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[PROJECT]How to improve graphics performance-Need developers, read post #2!

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By NeoS, Senior Moderator / Recognized Developer - There is no N00b... on 5th November 2008, 06:47 PM
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================================================== ========
News and updates in post #2.
================================================== ========

The software posted here is for TESTING purposes only! Any of the posters of software, or links to software on this thread take absolutely no responsibility or liability for damage caused by the result of installing or flashing software or links to software found on this thread - correctly or otherwise, you do so on the sole understanding that you do so at your own risk.

================================================== ========
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image courtesy of tsalta. Thanks mate.

Also, try GFXboost. It's cool to see the device CAN go beyond the normal speeds.
Installation: Disable Manila or Titanium before installing the cabfile. It's to make sure there are no files in use when copying the files. If you have an older version of the driverpack installed, best thing to do is a hard-reset. I know, it sucks. But believe me, it's best for your device.

MOD EDIT - Added NeoS, Magnif, Chainfire & topaz driver cabs
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5th November 2008, 09:44 PM |#2  
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Updates and FAQ

  • 22-06-10: Benchmark added by tusuka:
  • 18-04-10: The MSM chipset needs YOU! Please look at this post if you're interested in continuing driver development!

  • 10-03-10: I retire from driver development for two reasons. 1.) and 2.) I've moved on to A Nexus One. Awesome device, twice as good as the Blackstone could ever be. (and not as retardedly big as the HD2 )

  • 11-02-10: Added a signed driverpack to the first post. Hope it'll give improvement on Manila 2.5 roms and no lock-ups... I know my device runs perfectly fine and smooth(er) with the driver.

  • 18-01-10: Benchmark of 4 driverpacks on a stock 6.1 rom. -Thanks FileFixer!

  • 30-11-09: It's done. I officially stop doing anything driver related, until i get more time. I simply lack the time, knowledge and support to keep going on. If you feel like helping out co÷rdinating, send me a pm.

  • 24-09-09: Driverpack 3 released. Please report any bugs on the thread. Here's a benchmark:

  • 21-09-09: GLbenchmark comparison with Driverpack 3 (in development)

  • 16-09-09: Testing new driverpack on Touch HD. Shows improvement in Manila 2.5. Needs to be tweaked further.

  • 26-07-09: New files seem to have shed a whole different light on our current drivers; we need to fully investigate what they do and how to get them working. Updates will be made once we have more info on this subject. Please, have patience!

  • 30-06-09: DriverPack Beta 2 released. Bugfixes done. See here

  • 23-06-09: Updated the F.A.Q. and bugfixing the current BETA pack.

  • 19-06-09: Driver pack BETA released. Find it HERE.

  • 14-06-09: Laurentius26 cooked our drivers in his latest rom and got amazing results:

  • 01-06-09: Created a quick-to-install full cab package for the OpenGL & OpenVG driver combined. Currently being tested by the team.

  • 06-05-09: Set up a Dev & Test team, inviting users with dev skills or something similar.

  • 24-04-09: Finally fruits of labour; the new openVG driver gives improvement combined with a new Libgles_cm.dll.

  • 09-04-09: Testing with the OpenVG driver provided by Fards and itje

  • 05-02-09: User Laurentius26 provided us with a zip containing display driver files from an LG Incite.

  • 28-01-09: Thanks to user Chainfire the list of files on the wiki page is updated. Check it out for more info.

  • 27-01-09: Wiki page started about driver development

  • 13-01-09: User fards uploaded a signed HTCapi.dll for use with the driver, found here:

  • 23-12-08: added minor explanation on what the 3D driver is and does, and how to see performance improvements:

  • 22-12-08: Added 3D driver link in 1st post.

  • 17-12-08: User iRiKi tested the Libgles_cl wrapper (made by NuShrike, thx mate!) and confirmed it working. He also was so kind to post a video of Heretic_GLES now running on his Diamond. And Cube too!

  • 16-12-08: We're currently looking into the possibility of making a libgles_cl.dll wrapper to support more programs and 3D applications, as well as making more tests work in GLbenchmark. Also, we've come to know that The Android porting team seems to have some fully working ports which might have some answers towards our graphics questions. (so if you're an Android devver, please join the conversation )

  • 11-12-08: User Draxredd pointed out that the hotfix by HTC seems to update ddi.dll, disptools.dll, gxdma.dll and htcmdp.dll. 3 of those files are sure to be used for graphics. Glbenchmark results don't show much performance increase, but it does however fix the slowdowns the HD had.

  • 11-12-08: user lukexda mentioned that the iPhone in this particular case only has a resolution of 480x320 and therefor is faster. Draxredd suggested we use WVGA fix ( to correct screen resolution to VGA or lower to see if that makes any difference. An does it! The speed of some tests give a whopping DOUBLE SCORE! Now we know what makes our device sluggish. HTC gave us a device with a great looking screen at the cost of great performance.
However, we're not done in our quest to better the device's graphic performance. So please, keep contributing!


I've seen a few questions about this driver that come back each and everytime. So here's a small FAQ for you to read:

Q: What do these drivers do?
A: The original ATI drivers enable you to display 3D graphics on your MSM720X device. The OpenVG driver enables 2D Hardware acceleration on the OpenVG platform. That doesn't mean Windows Mobile's 2D interface will be hardware accelerated! HTC's TouchFlo3D heavily depends on this driver, and every update we bring will be aimed at performance.

Q: Are these solely for MSM720X devices?
A: Yes, since the files used only work with the MSM720X chipset. And not even ALL MSM720X chipsets.

Q: So, which devices are supported?
A: Currently only newer devices: the Kaiser, Polaris, Nike, won't work. This driver is only for Diamond and up. There MAY be more in the future though.

Q: How does one install this driverpack?
A: It's as simple as installing any other app or game, with one exception: You need to disable Touchflo3D/Sense or Titanium before running the installation.

Q: Why?
A: Just to make sure no files are in use when they're overwritten by the driverpack.

Q: Wait, you're overwriting files? How can this be uninstalled then?
A: Technically, it can't, unless you hard-reset or flash another ROM.

Q: Ok, but HOW do I disable and re-enable? TF3D/Sense/Titanium?
A: That's easy. Go to Start>Settings>Today. Then select the Items Tab. Deselect TF3D/Sense/Titanium and press OK. Use the same procedure to re-enable it.

Q: Does this driver improve performance in TomTom, IGO, Video's, Camera, etc?
A: Currently, all this driver does is 3D. TomTom, IGO, videos and such don't use the 3D engine. Most applications on your device are 2D currently, otherwise it wouldn't have worked before. But with the new OpenVG driver it could be possible to get 2D hardware rendering, if the app or game is written using OpenVG code.

Q: I've installed the drivers on my <insert device here>, but TF3D won't run anymore / Opera crashes the device after crashing.
A: This is a known issue with the driver. We're currently investigating on which files cause the issues and try to replace them. Somehow the driverpack doesn't work the same on different devices using the same MSM7201A chipset... <solved in Driverpack 3>
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5th November 2008, 10:10 PM |#3  
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Please don't let me go crazy with that results...So do you mean it's poor in graphic performance???
5th November 2008, 10:18 PM |#4  
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It's... Average at best. Same as the Diamond and Pro. For now. I'm gonna try and see what i can do to improve it. And i hope some others will aid me in that.

I already got the lights working with Hardware rendering now, but that's too easy. Gonna do some SPB benches...
5th November 2008, 11:39 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by NeoS2007

It's... Average at best. Same as the Diamond and Pro. For now. I'm gonna try and see what i can do to improve it. And i hope some others will aid me in that.

I already got the lights working with Hardware rendering now, but that's too easy. Gonna do some SPB benches...

is it a huge different talking about the screen?? I mean, watching a movie or something is totally different or it's kinda the same?
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6th November 2008, 07:44 AM |#6  
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What about trying VSBenchmark ( Link to vsBenchmark )
6th November 2008, 11:32 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by danny_and_2

What about trying VSBenchmark ( Link to vsBenchmark )

hmm. VSbenchmark won't run. No errors, but it just hangs.
7th November 2008, 01:03 PM |#8  
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Found an interesting registry setting:
I set it to 1. I don't see any big improvements or whatever. yet...
7th November 2008, 11:17 PM |#9  
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From what I've been reading HTC shipped the HD with the MS reference driver for the graphics.
Once the rom cookers get cracking I'm sure the driver update will be part of that.

With the Touch Cruise/Polaris, this made a gigantic difference in graphics performance and smoothnes of the interface.

I don't really get why the heck HTC won't install up to date and up to snuff drivers in new devices. It bites.

With a big screen like the HD, you need good graphics drivers.

I do have to say though that the performance of the HD is rather good compared to other HTC devices in the office. Especially for first release level firmwares
7th November 2008, 11:32 PM |#10  
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Well, I received my HD and display didn't impress me that much! Brightness is not impressive, Diamond and iPhone are better, colors and text seems to be faded. The white has a warm colour temperature...
Any one had the same impressions?
Last edited by asci; 7th November 2008 at 11:35 PM.
8th November 2008, 01:18 AM |#11  
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yes i wish there would be a way to increase brightness!!

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