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ROM Flashing FAQ for Newbies - Please read first [Updated: 2008/02/22]

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By bmueller77, Senior Member on 5th January 2008, 08:30 PM
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To prevent new users asking the same questions again and again, i decided to write this little FAQ and introduction about ROM flashing.

To all of you who are new to ROM flashing: Don't mind to ask, we all will help you if possible, but you should understood that it is annoying when the same question is asked 20 times a week. So please first search, then ask. Thank you.

If someone finds an error please do not post it, just send me a pm and I will correct it. Additional FAQ entries will be added regulary. If someone likes me to add a question, please send the question and the answer to me via PM and i will add it asap.

Thank you to the whole community, because without all of your information, this FAQ could not be possible.

If you are new to ROM flashing, please read this thread. It will give you information about your device and a short introduction on how to flash another ROM to your phone.

Below you will find the ROM flashing FAQ and the Introduction to ROM flashing.

Please feel free to add links to this thread to your signature using the following code:


[b][url=]ROM flashing FAQ[/url][/b]
[b][url=]Introduction to ROM flashing[/url][/b]

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5th January 2008, 08:30 PM |#2  
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ROM flashing FAQ
ROM flashing FAQ:

Q: What is a ROM?
A: A ROM contains the operating system and often additional software which can be “installed” to your mobile device. Most ROM’s provided by the chefs (people who create cutomized ROM’s) just contain the operating system and additional applications. Shipping ROM’s (ROM’s provided by the manufacturer or official providers) also contain a Radio ROM and a bootloader.
Please notice: A ROM can ONLY be flashed to a device it is made for.

Q: What is a bootloader?
A: A bootloader contains information about your device. It is quite similar to a computer’s BIOS. Official bootloader also have a security option called CID (Carrier-ID) which allows you just to install ROM’s from the provider of your phone. So, if you want to flash another ROM, you first have to turn off this security option by “CID-unlocking” your device. Check the flashing instructions below on how to do this.

Q: What is a Radio ROM?
A: The Radio ROM contains the drivers for the communication devices of your phone. Some ROM’s need one or more specific Radio ROM’s to work properly. Usually the chef, who created the ROM recommends a Radio ROM. But don’t mind, if your Radio Rom does not match, you can always flash another without needing to flash the ROM containing the Operating System (OS) again.
You can check the version of your Radio ROM when you click Start > Settings > System > Device Information or booting your device (there will appear three lines of red text. The Radio ROM version is the number after the R:.
You can download Radio ROM's at the xda-developers FTP-Server in the Uploads/Kaiser/Radio-Folder. Username and password are both 'xda'. To install it, download, extract and execute it. Then follow the instructions on your screen. Flashing a Radio does not delete any files on your device's ROM.
To choose the perfect Radio ROM for you check this thread.

Q: What means CID(-unlock)?
A: All known providers add a Carrier ID to their devices. This CID is added to prevent a device being flashed with a ROM which is not from the provider and/or not designed for your device. Be sure to brick your Kaiser, if you try to flash a ROM designed for a Wizard.
To flash other ROM's, you have to unlock the CID. If you flash another ROM on a CID-locked device, the new ROM will not work properly.

Q: What means SIM-Unlock?
A: Lots of providers want to bind their customers. So they add a SIM-Lock to their devices with only allows to use SIM-Cards using their networks. If you want to use a SIM-Card from another provider, you need to SIM-unlock your device. This can be done by contacting the phone's provider (paid & sometimes free), using a service like, or using Jockyw2001's Kaiser SIM Unlocker.

Q: Can I brick my phone by flashing a ROM?
A: To be true… YES. But if you follow all instructions, it is quite implausible that your device bricks.

Q: Does flashing affect the warranty of my device?
A: Yes, but, as long as your device can be flashed again, you will find some help at jcespi2005's thread where you can find dumped original ROMs.

Q: What can I do, if i gain problems with the ROM i flashed to my device?
A: First of all you should inform the creator by posting in the ROM's thread if the problem is not described yet. Then you should wait for an update/fix or, if the issue is a showstopper for you, try another ROM.

Q: Which is the best/fastest/... ROM?
A: Nobody can answer you this properly. There are nearly daily new ROM's here and everybody has different demands to a ROM. If you want to know, which fits best for you, read the ROM description and try the ROM('s). Only you can decide, which ROM is the best (for you).

Q: I own an AT&T Tilt. After flashing another ROM, my hardkeyboard does not work properly.
A: AT&T uses another keyboard layout than HTC. To fix this, install the tilt keyboard You can download it at Dutty's Kaiser CAB Collection.

Q: What is the difference between a hardreset and a softreset?
A: A softreset reboots your device. A hardreset sets all settings back to the ROM's defaults. All of your data, settings and additionally installed programs will be deleted.

Q: What are *.CAB-files and/or how do i use them?
A: Cab-files for WINCE-Devices are different to the files you may have seen (e.g. on your Windows Installation CD). They do not only contain files but also installation information similar like a MSI package. To install them, just copy the *.cab to your Mobile Device and run it from there. Most shipped ROMs delete cab-files after executing, most cooked do not. To be sure, check the registry. If HKLM\Software\apps\Microsoft Application Installer\nDynamicDelete = 0 (DWORD decimal), cab-Files will not be deleted after execution.

Q: I have questions which are not described in this FAQ. What shall i do?
A: First of all search the forum and the wiki ( Maybe the question has been already answered. If you don't find an answer, create a new thread. As i know from experience, the community will always try to help you as soon as possible.
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5th January 2008, 08:32 PM |#3  
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Introduction to ROM flashing
Introduction to ROM flashing

These are the steps on how to flash your device the first time:

1: CID-unlock your device by following the instructions at pof's HTC Kaiser Hard-SPL v1 - CID Unlock & Flash any ROM to your device (4 free)-thread
This needs to be done to flash a ROM to your device which is not created from your provider (or HTC if you own a device with HTC branding).
Additionally you may check persianowns Kaiser HardSPL Walkthrough Video.
If you are running in a white screen running HardSPL, please read this thread.

2: Search this forum for the ROM, you like to flash. Then download and, if needed, extract it.

3. Check, if your Radio-ROM matches the new ROM. If you don't find any information in the ROM's thread don't mind. You can update your Radio ROM later if you gain any problems.

4. Make sure, your devices battery status is NOT LESS than 50%.

5. Connect your device to your computer and wait until activesync/Windows Mobile Device Center recognizes it

6. Last chance to synchronize and/or backup files. All files and databases will be deleted after performing the next step!
(Optional: If you want to save your text messages and/or eMails, use a tool like DotFred's PIM Backup.)

7. Execute the .exe file you downloaded with the ROM.

8. Follow the instructions and DO NOT disconnect your device until flashing is finished.

9. Disconnect your device from your computer.

10. You need to delete the old activesync/Windows Mobile Device Center partnership, because it thinks, your device is not the same as before... and it is right ^^. Deleting an old partnership is only possible, if the device is not connected.
(Optional) If you want to change the name of your device, do that now by clicking Start > Settings > System > About > Device ID. Enter the new name of your device and click on Ok.

11. Connect your device to your computer, create a new partnership and synchronize. Then configure your device to your needs and if needed install additional software.

Congratulations! You succeed flashing your device!
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5th January 2008, 11:12 PM |#4  
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Great FAQ....simple, concise, and informative

Well done
5th January 2008, 11:15 PM |#5  
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Excellent post bmueller77!
This should clear up a bunch of the questions that are asked.
6th January 2008, 01:09 AM |#6  
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thanks for that

its hard to find some basic info on here like this, so can we please sticky
6th January 2008, 07:54 PM |#7  
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Really Good Thank you...

Can you please make a general version of it and put it in general wiki so that it can benefit all not just kaiser guys

Although I am more interested in HTC Elf Touch version []
6th January 2008, 08:06 PM |#8  
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you could add my video to it

shows how to hardspl
6th January 2008, 08:26 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by verysmartncool

Really Good Thank you...

Can you please make a general version of it and put it in general wiki so that it can benefit all not just kaiser guys

Although I am more interested in HTC Elf Touch version []

Let's see. I am already working on a more general FAQ version including info on Windows Mobile but, to be honest, a general flashing introduction would be much more complicated and i want to make it as easy as possible for newbies.
I think it would be better, if someone grabs this thing and would edit it for another device to keep it concise. If anyone is interested, just ask me via PM and i'll send you the whole including vbCode.
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6th January 2008, 08:33 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by persiansown

you could add my video to it

shows how to hardspl

Got it. Thank you.
7th January 2008, 05:36 PM |#11  
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I have made this thread a sticky upon request.

I feel that this info should be ported to the wiki so that it can be found and edited by all.

At the momnet we have FAR to many sticky's in this section which makes finding anything hard to say the least.

Have a look at the BA section (in my signature) to see what I mean.

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