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OP mrjraider

28th July 2013, 08:39 PM   |  #1  
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Hi all,

We all have a nice signature under our posts we place here on XDA. However these are characters limited and sometimes you want to put more information in it.
I got this idea from another thread here on XDA so. Place your post here and you can put a link that refers to here so you can post all your work, contribution etc in your signature.

How do you do this:
1: create a post. Fill it with the text, links etc you want
2: press the numer (example #5)
3: Copy the url
4: Go to edit signature
5: Type text, select it and edit it by clicking and past the url. Press OK and save your signature
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28th July 2013, 08:45 PM   |  #2  
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Smile Ma stuff
Threads for Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001

Special Thread for the Developers of the Samsung Galaxy S Plus Section:
Threads for Sony Xperia SP C530x
Other threads

Current Device I use: Sony Xperia SP C5303
Devices I maintain at home: Huawei Acend P6 x2, LG E610 x2, Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-I9001) and Samsung Galaxy Ace (S5830)
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6th August 2013, 04:02 PM   |  #4  
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Nice idea

Moved to general so more users should see/use it
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7th August 2013, 10:07 PM   |  #5  
Post More About Me:

My Works:

My Devices:
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9th August 2013, 09:25 PM   |  #6  
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Guys this will help you with making big signatures
19th August 2013, 05:29 AM   |  #7  
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Sign You , YES! you are an Android.
For XDA :

[All in One] Android Rescue & Recovery

Having a problem with your Android? [Tutorial][A.I.O. Rescue & Recovery] My Android Solutions. [Help & Troubleshooting]
Need a Tool or Software or Firmware for your Device? [Toolkit][A.I.O Rescue & Recovery] My Android Collection
Looking for a Guide on "How to"? My Directory (yellow Pages)
A Guide on EMMC & SD cards. [Tutorial][A.I.O Rescue & Recovery] My Secure Digital (SD card) Storage
How to Solve USB problems? [Tutorial] How to resolve micro USB connection problems [unknown USB device][code 43]
How to Solve EFS problems
How to Solve SD card Problems
How to fix SMS message not sent
How to fix NO Data, No Network, edge, 3G
Why my IMEI missing?

For Korean Galaxy S

Exclusively for M110S Galaxy S PIT STOP
i9000 or M110S scam exposed
How to Root Anycall SHW M110S
How to Flash Jelly Bean on Samsung Anycall Galaxy S ( SHW M110S )
How to Flash and UNBRICK Samsung Anycall Galaxy S ( SHW M110S )
Unbricking the Korean Galaxy S [SHW M110S]
[Tutorial] How to flash Kit Kat on Korean Galaxy S / M110S using Kit Kat Patch

For Korean Devices

How to Root Korean Phones
How to Root and Flash Galaxy S Hoppin ( SHW M190S )
How to Root and Flash Galaxy A ( SHW M100S )

Samsung Device Tools

Samsung Flashers - Odin3 and Odin Multi Downloader Collections
Samsung Format utility
Samsung Technician Manual

For i9000 & i9001

[Tutorial] How to Unbrick, Flash, Downgrade, Root, Update i9000 from Froyo to Kit Kat
[MOD][SD card switching] Vold.fstab files modified versions for Galaxy series
How to Flash in CWM CM 7.2, CM 9 or CM 10
[FAQ][Discussion][Reviews] Kit Kat 4.4 / CM 11 for Galaxy S & S Plus [i9000][i9001]


[Patent Wars][REF] Here we go again Android
[INFO][Who is Spying & Monitoring you] Google removes privacy feature from Android .
[Suggestions & Solutions] Your Idea / wish
[INFO] Banned for cheating on benchmarks
[Tutorial] How to say Thank You?
[OT][Events & Festivities] Greetings, Warm Wishes & Condolences

Must watch :-

Compare your Phone with any other

and you can learn more by using the WIKI , Android Layman Terms or Glossary or Wikipedia for guidance about your phone.

Use XDA Search, XDA user Guide, XDA Forum Rules or the XDA Mantra to understand and participate in this forum. XDA Contacts Form.

How to say Thank you?
If you find a particular post is helpful, please click on the Thanks button
If you are using XDA App or Tapatalk, long press on the post and select Thanks
Its easier to give "Feedback" in this manner than make an additional post.


For mankind:-

"To instigate changes toward democracy a situation has to be created for a certain period where the leader is sufficiently
in control to rule out influences he does not want and to manipulate the situation to a sufficient degree"

Kevin Lewis - 1948[/CENTER]

Situations have always been created to create wars and wars are created to loot, plunder, make profits and religious intolerance/ subjugation.
xsenman 2013

Every detail about you, your personal life and your contacts, communications can now be retrieved by those who have the technology to do so or the money to purchase such a technology already available in the market. Indeed we can soon be managed like an Android

If you think this is absurd , you may want to read these posts Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Here | Here

In short you are "only" an Android being controlled by a select few behind the scenes and your PC, Smartphone and Personal Communications will be used to track your movements.

" Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past "
George Orwell 1984

meaning the people in power today can edit and rewrite the past thereby altering the future
View these documentaries for better Insight as to how much you are an Android.
" Knowledge is POWER" as " Information is vital for our Growth" &
"Prevention is better than a Cure"
yet most of it is being systematically blocked from being accessed or viewed. so undermentioned documentaries may be difficult to download or get stuck for long periods. This undermentioned links had been changed from to by unknown persons for obvious reasons (blocking them from loading ) so today ( 11th August 2014) I changed them back from (Last edited by xsenman; 1st April 2014 at 11:11 AM.)
Terms and Conditions that we agree to Must watch for all Smartphone users, Android or Apple
State of Mind The.Psychology.of.Control
The Illuminati Series
How did we miss this
End of the Road - How money became worthless

" The US Government has a technology, called a printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent),
that allows it to produce as many US.dollars as it wishes at no cost. "
Ben Bernanke. Nov. 21, 2002 (Current Chairman of the Federal Reserve )
CIA Experiments
How to make money selling Drugs
Adolf Hitler ,The Greatest Story Never Told
Build Me Up Break Me Down
Earth our Home
Hashish Connection
A Danger to the World
One Nation under Lee
The Four Horseman
Bitter Seeds Capitalism caused suicides
How to create a slut? Capitalism caused Immorality
Hookers at the Point
The Turning Point
The Coca Cola Case Capitalism caused Murder
More than Honey
The weight of Chains
Wiki Rebels
Reel Bad Arabs Criminalizing an entire civilization
Dirty Wars 2013
Iraq's Secret War Files 2010
Final Solution (2003,2004) [BANNED - Indian Documentary on Gujart

Yes! lets plan to kill , everyone you meet?

A true revolution of values will lay hand on the world order and say of war,
“This way of settling differences is not just.”
This business of burning human beings with napalm ... cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice, and love.
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., April 4, 1967

will be updated
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2nd September 2013, 07:36 PM   |  #8  
Post Sony Ericsson Themes
Sony Ericsson 176x220 Xperia Themes:
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8th May 2014, 12:16 PM   |  #10  
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My humble work on Xda:


OFFICIALLY Maintained By Me!:

[Xperia Z1] [ROM][4.4.4][OFFICIAL][KTU84Q] SlimKat - Honami [Build 7][+ Weeklies]

[Xperia Z1C] [ROM][4.4.4][OFFICIAL][KTU84Q] SlimKat - Amami [Weeklies]

[Xperia ZU] [ROM][4.4.4][OFFICIAL][KTU84Q] SlimKat - Togari [Build 7][+ Weeklies]

[Xperia Z1C] [ROM][Z1C][OFFICIAL][4.4.4] ParanoidAndroid 4.6-BETA4 [10/09]

[Xperia Z1C] [4.4.4] [OFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth v3.2 Beta - Amami

[Xperia ZU] [4.4.4] [OFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth v3.2 Beta - Togari

[Xperia Z1] [Honami] AICP - 6.0 - KK 4.4.4_r2 | OFFICIAL NIGHTLIES

[Xperia Z1C] [Amami] AICP - 6.0 - KK 4.4.4_r2 | OFFICIAL NIGHTLIES

[Xperia Z1C] [OFFICIAL][amami][4.4.4-R2][1.3.7] AOSB Project - Run Over The Limit ! [Sep-09]

[Xperia Z1] [4.4.2][OFFICIAL][LINARO] Resurrection Remixฎ KitKat v5.1.5 - Honami [14/06/17]

[Xperia Z1C] [4.4.2][OFFICIAL][LINARO] Resurrection Remixฎ KitKat v5.1.5 - Amami [14/06/17]

Unofficially Compiled From Sources:

[Xperia Z1] [4.4.4][Unofficial] OMNI ROM Builds - Honami [2014-09-23]

[Xperia Z1C] [4.4.4][Unofficial] OMNI ROM Builds - Amami [2014-09-23]

[Xperia Z1C] [4.4.4][Z1C] Carbon Rom Unofficial - Amami [Weekly][2014/10/22]

[Xperia Z1C] [4.4.3][19/06] **C-RoM** v7.0 (PIE|AppBar|OmniSwitch|FloatingWindow)

[Xperia Z1C] [4.4.4_r2][From Source] SONIC OPEN KANG PROJECT ROM [SOKP][2014-07-26]

Ported / Based On Stock:

[Xperia Z1C] [KK][PORTED] XenonHD & BeanStalk (2014/05/11)

[Galaxy Tab 8.9] [ICS][Stock-Based][P7300/P7310][LQJ/LPV]U PLUS+!!!! [30/7/2014]

[Galaxy Tab 8.9] [4.4.4][P7300/P7310][PORT] Nameless (19-07-2014) & Omni (26-07-2014)

[Galaxy Tab 8.9] [4.3.1/4.4.4][P7300/P7310][PORT] CM 10.2&11.0 / SGT7 [Feb-23/Jul-17]


[Xperia Z1C] [Sony KK] Get quick settings back on kitkat in notification drop down

[Xperia Z1C] [KK/JB] Radio Without Headset (Turn on FM radio without headset plugged in)

[Xperia Z1C] [Sony KK] Remove "Swipe to unlock" text from lockscreen for Sony KK framework

[Galaxy Tab 8.9] [CyanogenMod][P7300/P7310][4.3.1/4.2.2] TabletUI on CyanogenMod [2014.01.04]

[All Devices] [KK] Photosphere Camera For KitKat ROMs [Gapps Nexus 5]


[Xperia Z1C] [Z1C] UNOFFICIAL DooMKernel [v22][Stock KK .757/.108]

[Xperia Z1C] [CM-based] Pimped Kernel (Light/Full)[Includes Many Great Features][14/10/12]

[Galaxy Tab 8.9] [ICS] Extra Kernel Beta [Stock TW]

[Galaxy Tab 8.9] [ICS]UPlus+ Kernel [Stock TW]


[Galaxy Tab 8.9] [COMPILATION] Roms, Kernels, Root/Recovery, Add-ons/Mods (17-06-2014)
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