Exclamation SEARCH XDA-Developers Using GOOGLE

Search XDA-DEVELOPERS using Google
(already setup to search XDA-Developers only. TIP: adding your phone name (e.g. Hermes) as one of the search words helps to limit results. You can also easily find posts by a specific user - enter user name followed by search words)
Search the WIKI using Google
(already setup to search XDA-Developers WIKI only. WIKI = Categorised library of useful facts and information)
.Search ENTIRE INTERNET using Google
Search using the Internet Explorer or FireFox XDA search Plugin

Open the WIKI
.Search using Forum's own Search facility
Forum search does not work on words of less than 4 letters

Remember that Google takes some hours to "crawl" sites for new info. so results will not show the absolute latest posts.

or US Cingular updates
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