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[TW Kernel][Nadia Kernel][20-September-2014-Discontinued][4.4.2]Emotroid Team

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*** Disclamer***

Your warranty is now void.
 We are not responsible for any damage or problems you may have!
 YOU are choosing to make these modifications.



First of all I want to say this that is one project which just started and gradually we will improve it. In this community there are very good developers and we are not traying to compete with them. This is just a hobby and we do it because we like Android. This kernel is only for N7100 and we don't have plans to make it compatible with other versions of Galaxy Note II. We hope that you will not only download the kernel but also you will sent your comment with pros and cons and you should respect our efforts.

Don't be scared by the nightly denomination of the kernel, I'm just taking the traditional naming scheme where nightly designates feature development

Based on Samsung Source code N7100XXUFND3
Compiled with GCC 4.7
Linux version 3.0.101
Overclock to 2000MHz
Dynamic FSyn control
Wolfson Sound
Advanced TCP control
Multicore Power Saving
Charging Control
CPU Voltage control
LED Control
ABB Control
MDNIE mode Hijack
Android Logger mode
zzmoove governor
Lulzactiveq governor
Frandom - random number generator
F2FS support
Synapse support
Installation instructions


You need TRWP or Philz(6.25) Recovery
Download Zip push to Ext or Int Sd Card
Install zip and Restart


Note: Nadians Losing Root after flashing the Kernel, Re-flash the Kernel to gain Root Access.


September- 20 -2014 nightly r7
- Zzmoove updated to V0.9 beta4
- Corrected L1 cache shift
- Increased force_max_zoneorder to 12
- Disabled multicast when is sleeping
- cleaned some files
- sched_fair: reduced latency
- sched_fair: optimized cgroup_pick_next_task_fair()
- sched_fair: implemented smarter wake-affine logic
- cpuidle: removed cross-cpu IPI by new latency request.
- Added extra free kbutes tunable
- Added Xbox controller support as module
- Added NTFS support as module
- Added support to ppp-widget
- Enabled max freq for busfreq opp
- Added early suspend delay to userspace
- Updated mali driver to r3p2 rel4
- Added key disabler for cypress-touchkey
- Enabled negative mode compatibility of newer MDNIE drivers (Synapse)
- Added new page in Synapse for Live Statistics (Time in states, Uptime,etc.)
- /sbin values moved to init.d

Synapse and all available options:

- LIVE STATISTICS: Time in states, Uptime,etc.
- CPU - GOV: current frequency, CPU and Battery temperatures, current CPU cores online, CPU MAX and MIN frequency, CPU Governor, Governor tunables.
- CPU voltage: separate frequency voltage.
- GPU: GPU scaling freqyency and treshold steps.
- I/O: schedulers, internal storage read-ahead, externalSD read-ahead and Dynamic FSYNC.
- CPU DRIVERS: cpu multicore power saving, cpu idle mode, logger mode, touchboost settings.
- ABB settings
- Kernel tweaks: low memory killer, kernel entropy, panic and panic on oops.
- NETWORK: tcp congestion control, hardering the TCP/IP stack to SYN attack,ignore pings,etc.
- VM-FS: dirty radio, swappiness,etc.
- BATTERY: charge control
- SOUND: Wolfson Sound control
- MDNIE: mdnie mode and scenario
- LED: Blinking effect, led intensity and spee led.
- Touchwake: touchwake config
- INFO-reboot: info about kernel,etc.

Previous Version Change log:

August- 1 -2014 nightly r6.1.1
- fixed HDMI Audio issue

July- 31 -2014 nightly r6.1
- sysfs interface to Enable / Disable CRC

July- 25 -2014 nightly r6
- Linux version upstream to 3.0.101
- More stability, better battery life and performance
- Mdnie mode hijack ( as default has standart samsung values.
- mmc: disabled CRC (improved performance)
- Zzmoove Version 0.9 beta3
- dync_sync_cntrl: updated to 1.2
- fixed the workqueue overload battery waste
- Test Autogroup patch for agrouping into UserID and not TaskID.
- fixed touchboost facing issue in synapse
- fixed logger mode facing issue in synapse
- Pegasusq tweaked
- Set good sound for Wolfson sound
- Fixed GPU Treshold issue
- Touchboost frequency set to 700MHz as default
- Deleted some scripts from init.d
- Made some changes in the ramfs
- Other minor changes

July- 09 -2014 nightly r5.1
Fixed touchboost frequency in synapse.
Fixed zzmoove permissions
Fixed uV Issue faced by few users.

July- 04 -2014 nightly r5

Based on new Samsung source code XXUFND3
Kernel compiled with Toolchain GCC 4.7
Retain only online cpus in manage_policy->cpus
irq: Set CPU affinity as soon as the irq thread is created
lowmemorykiller: Changed default debug_level to 1
Network speed tweaked
Dynamic Fsync updated to v1.1
Notification LED controls
Zzmoove updated to v0.9 beta2
earysuspend: speedup late resume (faster wakeup of the device)
sched_fair: Reduced latencies
CPU OC to 2000MHz and moved sysfs uV to cpufreq.c
Wolfson Sound Control
Synapse support

June- 13 -2014 nightly r4

F2FS support
GPU frequency and sys interface fixed
power: neutered the cpufreq min samsung interface
power: reduce regulator initializations to regulator minima
sched/nohz: Rewrite, fix and add more accurate load-avg computation
Introduce timer slack controller
Zzmove updated to v0.8
Lulzactiveq updated and added sys screen_off_max_step
sched: Ensure cpu_power periodic update
cpupower: update the cpu_power according to cpu load
ARM: 7011/1: Add ARM cpu topology definition
block/blk-core: add support for Linux 3.0.x for urgent request handling
block: Add support for reinsert a dispatched req
Multicore Power Saving 0 by default
For more info check my github

June 2 nightly r3


GPU OC/uV (Thanks to DerTeufel and
Added scripts in init.d for the GPU OC and uV
Proportional Rate Reduction for TCP
Buqfreq: Use cpu_load_slope correctly (Thanks to AndreiLux)
Added zzmoove governor
Added frandom - random number generator
Allocate boot (MMC) partitions on probe
Increase timeout limits for bad sdcard
Add sysfs interface to Enable / Disable Android Logger (Thanks to AndiP)
Asynchronous I/O latency to a solid-state disk greatly increased between the 2.6.32 and 3.0 kernels
Forced Fast Charge (Thanks to
Reduced wakelock
Added cpu-boost driver
Implemented Touchwake v1.1a and Touch boost
Added slide2wake (Thanks to DerTeufel)
Cpufreq & hotplug updates
tmpfs: fix mempolicy object leaks
LOAD_FREQ (4*HZ+61) avoids loadavg Moire
Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm
reg: Fixed memory leak
Optimized square root algorithm
Added ARM optimized crypto algorithms
mm:backing-dev tweak
Deadline iosched updated and tuning
writeback: fix occasional slow sync
Drecreased time to enter sleep
Softirq: reduced latencies

May 24 nightly r2 :


lib/memcopy and lib/string use glib version
Added charger control
Added Boeffla Sound Engine 1.6.5
Added Lulzactiveq governor
Added Sysfs_helpers: Allow negative values
added Advanced TCP: westwood by default

May 22 nightly r1 :


Based on Samsung Source code SEA_KK_Opensource
Overclock to 1920MHz
Default scheduler = Cfq
Default governador = Pegasusq
Cpu = 1600/200
CPU voltage control
Dynamic FSyn control
Reduced battery-monitor wakelock timeouts
Added SIO, ZEN and ROW
Disabled debug kernel
Adaptive Body Bias control
Improved performance
Fixed cpu scaling above max frequency
Increase readahead value to 1024Kb


Source code:

Thanks To/Credits

@franlov (I want to give special thanks to him for helping me with everything.) @flar2 @franciscofranco @tamirda @DerTeufel @wanam @AndreiLux @gokhanmoral @andiP @psndna88 @mat9v @KNIGHT97 @klurosu @mohit14785 @ph03n!x @chobztopz
@ and all users that support the thread and the kernel

You can follow new updates HERE

Hit the "thanks" button if you like my work.

If you think our work it's worth, Invite us for a beer or coffee

XDA:DevDB Information
Nadia nightly Kernel, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Pafcholini, Pafcholini, aukhan
Source Code:

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: No Longer Updated
Current Stable Version: Nadia nightly r7
Stable Release Date: 2014-09-20

Created 2014-05-22
Last Updated 2015-03-02
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22nd May 2014, 10:57 PM |#2  
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Battery Full Recommended settings & FAQ
Balance between performance and battery

I'm using Synapse (highly recommended)

Read ahead buffer: 1024
IO scheduler: row or zen
Frequency Lock: ON
CPU min freq: 200MHz
CPU max freq: 1600MHz for battery / 1800-1920MHz for performance
CPU governor: Lulzactiveq for both
CPU voltage: -50uV or -100uV (Be careful!! If you low voltages much you can get boot loop or battery drain.)
CPU idle Mode: AFTR+LPA
TCP: westwood for both
Dynamic FSYNC: ON


Note/Tip: Nadians if there is nything that is missing please PM me I'll add it and in future if you feel anything needs to be added please tag me in that post I shall update it.


1.Which app can control this kernel?

Use Synapse Trickster Mod, Devil Tools or Devil Kernel Manager


2. After flashing the kernel lost root what to do?

In case you loose root just flash Super SU


3. Any recommended settings to follow using Synapse?

at the beginning of the second post.


4. Method to save your configuration Synapse/TricksterMod?

thanks to @klurosu


5.How to overclock gpu?

You can use Synapse, trickster mod, devil tools or Devil Kernel Manager


6.My apps on sd card look like this and give me force close? My apps on external sd card have that android icon and force close any help please?

Go to play store and Reinstall affected app again and do a reboot, done. Don't mess/uninstall anything.
If you have titanium backup just restore specific affected app from it.and reboot your device

Thanks to @optimusPRIME


7.When i listen to music, and turn off the display, the phone uses only 1core of the CPU, and so the music is hanging for a 10th of a second or so in every 10-15 seconds. Probably because the load is too high for 1 CPU. Is this also happening to you guys ? Is there a good way to avoid this? I use the pegasusq governor. maybe i need to use a different one ?

Yes, sometimes pegasusq can cause this.
Switch your governor to either lukzactiveq or Zzmove to have good battery and no skipping music along with smooth performance.

I'll give the reason as to why this happens - Pegasusq is a governor designed to handle multicore systems only and it does an efficient job at the smoothness and battery life with those. But the problem is that it isn't designed to optimize and ramp up the single core systems properly so it tries to push the remaining core into deep sleep, which causes occasional stutter in many background tasks like music. Now for that you'll need a governor which can handle multicore and single core systems at the same time and efficiently, while many governors can do the job, but none is as smooth and optimized as pegasusq in a multicore system. Ondemand is suggested by many for the skipping music problem, but the problem with ondemand is that it was made for single to dual core systems only and this leads to lag and slower ramping of frequencies in a multicore system, but provides a battery life comparable to pegasusq.
While all of this might cause confusion for which governor to choose, lukzactiveq is optimized for more battery but smoothness at same time, and ramps up sliwer but preserves battery life when screen is on; while Zzmove ramps quickly and gives a more snappy experience, the battery life a a bit less.

So choose what you want and enjoy @KNIGHT97 thanks for the detailed explanation.


8. What is touch wake? or My Touch wake is not working?

It's a feature which will allow you to wake your device when it gets locked after screen timeout.
Try this unlock your device wait for it to auto lock not just tap on display and your device will wakeup no need to push the unlock key.


9. Video Camera stops recording?

Fix is: flash your desire rom...take a pic with your camera and a video...then reboot in recovery mode and install nadia kernel.
Thanks to @klurosu


10. How can I change cpu voltage with trickster mod???

Open trickster mod go to 4th screen. There you will find section mpu voltages. There you can change it. @mohit141785


11. By default the restriction settings in power saving mode are On even If the mode is Off.Remove CPU restriction and you will get normal work of the rom and better score.

Also try with different governors and I/O schedulers. Increase the SD cache to 1024 or 2048 (more than that has no effect and is wasted) and then try, it can sometimes give higher score in the storage I/O, which increases the total score too @KNIGHT97 thanks for the detailed explanation.


12. From where can I remove int.d script?

Go to /system/etc/init.d using any root based file manager and delete.
Note: There is an important one related to superSU and if you remove it by mistake you're gonna have trouble with root permissions. @KNIGHT97


13. My device doesn't show any reaction to undervolting (battery life is same as before) or gets unstable even on light undervolting?

Use Wanam Xposed and turn off DVFS or user DVFS Module(standalone) (dynamic voltage and frequency scaling), this feature was kept in touchwiz for benchmark boosting purposes and will confkict with any undervolting and custom governors because it scales the voltages and frequency on regular intervals and is framework integrated, so gets a higher priority than kernel based voltage and scaling controls.
For people who don't know what is DVFS please refer Wikipedia.
check @mattiadj thread for more details. @wanam @mattiadj @KNIGHT97


14. Can I use some performance scripts?

Yes, you can check @mat9v thread


15. Why is set on boot doesn't stick even though I have set it?

First make sure you have set on boot and set on boot notification enabled. If after a reboot you see this notification
Then set on boot was run.


16. Settings don't stick?

You might have scripts, other apps, or ROM settings override Synapse settings. In this case Set on boot delay might help if it's for settings at boot otherwise you need to track down and disable the app/ROM settings


17. If settings do not stick then the 2 most likely problems are

A1: If you're using chainsdd's superuser switch to koush's superuser or SuperSU.

A2: Make sure you are not using another tweaking app or your ROM has setting that overrides our boot configuration. In that case, “Set-On-Boot delay” feature might help.

Otherwise or if you still have problem, see below

A3: If your frequency settings don’t stick, it's because on certain Qualcomm or JB and higher devices, there are certain system services (thermald/mpdecision/project butter) or kernel service that rewrite frequency settings based on current thermal status and/or touch input. Certain custom kernels for your device should include work around for these issues. Unfortunately, it can't be fixed from app side.

A4: DON'T use a reboot app, they effectively force reboot your phone like a system crashes. If you really have to use it, then do it after the apply grace period or disable grace period by setting it to 0.

A5: You might have scripts, other apps, or ROM settings override Trickster MOD settings. In this case Set on boot delay might help.

A6: Don't force close the app (e.g. in Android Settings). It puts the app in a state that it can't start at boot until user starts the app normally again.

A7: Don't use app like Greenifier to greenify Trickster MOD. Doing so will prevent it to run at boot to apply Set-On-Boot.

A8: The Android BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast might be borked because of theme, mods, or after a few dirty flash. In this case reinstall ROM with a data wipe is needed. This solution is confirmed by our users and as this issue is because of deteriorating ROM with ORD, nothing we can do about it on our side.

A9: If it still doesn't work, please do in in app bug report using the option in the app menu right after Set on boot was run. You can enable Set on boot notification to know that.

Source: Trickster MOD FAQ.


18. Battery Saving Tip

Lux Auto Brightness


19. Detailed guide on Battery Calibration, Tips & Tricks to save battery.



20. I made a logcat but my file is empty. How I can "fix" it?

By default Android logger is disable. Go to Synapse > CPU DRIVERS and enable Logger Mode.
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22nd May 2014, 11:54 PM |#3  
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23rd May 2014, 12:31 AM |#4  
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Thanks. Custom kernels are one of the few reasons I'm still using my Note2.
By the way is it possible to implement the mdnie controls from Perseus or devil kernel ?
23rd May 2014, 12:37 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by darkchazz

Thanks. Custom kernels are one of the few reasons I'm still using my Note2.
By the way is it possible to implement the mdnie controls from Perseus or devil kernel ?

Yes in future release I'll implement new features.

Enviado desde mi GT-N7100 mediante Tapatalk
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23rd May 2014, 01:14 AM |#6  
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this is the first kernel for kitkat, tomorrow i will guive feedback. thanks for your release

after one day of use, really good

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23rd May 2014, 01:49 AM |#7  
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@Pafcholini can u add more cpu governor..btw nice kernel..smooth..😊

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23rd May 2014, 01:55 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Azhery

@Pafcholini can u add more cpu governor..btw nice kernel..smooth..😊

Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk

Yes, I'll add lulzactiveq, etc . Just give me a few days to do it.

PS: if I have time tomorrow I'll add some features and I'll upload the r2.

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23rd May 2014, 02:19 AM |#9  
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how about battery drain?
23rd May 2014, 02:48 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by guma55

how about battery drain?

Is early to say it but it looks good.

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23rd May 2014, 04:44 AM |#11  
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error: no automatic screen lock. XXUND4 version of Vietnam

Gửi từ GT-N7100 của tôi bằng cách sử dụng Tapatalk
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