Thumbs up [Q] LGP880 stuck and LG logo

Hey, xda-developers !

Here I will write everything I'd done with me phone that have put it into bootloop.

First I dropped it into shower. I qucikly put it out, and dried. It was working till the noon. Then after I was putting my phone into sleep (power button) it was hanging, and I had to pull the battery out and turn it on again. After several resets, I decided to do factory reset, and Install CM11 again, but I wasn't able to pass the "language choose" screen - my screen wasn't recognizing the bottom part of the screen. I mean I could choose my language but I couldn't click "next". Then after restart my phone is stuck at lg logo.

What I tried to do:

Install official LG .KDZ - still LG logo
Recover and update software with LG mobile support tool - still LG logo

I can't turn on my phone without being pluged in charger, I can't get into recovery, I only can get S/W UPDATE.

Do you have any thoughts how I can fix my phone?