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[4.4.x][06302014]Omni Beta Builds for Oppo Find 7a

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Default [4.4.x][06302014]Omni Beta Builds for Oppo Find 7a

DO NOT post in this thread until you have read the first three posts and last two pages of this thread in their entirety!

"Me Too" posts for known issues with no useful debugging information WILL BE REPORTED.

This is the thread for public alpha builds of Omni on the Oppo Find 7a

This thread will become the thread for Omni nightlies when the device is ready.

Fourth Beta Build (06/30/2014):
um, see the post in the thread... I'll update this later...
See the Downloads section for this one too.

Third Beta build (06/15/2014):
Really fixed mic in speaker calls, I swear! I tested it this time!
First build from new device tree (common items split to msm8974-common to prep for support for other Oppo 8974 devices)
Patched the futex memory corruption vulnerability - patching this on all devices took precedence over fixing some device-specific stuff
Renamed device to Find 7 in preparation for unified 7+7a support (7 support is not here yet, don't flash this on a QHD F7) - You may need to redo your Bluetooth pairings
Um, some other changes I can't remember...
Download for this build is in the devdb Downloads section of this thread.

Second Beta build (06/04/2014):
I forget what was in here...

First Beta build (05/30/2014):
Fixed vbat-det-lo IRQ issues (high Android OS usage)
Updated mixer_paths from find7op latest firmware release - may fix some audio use cases (needs more testing, volume seems too high so I'll likely be dropping it to eliminate distortion)
Changed package name of AOSP camera app to permit coexistence with Google camera app. (TODO: still need to change APK name, but it can now live on the same device as Google Camera.)
Some other stuff I can't remember right now - I will update this tomorrow when I wake up with more detail.
Kernel commits are all pushed to Omni gerrit, I will post the exact list of which ones were used tomorrow

Third alpha build (05/26/2014):
Added doubletap-to-wake, camera wake (draw circle on screen when asleep), torch gesture (v when screen is off)
Reimplemented suspend backoff (used to be a standard Android feature) - replaces a storm of failed suspends with a wakelock (wakelocks consume less power than suspend thrashing and, more importantly, spam dmesg less)
Doubled kernel log buffer (dmesg) size and dependencies for kernel commits

Second alpha build (05/21/2014):
Reduces speaker volume due to distortion
Fixes detection of stock headset
Partial support of dt2w - enable by echoing 1 to /proc/touchpanel/enable_double_tap or something like that. Currently brings up camera instead of waking - wtf?

First public alpha test build (05/20/2014):

(this isn't a nexus, use the modular releases, not full)

Omni only supports TWRP recovery, use any alternate recovery at your own risk. Official TWRP for this device is:

Anyone flashing this should know the usual installation drill... Flash in recovery, flash gapps, wipe data/factory reset. If you don't know how to do these things, this package is not yet ready for users like you.

Thanks go to the following people for their help during bringup:
Jake Whatley and Kristof Petho (Omni)
Andre Saddler and Hieu Nguyen of the Paranoid Android team

XDA:DevDB Information
Omni for Find 7a, ROM for the Oppo Find 7

Entropy512, jakew02, xplodwild, jerdog
ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Alpha

Created 2014-05-21
Last Updated 2014-06-29
*so much sig updating needed*

My Github profile - Some Android stuff, some AVR stuff

An excellent post on "noobs vs. developers"

A few opinions on kernel development "good practices"

Note: I have chosen not to use XDA's "friends" feature - I will reject all incoming "friend" requests.

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<Bumble-Bee> thats true
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Default Reserved

Kernel source: plus the following Gerrit items:

Device tree: plus:

Other Gerrit items:

Also there are misc patches to increase debug logging in a number of places (the basic setting NDEBUG to 0)

Blobs: donkeycoyote
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Default Reserved

Current status as of 05/20/2014:
GPS works
Wifi works
Cellular radio works (data and voice calls)
Basic camera/camcorder functions work
Bluetooth works (tested with Google Glass and an OBDKey)
Sensors work (except for Google Camera Photosphere - see below)
Audio is flaky - Mic does not work in speakerphone calls (earpiece only) and headsets with microphones cause the audio HAL to barf. There are probably a number of other use cases where audio doesn't work well. Confirmed working are Google Play Music, Google Maps, earpiece calls, Bluetooth calls via Google Glass (Mic in speakerphone/headphones may be fixed in the 5/30 build - won't test until tomorrow.)

Not yet implemented (need to get the basics done first, these shouldn't be too hard since maxwen did them all on N1)
Screen-off gestures for music
"Hey, Snapdragon" voice wakeup - gotta talk to xplodwild about this
Superzoom mode (I'm about halfway there, it's in the 5/30 build but crashes when you take a shot, so effectively isn't really there...)

Known issues:
Rare spontaneous reboots due to the WCNSS firmware crashing (1-2 times/week for me)
Magnetometer (compass) gets "Stuck" if you use Google Camera
LPM (charging when device is off) is broken - device may charge but screen gets stuck on at the Oppo logo. (may sometimes happen when rebooting on charger)
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Here we go!

Sent from my OnePlus 7a
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Finally a good vanilla build

My camera lenses produce a clicking noise everytime a camera app is closed. It didn't happen with color OS before. żis there any issue with it?
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If you want to have a OP more attractive, i know content is attractive but picture too, here it is a simply prez from me...
You can use it freely... or trash it quickly !

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Does VOCC Charging works now?
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Also, 3-ring headsets do not work (ie like the headset that came in the box).
OPPO Find7a
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Great work guys... Running super for an alpha.

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