Question Contacts not synching on 2nd PC

I have set up 3 relationships:
  • Home PC (WXP, AS45)
  • Exchange service (
  • Work PC (WXP, AS45)

My home PC syncs fine, Exchange works fine, but on my work PC I first got several empty Contacts in Outlook (which were then synced back to the phone) and now after deleting them, AS shows all of my 87 contacts are in sync, but I don't see any single one of them in Outlook.

Adding a new contact on Desktop works: the contact gets synced to the phone.

Adding a contact on the Phone, doesn't work: an empty contact shows up in Outlook...

Anyone else had such problems? Any solution?

Google Nexus 5: Android 4.4.4, KTU84P [ART]
Google Nexus 10: Android 4.4.4, KTU84P [Dalvik]
SE Xperia X10 mini: Android 4.1.2, MiniCM10-4.1.0-20130518-NIGHTLY (JZO54K)

Accessories: Jabra Rox, Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2