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[App] [01/26/2009] TouchResponse 0.3.2 - Vibrate on touch

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Default Confirming the known issue

Originally Posted by Snailslug View Post
Known Issues
  • Vibrate duration cannot be changed on Verizon vx6900 leaked 6.1 ROM
Of all the combinations of phones and ROMs, it's the one I'm using.
Apart from the durations settings, seems to work very well, I'll probably use it once it gets fixed. Thanks!
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Great App ! Thank you !

Works like a charm on my Blackstone (Touch HD). It's really useful.

My only concern is: is there any noticeable impact on the battery consumption?

Thank you for any feedback...
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Great app man!
Working well on HD...I'm wait for Include/Exclude list for vibration.
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i'd like to have it where it only vibrates while using the soft keyboard... sorta like feedback... hopefully i'll be able to use it only for that in the future... otherwise too many vibrations will make me crrrazy
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The perfect vibration feedback would actually be the one used in the HTC game named TEETER, when the ball touch a the wall.

There should be a way to find into the manilla registry the command corresponding to the TEETER vib.

(Last edited by rainabba; 26th November 2008 at 10:12 AM.) Reason: See edit message above.
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Default HTC Vouge compatibility issue?

I have an HTC Vouge and I've been trying to get this sort of effect myself. I've tried many applications and as far as I can tell, with all the WM6.1 roms I've cooked or tried (and that's quite a few), this phone will ONLY vibrate for a fixed period of time. When you reset, or run Android, it will gladly vibrate for any given length though. Perhaps a driver issue? Something not being implemented? Please PM me if you want/need a hand with investigating this further.

Originally Posted by tom108 View Post
yes that is how i close it. but still no go.
Originally Posted by Snailslug View Post
Well at least it's vibrating... When you change the duration in the settings app, are you clicking ok to close it? The settings don't go into effect until you click ok in the top right corner. If that doesn't do it, try setting it to a different value, close the settings app and then soft reset. The touch driver should load with the updated duration. If not, let me know. Thanks for the feedback.
EDIT: Just realized that the 'Known Issue' mentioning the Verizon 'Leaked ROM' was the issue I'm experiencing. The issue isn't a particular ROM though, it appears more likely to be WM6.1 on the 6900 period.
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Thank you for your hard work that you put into developing this program. Works real nicely on my Sprint Touch Diamond.
One suggestion would be not to have it vibrate while I am scrolling thru threads, in other words, while I am swiping from the beginning to the end of a thread or whatever I am viewing.
But thatis probably what others are suggesting when they mention that they would like to have the vibrate activate in SIP
I notice some sporadic changes in the length of the vibrate duration while I am inputing text, but it happens so infrequently that it does not warrant me to change any settings.
Thanks again for the this great application.
By the way, I put the word out about your program on and the members over there really like your program and the hard work you put into developing this program.
The thread over their has approximately 800 hits at this time and about 40 posts.
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Default Feature Request and Small bug on 01

Feature Request: I would love to be able to disable the vibration when the device is locked. I can feel it vibrating in my pocket if i bump it.

Small Bugs: I had the "Touch screen disabled after resuming from suspend" problem once yesterday on my touch pro but have not been able to replicate it, just loaded up 02 so I will keep an eye out. Also occasionally the vibration feedback is more intense (longer duration) when i click towards the middle of the screen, the previous poster said this happened on his keyboard but It happened to me on the keyboard and in SPB mobile shell interface. I hope that helps.

Thanks, this program is awesome!!
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This is a super app!

Installed it on my Diamond and set Duration to 15 and then 20. It works exactly like Teeter game.

Thank you very much!
(Last edited by MrBazUK; 26th November 2008 at 02:50 PM.)
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Default LED settings for Diamond

Please would somebody post the settings (ie LED number) to get this working on my Diamond. Ive tried every value but it dosnt work.

Thanks in advance.

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