cant sit back and do nothing. Catalyst3 releases the full potential of the Moto 4.1 and every vain it has to run it. There will be flashable patches and updates very soon so, makesure to subscribe and keep an eye out! Kexec Kernel integration and options to take control will be available soon as well.

Catalyst3 is a multi-device platform firmware built upon the Verizon .16 update (Portable to the Droid Razr, Atrix 2, Droid4, Bionic with apropiate changes). Altho it has been stripped of everything it had upon release, it made for a great base and stable platform as a future Stock-to-Kexec firmware. Catalyst3 is one of the first examples of converting a Stock rom to what we now know as a Kexec Kernel powered rom. The advantages of this? Massive Overclocking abilities for your device, a wide range of options we still of yet can take control over for full battery optimization, The ability to control voltages without the need of modules, a wide vareity of governors and schedulers, a firmware that runs at its best. Altho running Android 4.1, I have many plans for future updates to bring this firmware as up-to-date as possible and possibly to the point I could update the firmware to 4.2 if I wanted to. The rom itself has gone through a tremendous amount of work and transformations and integration with the Bionx Dashboard which is now at version 3.4. Yes, it still needs work but a great deal of users see potential in my idea of a toolkit, so Im constantly improving.

Community Mods are welcomed!

Firmware Base Details

Based on System Version:
Carrier: CDMA and GSM
Android Version: Android 4.1.2
Model Base: Droid Razr
Build Number: V4.2
Kexec Kernel: Optional
Supported Devices: CDMA Razr, GSM Razr, Bionic, Atrix2, Droid4
Currently Supported: CDMA Razr, GSM Razr
Bionx Dashboard Version: 4.0+

Exclusive Features


  • Motorola Android Framework .16
  • Sony Xperia Audio Framework 10.3.1.Z
  • Android 4.1.2
  • Bionx Framework 4.2
  • De-"Blured"
  • Debloated
  • Zipaligned
  • Deoxidized
  • Tabbed Advance Settings
  • Toggle-able Init.d Support
  • Smart Start Calibration
  • Modified Services.jar
  • Heavily Modified Android.Policy
  • Heavily Modified Slim System UI (Center Clock, Toggle Widgets, Data Monitor)
  • Ported AOSP Lockscreen
  • Custom Notifications (Sense 5 Sounds, Custom, Xperia, Droid)
  • Droid Ultra Bootanimation w/sound
  • Xperia Based System Theme
  • Modifed OEM Messging App with SMS-POP-UP Integrated
  • Xperia Audio Framework
  • Xperia Walkman Player with ClearX Audio (Beats Solo Manipulation)
  • Xperia Audio Plugins Support
  • Xperia Car Dock
  • Xperia Tools and Widgets
  • Xperia Z Raral Launcher
  • Navigation Bar Toggle (Build.prop tweak)
  • Seeder Module Integration
  • RazrI Camera/Gallery (Non-Kexec BUild)
  • Bionx Dashboard Integration (Bunch of Awesome Tools and User Controls; Will be updated on a general bases so that users can enjoy enhancements regullary)
  • Koush's SU integrated
  • Adobe Flash Player (For whatever support is left)
  • Kexec Kernel Fetures and Options (Experimental)
  • Stock Kernel Modules Available
  • Unlimited Wallpapers (Bionx Dashboard offers a manifest of wallpapers to download & save on the fly!)
  • Unlimited Control, Power, and Possibilites built by us for you!


Official Release1- 09/05/13
Bionx Catalyst LTS-
Bionx Catalyst Kexec-

Available 2nd Post

Available 2nd Post


Your system must be up-to-date on the Kernel or another words...If your a CDMA user, you must have the .16 verizon kernel installed or the latest Jellybean update has gone through; If your a GSM user, you would also need the official JB update installed at some point. If all else fails, RSD Lite with latest release.

Recovery: This rom was built and intended for BMM or Bootmenu by Whirleys however with the recent update to Safestrap by Hashcode, it has been confirmed this rom will boot now on both recoveries intended for our device; XT910/XT912 Performance and Features may vary depending on device model and patches applied.


  • Download Rom
  • Boot into Recovery (SS or BMM)
  • Free up a system slot for flashing
  • (If updating...)Format SYSTEM/CACHE
  • Flash Rom
  • If GSM User, Flash GSM Patch Next(2nd Post)
  • First Boot
  • (Optional)Flash Any Extras or Packages
  • Reboot
  • Done


If you are installing the Kexec build of Bionx Catalyst, There are a few things to take into consideration...

  1. Kexec for stock is still under development, Dtrail may or may not continue on the project.
  2. Camera currently doesnt work
  3. Boot time is much more longer than stock
  4. Your Bionx experience will greatly be improved


Q:Will Kexec Kernel be available for this rom?
A:As long as the modified kexec kernel retains stable, yes. CID/WIP

Q:Are the Kernel Modules capadible with Bionx?
A:Yes, Nx Performance in the Bionx Dashboard was modfied to identify those modules and take advantage of them for your CPU

Q:What Carrier does this rom support and what Devices?
A:This rom currently supports both GSM and CDMA devices with approperate patches. Currently supported is the Droid Razr. Droid 4, Bionic, and Atrix 2 require some System UI modifications/build.prop edits and possibly kernel patches. You may need to manually add APNs to your device.

Q:How do I update the Bionx Dasboard?
A:Accasionally check on google play I will be adding a notification feature soon!

Q:What is the Bionx Dashboard?
A:A Toolkit I designed to help users take control over the Bionx Catalyst Rom.

Q:Is the Bionx Dashboard required to be installed?
A:In a nutshell, no. If your someone who perfers to have privacy and a obsesser about software and permissions. Feel free to unistall the toolkit but without it, your just an owner of a plain old rom.

Q:Can I unistall the Xperia Audio Framework without affecting the rom?
A:Yes and No. Some packages keep the rom stable and depend on the audio driver. If you wish to remove the Walkman Player, just remove the player and nothing else.

Q:Where is the reboot button in the power menu?
A:I did not modify the Power Menu in this rom because it took up time I dont have and I made a power menu available in the Bionx Dashboard.

Q:Are you able to upgrade the firmware from 4.1.2 to 4.2 or 4.3?
A:By mods yes, officially and by SDK level, no. I can make modifications to the point we can install 4.2 packages or emulate a 4.3 experience but I cannot raise the SDK level without making more work for myself.

Q:Can I make mods or port this rom to another device?

Q:Can I post this thread on another site?
A:With permissions, yes.

Q:Where can I find a changelog of the rom?
A:Click on Bionx Dashboard, Navigate to the Catalyst menu, Click on Changelog

Q:Where can I view the credits of this rom?
A:At bionx.webs

Refer to Bionx.webs for any further information about the rom and its development. Bionx.webs host the Bionx software and is integrated in the Bionx Dashboard for ease of use for the community and is updated Monthly on average. Bionx Catalyst3 was built for community members who wanted an all-in-one package of Power and HD Multimedia experience coming from the Stock Experience.
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Patches & Mods

CDMA to GSM Patch
"Allows a GSM user to use Bionx Catalyst"

Whirleys Modules Patch
"Allows a user to enhance their CPU Controls without Kexec and take full advantage of the Bionx Dashboard's Nx Performance, Do Not Flash if you installed Vatazhka Modules"

Vatazhka Modules Patch
"Allows a user to enhance their CPU Controls without Kexec and take full advantage of the Bionx Dashboard's Nx Performance, Do Not Flash if you installed Whirleys Modules"


StatusBar Mods for Catalyst3
Contains 1% Battery Increments Double Circle Icon Mod Stock Icon Mod Back to Stock

--StatusBar Mods from Catalyst2--
These mods retain the layout of Catalyst2 statusbar

Now Maintained & Monitored via Bionx.webs and Bionx Dashboard 4.0
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Bionx Dashboard Feed

The Bionx Dashboard is the heart and sould of the Catalyst3 rom and is available to download/update via Google Play. Not only does this toolkit run the Bionx Catalyst Rom, it can be sideloaded to another rom to enjoy as well. I did this because not all of my followers own a Razr anymore but are able to still enjoy Bionx. Its not just a rom... This will be used to keep users up-to-date on the latest features and updates in the Dashboard.

Bionx Dashboard 4.1
Google Play Link
Build 50


  • New Splash Screen Engine (Touch to interact)
  • Updated Bionx Dash Menus
  • New Tabbed Menu in Bionx Tools (Non-root/Root Tools)
  • Updated Wallpaper Manifest (New Wallpapers!)
  • New Wallpaper Manager
  • New Launcher Manager
  • New Information Center Interface
  • Updated Manifest
  • Fixed Bug For Android 4.3
  • Fix Actionbar Menu For Sense Roms (User may need to toggle black bar in Display Settings)
  • Updated System Tweak Settings for Catalyst Rom (WIP)
  • Started Work on Helper Java Classes for Kernel Tweak Section (WIP)
  • Nx Performance 2.0 (Based Off of AOKP PC)
  • Optimized Old Code For New Android Builds
  • "Im Gonna Wreck It!" Deleted Useless Code For Future References
  • Less Memory Consumption
  • Bigger Punch
  • Settings A Goal


I encourage open development on Android and doing so, the full source of the Bionx Dashboard is available on Github in 2 packages (Old 3.5 and 4.1) If you would like to create your own Bionx Rom for another device or port, Let me know and Il get in on the fun and being open source, you can make your own tweaks to your rom or device!
Please Rate Bionx Dashboard on Google Play after using it for awhile and leave feedback, you have no idea how much I rely on Feedback! Lets make something together, Lets make something unique, Lets make something new.
By All Means, mention a feature you would like to see.

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Great news!! Can't wait to test it.

You rock guys!
4th September 2013, 10:07 PM |#5  
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Based on JB 4.2.1?

Great,it means that everything will be 100% functional :thumbup:

I wait with enthusiasm to try this rom!

Sent from my Razr XT910
4th September 2013, 10:12 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by welder73

Based on JB 4.2.1?

Great,it means that everything will be 100% functional :thumbup:

I wait with enthusiasm to try this rom!

Sent from my Razr XT910

Android Version: Android 4.1.2
4th September 2013, 10:26 PM |#7  
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4th September 2013, 10:32 PM |#8  
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Can't wait!!
5th September 2013, 12:05 AM |#9  
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I think I would love to be a beta tester! Just gave my Nexus 4 to my sister and waiting on some of the next big things from Google or saving for the Moto X so I'm back to my trusty spare Razr.

I currently have SafeStrap 3.11 installed (afraid to update SS due to reported bricks on 3.51) with nothing in any of my ROM slots.
5th September 2013, 12:09 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by couillu44

Android Version: Android 4.1.2

Sorry,my bad,I thought 4.1.2

Sent from my Razr XT910
5th September 2013, 01:21 AM |#11  
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You will require Boot Menu to install this rom and future patches and updates.

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