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Schap's WM6 Pro 4.20 ROMs

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Schaps is too fast on these roms...he's keeping this forum cooking! Looks like a great touch rom... I'll report back after trying it.
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Possible bug, when I click on the camera icon within camera album screen I get a message "Unable to start Camera. Camera device is in used." (wrong grammar?) I checked the task manager and nothing is running.
Super Bright icon in the launcher screen doesn't work.
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Default Rom Limited Test Results

I have used this rom since it was released, which I guess is all week. I ran it for the first 24hrs with just my contacts and diary so I could at least function, from a business perspective.

The rom on its own is very quick, including load-up times. First problem I noticed was the in-call volume issue which is covered elsewhere in this thread.

Next issue I noticed was with the Ftouchflo tool which, no matter which suggestion I used from here, I could not get to disable. The upshot of this was I could not use the cube I was running from Kona_Mtbkr, which was a pain for me as I could not continue the tests I have been undertaking on the beta cube.

I then loaded up all my applications and ran the rom over the next few days. Once fully loaded I noticed that the rom was nowhere near as fast as it was within the first 24hrs with minimum apps. However this is not an issue particular to this rom; it seems to affect all MS roms that I have used.

I noticed a number of other minor but irritating issues, e.g duplicate icons when 3G was connected. I did not test some of the applications that come built into the rom, e.g HTC Home as I used other applications to give me the same functionality. I find HTC Home a rather crude tool/app launcher.

I didn't get round to fully testing the battery issue; however it seemed as if battery consumption had not improved significantly since users started to complain about this issue in 4_01.

I am not clear whether this rom is meant to be a test rom or final version; however there seem to be a number of issues identified within this thread that need to be addressed.

As usual the number of apps included with the full version of this rom is mind boggling. You certainly get "value for money"!

This rom has potential, and continues Schaps theme of producing robust and innovative roms. However it needs polishing and a further version released.

I actually only loaded this version rom because I was looking forward to Schaps incredible purple cube. However as it won't be ready for some time I have reverted back to version 4_01 for now.

I'm looking forward to a revised version being released with the cube, either integrated or as a separate cab.

In the meantime please support Schaps work by donating. Mine is being done straight after this. Also could the person who offered a free Hermes to Schaps please contact him by PM to sort?

I understand that it is pretty difficult for Schaps to get a clear view of issues and problems as he doesn't have a device to test on.


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Originally Posted by ilogik View Post
Possible bug, when I click on the camera icon in within camera album screen I get a message "Unable to start Camera. Camera device is in used." (wrong grammar?) I checked the task manager and nothing is running.
Fully working for me, tryed also to use more programs running and to run
camera before camera album.
bye J.
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Post the CUBE dude!
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Originally Posted by 1970mueller View Post
Post the CUBE dude!
+1 xDDDDD cant wait to get it.. it looks really cool!
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Smile Thanks Schap's

for another brilliant update to your series of roms

having a small problem with screen tap sound not working in sound settings, anyone else had the same problem? its nothing major just like to know when ive tapped something, I could easily live without it, just thought I would report it though.

again nice one Schap's
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Thumbs up Brilliant!

Loaded and testing. Will post any issues as I discover them

* Large Start Menu showing only the icon...font disappears. See here ~
* Cannot disable the FTouchFLO w/o getting the following error ~ If I follow the instructions on this error FTouchFLO is still running after a reboot.
* I tried to "Align Screen" because my menu bars were running sluggish...even after I changed them back from "Thin scroll bars" in Advanced Config. The 8525 hangs on the align screen until I power off/on quickly. I believe this to be related to FTouchFLO having control of my screen.
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Any instructions on replacing the purple contacts images with the black ones? The files there, but when I try to copy them it won't let me over write the old ones.


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