Default Sudden death syndrome???

My s3 started randomly rebooting so I flashed a new more stable Rom.I haven't used the phone since the m7 came out so figured things needed updating. Still kept getting random reboots. Now I have a bigger issue, if the battery dies or the phone is turned off then the phone will completely act dead, no lights when plugged in to any charger, no charge animation, nothing. It will not power on. I've tried every button combination known, nothing works It just will suddenly power on one random time when you hit the power button, could be minutes, hours, even days later.At first I thought it was totally dead. Took the battery out for a day then put it back in and bam booted up like nothing had happened. Well it does this every time it's powered off completely or the battery drains. However you can do a restart a hundred times and it boots fine. I thought maybe flashing firmware would solve it but it hasn't. I'm wondering if this is sds failure? Is there a fix for the Verizon version? I am out of warranty and Samsung wants to charge an arm and a leg for repair.
Things I've done: new oem battery, different roms, Odin firmware (rt66), tested power button.
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