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What's the coolest program or feature you've used on your hd?

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Default What's the coolest program or feature you've used on your hd?

You know, like the features you show your friends and they say wow!

For me the G sensor application for using in the car is pretty cool.


What program do you like best on your phone?

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions especially if it's free software others can try also.
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I know this isn't specifically an HD program but I love WMWifiRouter.
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TF3d Weather and Google Maps with GPS always gets people "ooh-ing" "aah-ing".
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Maybe you could say why you like the programs too...
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fancy alarm program that uses the g-sensor
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definatly MusicID

People are stunned when I demonstrate the program.
It's so cool
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MusicID and Teeter have impressed the few people I have shown.

For me I like having both Navigon & TomTom on one device (and the fact they load quickly - I had TomTom on my Orbit and I could have walked to my destination by the time it loaded)
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My favorite is Astromist.
A planetarium in your palm with 390 mB data on the storagecard:
  • Detailed astronomical charts (planetarium with 2.5 millions of stars, 19000 Deep Sky Objects with their images),
  • Accurate simulators for Eclipses, Planets, Comets & Asteroids, or Artificial Satellites,
  • Intuitive atlases of the Moon and the planet Mars (1800 features and photos),
  • Smart Wireless control for your Telescopes including Dobsonians, GPS or Cameras.
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Touch HD Remote Desktop connection to my Vista PC is really impressive! (thanks to the HD screen)
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I've just installed MusicID, how useful and also cool can that be! The amount of times you are listening to a track in a club or on the radio, wondering who it is! Whip out your HD and find out!
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