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Display problem (broken??) - HTC support & warranty

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Default Display problem (broken??) - HTC support & warranty

Hello everybody,
I want to tell you what happened to my Touch Pro this evening:
On the display (also if the device is off) appeared a small rectangle in the center (about 2x3 cm) made from bubbles. Well, not bubbles, Iím quite sure that are liquid crystal. If I put pressure with the finger the ďbubblesĒ move and follow the pressure also out form the edge of this small rectangle)
As I can reach a decent camera Iíll post some photos of this rectangle.
The strange thing is that the device didnít fall in ground, didnít have temperature range; nothing hit it and so on. It was in my pocket well safe!!

If display is on the problem is quite invisible, if display is "black" or off... ....Grrrr!!!

Now, my questions:
1) Warranty is also for display?
2) How warranty works in Italy? Where should I ship the item? Which times?
3) If I have ship the device, sould I load the original rom & radio? Where can I find the rom?

Certainly, first thing Iím going to do Monday morning Is to call Italy HTCís support numberÖ
Thanks a regards,
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The "oil spot" problem isn't a broken display. It's the touch sensitive layer, which has been subject to too much pressure (carrying it in your pants pocket, etc). This has been happening on a bunch of Touch Pros and Diamonds. You should still be able to use it just fine, but touch sensitivity may get worse over time.

HTC may or may not be willing to replace it for you (and if so, they may or may not charge some kind of fee). Although it's just a hardware change, you should probably recover stock SoftSPL for warranty.

I have the "oil patch" problem with my Touch Pro. Unfortunately when I first noticed, HTC would not fix it for me, so I still have the oil patch on my screen, although everything still works fine so far. If it gets worse, I plan on buying a replacement LCD/touchscreen and replacing it myself:
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I've noticed this problem on quite a few of the original touch / elf / 6900 phones, including my old personal phone which I used in this condition for many many months without every having any actual issues. It is strange but like you said: pretty much not noticeable when on and probably just best left alone unless it really bothers you.
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I have the same spot but it is not causing any problems that I noticed but there is many who have this spot in the diamond forum.
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today i also noticed this on my touch pro..i sort of fell asleep on it and i think i might have messed it up

i can see that oil spot that you mention but only if i tilt the phone at a certain angle and only if the screen is off.When the display is on i can see everything properly

The problem:
Touch function is messed up badly..i tested in notes application and sometimes when i press at a point X the dot appears somewhere else on the screen...Internet browsing is a pain in the ass like this...

i also noticed one thing..i took the stylus out, put the phone next to my ear and i tapped at the area outside the oil mark. I get the normal soft sound and pressure feeling as it should be.. When i do the same at the oil spot its rather hard feeling and sound..

i will contact HTC on monday and see what they say about it..
otherwise i will get a replacement for 159euros (inc installation) from pdatech...

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Default Happened to my Fuze...

Happened to me too 60 days into owning it. I carry all my phones in my pocket, but have never had this problem. I brought it into the at&t store that I got it at and they never saw it either (it is only a few months old for them and have not had any complanints yet). They were going to replace it for me but were sold out. They had me call the warranty department and they replaced it with a refurbished unit (although all of their refurbished units are brand new as of this point because the phone is so new for at&t).

If you got your phone through at&t call warranty support and they will swap it out if the unit is under warranty (which being 2 months old at this point it will be).
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This happened to my Fuze as well. I tried to call AT&T support and visit a corp store but they ruled it as physical damage, thus voiding my warranty. Apparently the "crystals" under the display are cracked/damaged, causing the rectangle. Who knows.
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has anyone successfully sent a touch pro raphael to HTC repair shop to be repaired under warranty with this issue?? its really bothering me that i can see it and i feel like it will affect my phone eventually...
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Add me to the list too.. I am going to try to get mine replaced through Sprint if it gets bad. I hope they know this is an issue/defect and not something like water damage
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Originally Posted by ez345 View Post
has anyone successfully sent a touch pro raphael to HTC repair shop to be repaired under warranty with this issue?? its really bothering me that i can see it and i feel like it will affect my phone eventually...
I believe this is a design/quality issue. I posted about this same problem here some weeks back. HTC will not repair under warranty, paid in total 77 pounds to get this fix from them. I believe they are aware this is a problem because in the warranty book, screens are not covered even when its not your fault. They call it Newton ring .

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