Default [Q] Is there a way to resize images for easy emailing??

Hi all, I have a quick question. I just switched to the m8, love it, my only problem is sending multiple photos through my email. I use my phone for work, take multiple photos, and need to email them. I came from the g2, I can set the resolution to 1 mp, it will take smaller images, and would allow me to send 15 or so in one email. I don't see that option on this phone. I set it to 4:3 normal. 2 sepwrate jobs today, took photos, went to send 6, they went through. Next set, sent 6 , wouldn't allow me, checked details, said image was 1.89 mb,the first set of images were 1/2 that size yet I didn't change a setting between the 2 circumstances. So I had to send 15 emails, 1 photo at a time for second job. Needless to say, it wasn't efficient. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.