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Asus P552w ExtRom ( Extended Rom )

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By xphinx, Junior Member on 7th December 2008, 08:49 PM
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Hello. This is my first post here so please take me easy

I've just dumped 6 raw images from an Asus P552w:
2 of them have in the header some "ECEC" string and I guess those are some ROM images from that phone (just like other ROMs I've seen)
1 of them has some "XPR Rf" string in header and I guess is related with Radio ROM (I've saw inside other strings like: GSM, BLuetooth...)
2xFAT16 raw images with files. I can mount Fat16 images (using DaemonTools or from Linux) to see what is inside and I saw is the main FS of the phone and another one has only a few configuration files.

My problem is with the last image EXTROM (it has 16MB and is full with phone operator string "Orange" and operator settings):
1xFAT32 raw image which I cannot mount. This image has the FAT32 structure:
- MBR (end with 0x55 0xAA)
- File System Information Sector (begin with: 0x52 0x52 0x61 0x41 and end with: 0x55 0xAA)
and then after ~3000 bytes is the MBR (ended with 0x55 0xAA) again then only 0x00 and after ~6000 bytes is the MBR one more time , then some 0x0 bytes and then I think there are some files.

Here you have a diagram how it looks:
---0x00... 0x00 (~3000 bytes)
---MBR (identical with the 1st one)
---0x00... 0x00 (~6000 bytes)
---MBR (identical with the 1st one)
---0x00... 0x00 (~37000 bytes)
---RAW FILES (I saw a lot of strings there)

Can someone explain to me what is with that ExtROM ? I've searched on this site and I didn't find some tools to dump files inside that image.
I've tried to mount this images with DaemonTools and under linux with no luck. (I've even tryed to do some edit inside that image)
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9th December 2008, 08:10 AM |#2  
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This is my first post here too. If I don't bother you too much can you send me on private message how you did the backup for the p552 phone? I have one too locked to orange. I have also got from another forum a P552w rom image that the user I got it from Asus site. The update is no longer available from Asus and this is very strange. I didn't want to put that image on the phone yet because I want to do a backup first (ROM backup).
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11th December 2008, 02:53 PM |#3  
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Check this tutorial:
12th December 2008, 10:21 AM |#4  
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I have tried following the tutorial but I was able only to dump the data from the extended ROM. When I was trying to save the other partitions I first checked for their length with -t parameter and I always got an error. It only worked for the EXT Rom (partition DSK4 and for the SD card.
By the way, you have dumped the rom from the ASUS P552W (the one that it is NOT sold by Orange) and has the wifi or you have dumped the ROM of P552 (that do not have the wi-fi ... or it is disabled by Orange)? Can you share your rom? If you want I can upload the Ext ROM from my device. I have a Asus P552 (from Orange Romania). It does not have wifi ... or it is disabled.
I have been able to make the firmware from Asus run on my phone ... but I don't want to use it until I can backup my ROM ... and find a way to put the original ROM back if I break something during upgrade.
13th December 2008, 07:49 AM |#5  
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I gave you a PM with my contact detalis. Talk there
10th January 2009, 01:59 PM |#6  
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eusuntdexter1 go to downloads extROM p552w
You must be registered at forum for download

- GM2WiFiDriver.CAB
- CABforLauncher.CAB
- CallFilter_0409.ARMV4I.CAB
- Disable_NITZ_registries_signed.CAB
- EnableSL.CAB
- EnableTATHidenMode.CAB
- install.OBM.NetworkSetting.CAB
- install.OBM.NetworkSetting1.CAB
- MoveGettingStarted.CAB
- NVMProxyPatch_Signed_20081009.CAB
- PwrBtn_1022.CAB
- SetDefaultTheme.CAB
- shsettingsCountryCab.CAB
- StartupNetworkSetting.CAB
- Update_MSSIP_size.CAB
- BSP_GM2Audio_570_1024.CAB
- 1008CameraPatch.CAB
- Installer.xml
- language_pack_ROU00

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11th January 2009, 03:37 AM |#7  
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I didn't see any thing.It's P535 ROM, not for P552w.Please check again.thanks
oh,are there all parts to cook a ROM? how to packet them to new ROM?
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14th January 2009, 12:31 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by hpdefalcon

I didn't see any thing.It's P535 ROM, not for P552w.Please check again.thanks
oh,are there all parts to cook a ROM? how to packet them to new ROM?

extROM_P552w_WWE.7z - its attached file in to my post , available for downloads registetred users in attached file in to my post , for not registered users can not see file

process of preparing/dump/cooking for 552 ROM described previously posts on forum
We users P535 dumped rom P552 to pull the new Asus Glide end etc. from OEM P552
so,mirror for download ExtROM
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27th January 2009, 07:38 PM |#9  
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Can any one of you share the "broadcom" .

I have an O2 Xda Zest that is made by Asus, but this phone has the microsoft stack and i think that Broadcom is a lot better.

28th January 2009, 09:08 AM |#10  
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Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum so please, be cool as i'm kinda newb to windows mobile device

Has anybody been able to download the extended ROM provided by pak1to?
The link does not seem to work...

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