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Talking [APP] SpeakToIt Virtual Assistant (Siri KILLER)

15th October 2011, 04:14 PM |#1  
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The Siri Killer!

Hey Guys! I'm sure you are all aware about Apple's newly developed Siri for the iPhone. Well, there is an APP on the Android Market that is still in development but it shows a lot of promise. It's called SpeakToIt Assistant and the market link is:

The apk link is:

With QR code:

The latest version of the app is able to change its voice into Male/Female from UK and US!!! Also another feature that puts Siri to shame is that you have AVATARS! And you can create your own, from an old man to a hot chick
There is also a function to create your own avatars, from scratch such as an Anime Avatar or a human portrait etc!

This project has passed the deadline on KickStarter but it is still being developed as we speak. If you guys are still interested, the Assistant's Official website has a Paypal Donate button, so go take a look and remember, even a dollar counts

There is also an Official Blog and the link is:

Here is the YouTube App review link:

Update 1:

This is from the developers' page:

"In the course of the project we plan to release the following features:
1. Working with alarms and reminders, improved calendar integration
2. Reading your messages for you
3. New styles of avatars to choose and a serious look for serious businessmen
4. Option to change Assistant's voice
5. Starting the Assistant by voice command
6. Integration with more services including table reservations, bookings, taxis, etc."


Just confirmed that Multi-Language support will become available in the future!

Update 3:

Updates of this project can also be viewed on my Blog:

Update 4:

If you cannot use the mic on SpeakToIt Assistant, make sure to have installed Google Voice Search. It is needed in order to hear what you are saying. Here is the market link:

Update 5:

Just got some news from the developers:

1. The weather for tomorrow works already. As for other days, it's being worked on.
2. The weather service we're using may not have information for some locations. We're working on this problem too.
3. Thanks for your concern. We're not going to stop development. But the money raised on Kickstarter would help us to work on the new features faster.

SO basically, weather and location are being worked on right now. The app will not be discontinued if the budget on Kickstarter is not met. The money will be used to speed up the process to get a complete version of the app! So don't worry about it being taken off the market

Update 6:

You guys can support me by clicking on the ads on my blogs. I thank you in advance! BTW you DO NOT need to enter any personal info, simply clicking on the ads would work!

Update 7:

Some issues right now for which I have already informed the developers about:

1. Have better recognition with apps installed, eg Go SMS shows up as GO S M S at the moment.
2. Learn how to search whole terms instead of individual terms, eg "Moby Dick" instead of "Moby" and "Dick" < Considered as profanity
3. Android service support such as GPS turning on when maps in opened
4. Android places integration such as Home, turn wifi on, Work, turn to airplane mode etc

Update 8:

From the developers mouth, I present:

"The next update will have alarm skill, a lot of bug fixes, and some more features."

Not that much detail but the word update seems nice!

Update 9:

Multiple OS support coming soon! Such as:
iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Bada and tablets!

Update 10:
You can go to the market and get the latest update!

Update 11:

So the developers are working real hard and they are aiming to have SpeakToIT to be able to choose specific sources and services for your commands!
Examples: "Listen to Breaking Benjamin", won't play it on the stock music player but on Power Amp and "What is the weather like?", the source will be from etc

Hope it arrives soon!

Update 12:

Some people have had time issues. Well,the latest update worked for many people but still, some time zones aren't working perfectly, so the developers are working on fixing the time issue at the moment.

Update 13:

A second market update has been released, make sure to get it!

Update 14:

The latest update supports Tablets! So pull out your Transformer, Iconia or Galaxy tab and install it!

Update 15:

Go to the market and download the latest version of STI. I have tried "What is the weather like?" and the correct weather was displayed! Make sure to try it out and tell me if there are any issues.

Update 16:

Latest update of STI is able to set alarms for you! Additional work on weather has also been made. Bugs and glitches have been reduced therefore less Force Closes.

Update 17:

The devs said: "We're planning a major news skill revamp in the future. It'll be awesome!"

So the revamp will further enhance each skill such as Search, which will grab the whole group of keywords instead of each individual word, Play will allow the user to specify which player etc

Hope the update comes soon!

Update 18:

Took awhile for this one lol

Anyways, this time around the devs answered a couple questions:

Voice activation: They are working on the handsfree version of STI so that you can start and stop it anytime by a simple voice command like " Hey Sam, could you tell me where the closest bus stop is at?"

"What is my location?" command :
"We use the location information provided from the phone such as GPS when on and if off we use cellular networks."

Multi language support: "Will be available. But we can't say when exactly. Sorry."

And lastly, they are working on a bunch of features right now so we should just wait patiently and see what is to come.

Update 19!!!

Finally got some awesome news! This is the new feature for the Maps function on SpeakToIt. I have below the word to word quote from the Devs:
"We've just released a new little feature that so many people asked about. It's just the very first version and we really need your feedback and suggestions.

So, we call it Maps Shortcuts. You save a shortcut and then can ask the Assistant to show it on the map or even navigate to that address or point on the map.

For the trial version, you can use 3 predefined shortcuts: home, work, parking. Here is how they work.

Save address
My home address is ___
I work at ___

Save exact location
I live/work/parked here

See it on the map
Where do I live
Where do I work
Where is my car

Navigate there
I wanna go home
Navigate to work

If you like it, we'd be happy to hear about this. If you don't like, please tell why. If you think there should be more ways to say such phrases, please share your ideas with us."

Update 20:

Hello Folks! Got a new update on the Market (November 18th 2011) and it includes a bunch of bug fixes, better Calendar skill management which will allow you to use different apps and integrate it with STI. You will also be able to set up future events! The biggest change was the Alarm Skill upgrade. The Alarm skill is has more artificial intelligence now so if you say "Going to sleep. Wake me up in 2hrs." Sam will set the alarm for you. Now it is more natural when you use it.

Don't forget to post your ideas and issues! I will contact the Devs and try to get the solution!

Update 21:

Hey there! The Devs just announced that one of the biggest features they'll be working on soon is the ability for Sam to be able to learn things. The App will be able to do Active Listening thus being able to understand words and not just plain keywords and also Active Learning, so you could teach Sam your preferences, or your personal words and expressions.

Crazy Update:
GUYS! Go to the Market and update your Assistant. Sam is able to change voices now with a very human like Male and Female from the US and UK. The voices come from the iVoice function under the settings tab. Sam's skill set has been improved drastically. She is perfectly able to lock in locations such as Home and Work. Additionally her skills for the Navigation as a whole has improved. Lastly better calendar integrity and scheduling.

Here is the Market link:

Check it out and tell me if there are any new ideas and issues!

Update 22:

Hello folks! You can create your own avatar now! So that means you can draw it out, use Photoshop or use a real life person's portrait etc. Here are the instructions from the Devs:

The avatar should consist of the following images:

normal.png (required)
surprised png

So, if you don’t need any emotions for your Assistant you can have only one image, which should be in the file normal.png.

Remember! All file names should be in lowercase. They must be in PNG image format with transparent background. Recommended height is 500px.

The file should have only one line. It will change the voice of the Assistant, if you use iSpeech voices:

After you get all the files ready, you need to archive them in ZIP format and change the extension of the archive from .zip into .stheme.

To install the avatar you can upload the file on the website, from where you can get later it via your mobile browser. Or just send it via email to yourself and download the file.

Here is the official Thread for this awesome function:

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15th October 2011, 05:48 PM |#2  
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Thumbs up

support for other languages planed in the future?

with friendly greet

15th October 2011, 06:16 PM |#3  
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Well, it is still in development, so I am unaware of multi language support yet, but i sent a message to the developer and let's see what he says. I will keep the post updated as soon as new features are released


Yes I confirmed from the developer and here is the message:

"Yes, we're planning multiple languages for the Assistant.

If you have more questions, you're always welcome to ask us on our forum or via email

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16th October 2011, 05:11 PM |#4  
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this is cool-will posting in our mod thread for more testers.
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16th October 2011, 09:44 PM |#5  
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Speaktoit Assistant not working on Epic 4g
So I got the Speaktoit Assistant app from the market and I love it. The only problem that I have is that I can't hear when the assistant talks back. So doing some research, I found out that I needed to download a synthesizer or something. I downloaded it and when I try to open it, it just force closes. Could somebody help me with this? Im probably late finding out about this, but is the Epic unable to do talk to speech?

Sent from my SPH-D700 using XDA App
16th October 2011, 09:48 PM |#6  
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Hey There! Don't worry I had such a problem. First uninstall the assistant, install SVOX Classic, choose a specific Voice, then install the assistant again. Keep me updated if it still doesn't resolve the problem
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16th October 2011, 09:50 PM |#7  
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Very good app, but what would be Great is if you could put some jokes in there, It would entertain me while driving :P, I love this application, Has potential.
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16th October 2011, 10:00 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by iasookia

Hey There! Don't worry I had such a problem. First uninstall the assistant, install SVOX Classic, choose a specific Voice, then install the assistant again. Keep me updated if it still doesn't resolve the problem

Do I have to buy a voice? Pico isn't working for me.
16th October 2011, 11:11 PM |#9  
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I've installed this app on my Orange Boston and I've to admit it works like a charm. I'm looking forward to see the multi-language support but still, it's great. Good job guys!
16th October 2011, 11:38 PM |#10  
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Has anyone figured out how you send a text to a specific contact? And to include the text you want to send?
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