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need help! how do i put the icons on my iphone and activate them?
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cna you tell me how to get it cuz i downloaded it and it went into dtunes now what ?
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no. so does it work or not?
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does it work on the ipod touch????
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i downloaded the Zipfile of icons. how do i set it up in my iPhone?
this is priceless - we need to make this into some sort of forum-wide LOLz. Sorry people who this makes fun of - but this is just too funny. Not a personal attack mind you...just lolz.

Would I be out of line by saying that this kind of behaviour is the reason why I don't want to join the iPhanboys? Obnoxious, stupid and unintelligent. Now on to the more helpful stuff: this DOES NOT WORK for iPhones, iPods, iPads or any Apple iProducts. Repeat - it DOES NOT WORK. This is for WINDOWS MOBILE DEVICES ONLY. Repeat. WINDOWS MOBILE DEVICES ONLY.

Now back to the OP: good work on those icons and on the theme. Hope you keep it up
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