Unhappy [Q] HTC Sense to CM 11S

Hi Guys,

I recently got my hands on the OnePlus One. I was using a HTC one X for the last year or two and I have been having a nightmare trying to transfer my contacts.

With HTC scene my contacts are all in order and each contact has there FB/Twitter/Whatsapp linked together under the same contact. Now when exporting my contacts and reimporting them to CM11s the contacts are not in order. some of my contacts which have more than one tel number are separate and duplicating each other..its all just a mess and obviously i have lost the flexibility of grabbing contact images from their social account and putting them on the contacts thumbnail.

Is there anyway for me to fix the above? what's the best way to take my HTC contacts and import them into CM 11S.

I have currently deleted all my contacts of the OPO cos it was annoying me so much so any help would help massively! thanks.