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User Review - Samsung Galaxy S III (I747) JTAG Brick Repair

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Thumbs up User Review - Samsung Galaxy S III (I747) JTAG Brick Repair

Hello community!

Today I would like to post a review of a great service I used: GS3 JTAG Brick Repair. As many members here, I consider myself an advanced user. I want more than what the stock phone offers and our amazing devs satisfy that urge. I've had no issues rooting my G2X in the past and did it for several friends who had the same phone. The GS3 was a different kind of beast for me. I felt confident when I was about to flash; I thought I did my homework... But then I made a BRICK. WTF?!? My heart dropped... I haven't even had this phone for a month!!! I voided my warranty and now this?!? FML....

What to do? Where to go for help? Buy another $600 phone?

After I wiped the snot and tears, I turned to Google. This is how I found MobileTechVideos. The service that I was in need of was the "Samsung Galaxy S III JTAG Brick Repair." But I was impressed to find out that MTV also provided " ROM / Root Upgrade Service:" Not only would MTV turn my brick back into a GS3 but they would complete what I had intended to accomplish in the first place! My complete order looked like this:

* JTAG Brick Repair
* ROM / Root Upgrade Service:
* Rush Processing
* USA Express Return Shipping
* I asked for ClockWorkMod and CM9 loaded

The total for my service came out to $105.00
I shipped my phone USPS priority with $700 insurance. Total: $15.35

I shipped on Aug 24th at 4:35 from Los Angeles. The phone arrived at JTAG Aug 26th. I received the phone at 10:30am on Aug 30th. Now that, my friends, is service. Yes, I know I paid for it but it went exactly as described on paper. I excitedly ripped open the package, popped in the battery and tried to start my phone... And tried again..... And again. I almost crapped myself.. WTF is going on?!?!? Ooooooooh... It helps to charge the battery... So 20min later, I powered my phone. Thank you JTAG! I was overjoyed to see my phone power up with CM9! All the crappy/expensive backup plans fled my mind. No more insurance claim.. No more buying another phone... No more adding another line, getting a GS3 for $150, transferring the number, suspending the new account and paying an additional $10/month for 2 years.


I would HIGHLY recommend the services of MobileTechVideos to anyone who is suffering from a hard bricked GS3 or just want a PRO to do the ROM / Root Upgrade Service. With an advertised price of $30 for the ROM / Root Upgrade Service, I will send all future phones to MobileTechVideos and save all headaches and give myself peace of mind that the phone WILL be rooted correctly the first time.

Now, for my ONLY gripe: return packaging. I would have liked to see my phone in more than just a padded envelope. I just picture the USPS workers playing "silent speed ball" with everything... If the phone was bubble wrapped and placed in a flat rated box, I would have felt better. The phone arrived without incident but this was the only aspect I have criticism for.

Thank you, JTAG, for an amazing service that saved my butt. I speak highly of your company to my friends and will recommend your services to anyone who is curious or needs your expertise.

I send **** to outer space.
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did you use a usb jib to get into dl mode or anything?
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Thanks for the review Alex. Expertzero, a JIG was no match for his situation as he had extensive bootloader damage...
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Default Great experience with MobileTechVideos brick restore

Same story from me -- bricked my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3. Dead, lifeless, very sad. Sent it in to Mobiletech with the request to simply restore the thing. Mailed it overnight on a Monday - it was back in my hands the very next THURSDAY, totally fixed. Price only $60, plus the $24 to mail overnight. (In addition, I requested the upgraded express fast service, and they didn't charge me for it.)

They do what they promise, and do it efficiently.
CZ Eddie
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I used mobiletech videos the other day for my d2att.

There was no option for using next-day service during checkout. I imagine the owner probably would have allowed this after emailing him, but I didn't try.

I sent it in by USPS priority on Saturday evening.
Got it back by USPS 1st class on Wednesday.
Keep in mind I live two hours from these guys. So USPS didn't have far to go.

For the life of me, I couldn't get my computer to see the phone with Odin afterwards.
I had to do a LOT of work on my computer to get Odin working with the phone, which was weird because I never had a problem before.
But who knows what that was all about.

Anyways, phone is doing great and I'm happy I only had to go five days without it (including weekend).
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[QUOTE=CZ Eddie;37555450]I used mobiletech videos the other day for my d2att.

There was no option for using next-day service during checkout. I imagine the owner probably would have allowed this after emailing him, but I didn't try.

Well, I was confused about the next-day (express) service. The place to request next day service is in the main order screen, where you check off all the services you require (root restore, brick repair, JAG order). One of the options in that long list of services is "rush service." It's different from most order forms, which place shipping options at the end of the order. That's why I missed it - but I just e-mailed the company and asked to be upgraded. And they upgraded me for no charge.

I really like this company.
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Thumbs up Agreed!

I had my Samsung Galaxy Note II repaired and unlocked. I'm in Canada and I was very impressed with how quickly they had me back up and running. My phone was double packed in padded envelopes on the way back to me too. Communication throughout the process was outstanding, even before I forked over any money. I definitely recommend MobileTechVideos to anyone in need of help.

Sidenote: I was able to root my phone successfully on my own a few weeks later, I was too stubborn to have them do it because I wanted to prove to myself I could handle it. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world, I am a novice when it comes to this stuff so my advice to anyone out there at my level of expertise is to let them do it and save yourself the headache and mini heart attacks as you pray you didn't screw up and brick your phone.

Great service all around. Can't thank you enough MTV.
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Thumbs up Great experience as well!!

While I didn't brick my phone like most everyone else where in the thread so far, I had trashed the IMEI somehow on my Cappy somewhere along the line of ROM flashes I did. I sent it in to MTV to have that fixed and also had them load the latest AoCP ROM onto the phone.

Long story short .... phone came back in perfect working order and I've flashed a later version of that same ROM on the phone myself (fixed a low memory issue that I noticed). It runs perfectly now and while not a daily driver, will prove to be a reliable backup!!

Thanks MTV!
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I didn't have as good an experience...

Had a Galaxy Tab what wouldn't boot, contacted them and decided its needed to have a boot from SD card option.. sent it in and they sent it back and everything worked ok,

Then I upgraded and decided to give my tab to my Mom, contacted them again to see if it was safe to factory reset due to the boot from SD thing, was told that it wasn't any problem, and I could do a factory reset..

I did one and it just sits at the logo and won't boot passed it, like it did before I sent it in the first time, contacted them again, they asked me how I did the reset, I replied,...

THEN the problem.... NO REPLY after that... That was months ago, I'm going to try again..

I don't want to have to pay AGAIN for it seeing as I asked if it was ok to do it before I tried it and they said it was good to go..
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Thumbs up mobile tech videos

Just wanted to post real quick for mobile tech videos.
If you ever have a phone that you think is un fixable give these guys a chance first !!!!! They are awsome ! I was putting custom roms on my htc one and soft bricked it and could not fix it to save my life ! They fixed it and runs like there was never ever a issue

so if you ever have a phone issue go to mobiletechvideos
you will not be disapointed.

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