Default [Q] Big problem with the battery, need help!

Hi all, i have a samsung galaxy s3 mini GT-I8190 with twrp recovery and cyanogenmod 11 installed on it ( i update it always on the latest version, so now is the 27/06 's one).
I have a big problem with the battery: in fact when i put the cable in the phone(with the original charger) sometimes it charges, sometimes not: or better, when i put the cable in it charges, but if i use the phone while charging and then i stop using it it doesnt charges anymore: it does like it's not connected. Moreover i have another problem: if i want to charge it when it's off, i connect it to the charger, but the phone stands of the little ring (it stoppes, doesnt move), the animation of the battery doesn't appear and so the phone doesnt charge: it freezes there and to made it restart i have to take off the battery.
Please to me it's a big problem i need your help guys! u are the best !