Default [Q] Xperia T won't connect to pc (via usb)

My Xperia T won't connect to my PC anymore via USB.
It's also not charging when I plug it in, it used to work a few weeks ago.

The Xperia T is rooted and is using 9.1.A.1.145 Honami Experience v5.
Thing I've tried so far:
- Use MTP USB mode
- Use MSC USB mode
- Enable USB debugging in developer settings
- Tried a different USB cable (both cables work with my Windows Phone)
- Tried a laptop instead of a pc
- Reset the phone to factory settings
- Installed PC Companion, which is also not detecting the phone
- Tried installing the Sony sa0105 driver manually, which says: "device not started"

When I power off my phone and connect it with my PC, the screen lights and it shows Sony and Xperia a little while after that.
Then it power's off again and repeats the Sony -> Xperia screens.

Anybody got a suggestion how to fix this?