Default ALL about galaxy music (GT-S6010/10L/12)

please hit thanks button to the people who have made this
correct me if i am wrong but all the models i.e GT-S6010/10L/12 are same as much as i know here are the links of things that have been made about this phone AND PLEASE HIT THANKS TO THE RESPECTIVE OWNERS OF THE THREAD
ONLY rooting and don't hurry as there is another method below which is easier but in case that doesnt work this will surely work here

UPGRADING YOUR PHONE TO LATEST STOCK FIRMWARE (STOCK) and ROOT here this will work but if the link provided to DOWNLOAD the FIRMWARE fails again and again as happend to me try here this is official one BUT YOU have to login

this is cwm recovery made for this device here
THIS is twrp recovery with SElinux support here

there is no custom rom for this device but if you are trying to make one this is the device tree link here

AND FINALLY HERE IS THE SOURCE CODE LINK by samsung which you can use to make roms from source codes just search for device model name i.e GT-S6010/10L/12 here