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dcd's titan ROMs & kitchen 3.0.1

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(Last edited by dcd1182; 13th March 2008 at 05:05 PM.)
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Default dcd's titan ROMs & kitchen 3.0.1

I take no responsibility for anything you do to your device.

There are currently issues loading the radio. At this time, use the kitchen only if you know what you are doing and have managed to get the new radio installed on your own.

dcd's titan rom:
Power Management
Relaxed security
Volume tweak
Touch-like skins
MMS included if carrier supports it
UC Compatible

Entertainment (Games)
HTC Homeplug
Windows Live
Adobe Reader
Jbed Java

Encryption had to be completely removed to be fixed.
PIE will NOT work with cache located on storage card. WM6.1 bug.

no2chem has fixed alot of WM6.1 bugs and helped me alot with my XIP. If not for him,
this rom would be incomplete or broken. If you like my work, remember to thank him also.

3.0.1: 3-12-08 WM 6.1 CE OS 5.2.19199 Build 19199.1.0.0

Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Also requires: Visual C++ 2008 Runtime, .net framework 2.0

ROMs (by |||bored|||):

SPL 2.40-olipro is REQUIRED.
A device with SPL 1.20-olipro will constantly reboot with this rom!

Radio ROM 3.35.04 is REQUIRED.

Thank you:
no2chem, ImCoKeMan, bepe, tadzio, dogguy
foetus, lotekjunky, sleuth255

If you experience problems, please include specific directions on how to reproduce the problem in your post.
If the issue can be confirmed, it will be acknowledged in post 1 as a known issue.

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changelog since 1.x/2.x:

- 03-11-08	added IOTA to dcd_carrier_spcs
- 03-11-08	removed makephonecall.exe and makevmail.exe from dcd_carrier_spcs
- 03-11-08	added override_vzw.dll to other carriers - fixed signal icon issue
- 03-11-08	fixed phonecanvas rgu
- 03-11-08	created OEMDriver_WLAN_titan335
- 03-11-08	replaced SlidingSound with SlidingSound (from 3.16 ROM)
- 03-11-08	put ArcsoftMMS packages back in
- 03-12-08	fixed voicerecorder shortcut
- 03-12-08	updated PRL files included with carriers
- 03-12-08	updated UC Compatibility to 2.0 version (Beta - it autofixes SDConfig.txt files)
- 03-12-08	removed button config and slidingsound reg from SYS\dcd\ rgu
- 03-12-08	reverted to official method of kicking off UC at 1st boot
- 03-12-08	replaced WLAN driver with titan 2.17 version
- 03-12-08	replaced AutoRun.exe with version from UC thread in case of compatibility issues

- 03-10-08	completely recreated OEM from 3.35 ROM
- 03-10-08	created OEM_Sprint_Navigator_1_0_21
- 03-10-08	created dcd_appbuttons.  button config is now such that leaving camera or commmanager out doesnt leave a dead button binding.
- 03-10-08	removed gps tweaks from SYS\dcd
- 03-10-08	removed dcd_carrier sprint
- 03-10-08	created dcd_carrier_spcs based on 3.35 ROM
- 03-10-08	created OEM_RingtonePlugin just to clean up other rgus/folders of its crap
- 03-10-08	changed earcupl values in audiopara.csv (volume increase)
- 03-10-08	created dcd_carrier_cricket
- 03-10-08	created dcd_carrier_telecom_nz
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post reserved..........

short story: the radio flash works with 1.20-olipro, does not work with 2.40-olipro

At this time, as much as this sucks, this is the most stable method I have found of flashing the radio:

1. If you have not already done so, run the 2.40-olipro unlocker. Your device will again be left in tri-color screen.
2. Flash the official sprint 3.35 update.
3. When the device boots for the first time, do not pass screen calibration. Flash a 3.x.x ROM.
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Much thanks as always dcd! Will give it a shot now. I assume that this is essentially your 2.3.2 rom or have you made any significant changes? The reason that I ask is because of a number of issues relating to audio that some folks were reporting with your 2.3.2 rom and the new radio (after the first incoming call audio goes out). I guess I will know soon enough.

Edit: I guess I posted faster than you could post the changes... I noticed an item mentioning audiopara.csv so I will assume it was to correct any audio issues.

Edit #2: First non-dcd post! woot!
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Thanks for your work on this, DCD. I've read some rumors that relocking is not necessary. Has this been confirmed yet, or is the safe bet to just relock, flash the new official Sprint ROM and then flash to your new kitchen ROM?
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can't wait for this dcd! great work man.

I'm wondering about something from previous kitchens

I wanted to ask about what some of the options are in BuildOS... particularly:

System Components

OEM Applications
--Lockstream DRM

When your kitchen is done uploading i'm going to go ahead and cook a rom but wanted to find out what these options are first, thanks in advance for your response.
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wow that was quick! great work dcd.... as soon as i saw the thread go up, the xda site crashed for me and was unreachable for a few mins. i think you broke the server
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Originally Posted by freeza View Post

OEM Applications
--Lockstream DRM
imho they are all garbage. enterprise used to be vpn stuff i thought, but now its a different package. entertainment is games, sqlcemobile is only needed for applications that keep a database. lockstream drm is HTC's choice for DRM software, crapware, leave it out unless you come across something that doesnt work without it.
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