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[release] nbimg: HTC splash screen tool

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I have small problem with command in nbimg.
I type
nbimg.exe -w 480 -h 800 -F splash1.bmp | rename .bmp to .img
and file splash1.bmp.nb is created but not changing a name to img.
What can be wrong?
Edit: Solved
Can be :
nbimg.exe -w 480 -h 800 -F splash1.bmp
rename *.bmp.nb splash1.img

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Thanks received are appreciated

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Can someone help me out?

I used this tool for my Incredible at least a couple dozen times and never had a problem. The string that worked for that was... "nbimg.exe -F splash1.bmp -w 480 -h 800". Worked every time.

Now, I'm trying to make some screens for my rezound and I keep getting the error below.

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The image that you have attached is broken.
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Sorry, try this.
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i did make a nb splash file for sensation its 540x960.

now i'm trying to make for one x 720 x 1280.
but the nbimg crashes

any ideas ?

could be the bmp format ?

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Can someone please explain how you use this nbimg script? Is it used from a pc or the phone? If the phone where do you put the file, root of sdcard? Then run terminal with the proper commands to convert? If you use cmd on a pc are you placing this file in your platform-tools directory? I don't get it.
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GUYS, it's seems your don't know how works nbimg v1.1.

I try to explain because who use nbimg v1.1 don't know there is no way to go back if for curiosity someone try the second splash screen of the application.

Nobody write a warning about that.

I did 20 custom splash screen, like I like, and I do them today if I want. So I convert any .jpg file into .png 24 bit and i flash it. Ok, no problem.

BUT, with nbimg v1.1 you can chose to do 2 different splash screen 1st and 2nd, EVERYBODY think 2nd is AFTER R.G.D, is not.

Before that anybody on boot have only 1 splash screen, but if you do with nbimg v1.1 the second splash screen the first ORIGINAL splash screen will be SPLIT into 2 splash screen, AND AFTER THIS IS NO WAY BACK.

One beautiful day I try the second splash screen and now I got this crap.

Which problem I have now?

I can flash any stock/custom ROM from entire world via SDcard or pc but the second splash screen when show up the R.G.D don't go away.

I DON'T WANT MALGRD just to replace the picture.

Currently many application for change the splash screen work on phones which has never been flashed with nbimg v1.1.

Who did second splash screen with nbimg v1.1 have this problem.

Now I want have full sequence of this boot but it not replace the second bloody splash screen.

This is the problem.

To the OWNER of this application, PLEASE, remove the option of the 2nd splash screen because that option make many victims!

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Gràcies pof! Jo encara vaig amb el meu HTC HD2 amb WinMo6.5 i això m'ha anat de perles!
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Default nbimg.exe has stopped working

hi I'm trying to convert in BMP the orginal splah of HTC ONE but i get this error message

nbimg.exe has stopped working

this is the command

D:\Desktop>nbimg.exe -F splash1.nb -w 1080 -h 1920
=== nbimg v1.1
=== Convert NB <--> BMP splash screens
=== (c)2008 Pau Oliva - pof @ xda-developers

[] File: splash1.nb
[] Image dimensions: 1080x1920


Could you help me with this?
ζΦ®d Đα®k ĐmΦηiμm.ςΦm

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Requires NBIMG/to565, BUSYBOX, and GM (GraphicsMagick)!

NBIMG/to565 and GM are all included in this repo. They have been statically compiled for ARM to work with PRE-JB devices as well as being in compliance with Android L (latest release).

-- Clone, or download Repo
-- Place binaries and script to /system/bin on your Android device
-- Set permissions to 755 (rwxr-xr-x)
-- Open Terminal then type and enter, SPLASH, to run the script.
-- Enter the root directory of where your image(s) are located as requested by the script
-- Enter your device resolution as requested by the script
-- Select either .img or .rle format
-- Check directory after completion, enjoy

Ok, so, what exactly does this script do? Valid question, so let me go ahead and answer this for you.

When you run the script it will ask where the image(s) are located on your device. It will check to see if the directory exists and if it doesn't it will let you know. This check is mainly there in case you made a typo (I recommend copying and pasting if this is a problem for you).

Next, it will ask for your device resolution so it will know what size to make the image. Again, it will check the info you tell it and if not correct it will ask you again.

The script will then ask you if you wish to convert the pictures to either "splash".img format or "splash".rle format. Pick your option.

Once the script has this information it will proceed to read the entire directory and take note of all the pictures. The pictures do not have to already be in .bmp format. They can be .jpg, .png, etc.

Important: The script will check for Busybox, gm, nbimg, and to565 as needed and if what is needed to run the script is not found it will inform you then abort.

After it takes note of all your images it will proceed to use GraphicsMagick to resize the images based on the info you gave it as well as convert it to .bmp or .raw. Afterwards, it will call on nbimg/to565 to convert the newly created .bmp/.raw image in to the properly formatted splash image whether it be .img or .rle based on the option you initially chose at the beginning.

It's rather simple but very useful when dealing with multiple images.

It doesn't take long for the process even if you are dealing with, say, 50 pictures lol.

When it is finished go to the directory and you will see the .img or .rle and picture for each. The picture is kept so you may view it through your gallery and determine if you will like it as your splash screen. If you do, then go to the .img or .rle file of that picture and rename it accordingly.

I won't go in to details on how to apply the images since I expect this to be used as assistance for devs out there - experience is expected in this case.

-- Happy Hunting!

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