Thumbs up Copilot Live Wizard & 8525

Not sure if anyone has experienced this on the Tytn/8525...

Since purchasing my 8525, I have transferred the Copilot Live 6 software & license to my 8525 and noticed one big difference. The "Amplify Speech Volume" setting under Settings>Guidance is enabled by default and I believe its not needed on the 8525. With this enabled the turn-by-turn directions sound distorted at the end of the message. I didn't have this problem on the Wizard with the setting enabled. I bring it up as I'm sure others will have this issue and not know what to do, and cause I know some will not bother to read the product documentation and look for answers here.

I had originally installed Copilot Live on my Wizard and think that this is one of the best PPC GPS solutions out there. Rreal-time Traffic was not available everywhere at the time of my purchase but because it was a free add-on so I ordered it anyways, and it worked great in California. Their site now states that the feature is enabled Nationwide. Live tracking works great too.

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