Default A Request from Everybody Coming to This Forum!

Hello Everybody,

Its been quiet a while i am visiting this forum and i have observed a repetition in postings here. People post their problems here and the first thing any body interested in solving them is the information about their phone. This information includes the information that appears on the boot screen of phone (Onbl, SPL, GSM and OS) and the first 3 digits of the phone's Serial No.

So I request everybody to include this information in their signature so that its a lot easier to help you quickly. Make a signature something like i have in the last line of my Signature. For Example:

S/N : HT8xxx, ONBL : 1.17.000, SPL : 1.07.Oref (Original : 1.17.000), GSM : 2.79.90, OS: 1.17.000

Please include the original information in your signature not the one you are having while you are in trouble. These things help people a lot to solve you problems quickly and easily.

I request mods to make this thread a sticky one

Thanks and Regards,
Sumit Bhardwaj