Audio [Q] Atrix WM8994 Amping Capabilities

Hello, I am going to buy an Atrix 4G or a LG 2X, but I am torn between the two. The thing that will be the final decision maker for me would be is if the Atrix is able to fully amp the wm8994.

As far as I know, (and as Supercurio said a while ago), the LG 2x isn't fully capable of driving it's wm8994 to it's max levels due to hardware limitations and poor implementation. Thus he limited voodoo sound to -3 (vs +5 on Galaxy S phones) on the 2x/G2x.

What I am curious is about is if the Atrix has the necessary hardware to properly amp to +5, just like the Galaxy S phones.

Thanks to anyone who chimes in!