Question [Q] Can turn on hboot, fastboot, Cyanogenmod, but recovery stays black.


I won't ask questions how its done (I have flashed custom roms for 2 years now), but now I've got a problem.
I'm Using HTC One X+ (ENRC2B_U, Hboot 1.72, Radio 3.1204.171.33, S-ON)

My problem now is that after last nighty cyanogenmod (20.05.2014) I cant boot my phone in recovery mode.
No one is working, CMW - not working (officialy bought), TWRP - not working (just black screen). I can boot my system using latest cyanogen. No errors in fastboot (fastboot flash recovery twrp.img), so I'm just little "confused" what to do next?

Can someone give me advice with this black screen problem? I also flashed original stock rom, it boot up, but customized stays black.

Best Regards to community.