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[Guide] How to create .LNK files and use parameters

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By bbobeckyj, Senior Member on 7th March 2009, 10:12 AM
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Due to the increasing amount of requests bulking up other threads, regarding how to make and use parameters I'm starting this thread with all the info at the begining, and I'll link it in my signature.
I make no claim to have discovered all of them.
I hereby present my collection gathered (copy & paste mostly) from this and other sites.

How to create .LNK files and use parameters


1-Don't use the inbuilt file explorer. use gsfinder, or total commander etc. The inbuilt file explorer can't edit links or show file extensions - if you try to rename something to xxx.LNK, it will really be xxx.lnk.txt (or something)
2: Using the other file explorer, copy and paste a shortcut to ANY file/exe/.lnk you want.
3: Tap & hold on this new shortcut, select 'properties'.
4: in properties, write the address of the program you want the shortcut for. ie- program files\xxx.exe or windows\xxx.exe or ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,5 (the about screen)...
5: Ok/Close the properties, & rename the link to whatever you want leaving .LNK at the end


Again you'll need a different file explorer. Create a .TXT file with the content '#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,1' or '#' followed by the address , such as '#tmail.exe' (for example) then rename the file extension to .LNK In my tests a number before the # is NOT required.


When creating using a .txt file the contents must start with a '#', if creating by editing the properties of an existing .lnk you do not need the '#' There are examples below of both methods, if it has a '#' it's the .txt method, if it is in quotes, it is the address as it would need to be in the properties of the .lnk file

It is NOT possible to open a link to the folder view you get by \start menu\programs unless you have folderview.exe in your windows folder, none of my 4 devices have that so I've not tested it. But you can open to folders with file explorer using, for example- "\program files\greensoftware\gsfinder.exe" windows\start menu\programs\games

There is NO shortcut to quickly dial a number, you would need to go through the 'confirm number page', or use 3rd party soft such as vijay555's
Edit: Quicker dialing shortcut found and added, still requires you to press 'Talk' after you run the .lnk though
Available parameters for tmail.exe (depending on the service used) are- "tmail.exe" -new ""

"tmail.exe" -service ""
"tmail.exe" -to ""
"tmail.exe" -subject ""
"tmail.exe" -Body ""
"tmail.exe" -attach ""
"tmail.exe" -open "inbox"
"tmail.exe" -sync
or combinations of all such as-
"tmail.exe" -to "" -subject "Photos" -Message "Hi, here is the picture" -attach "\my documents\my pictures\1.jpg"

Links for settings:
Settings>Personal>Password>Password = 20#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,1
Settings>Personal>Password>Hint = 22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,1,1
Settings>Personal>Owner Information>Identification = 20#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,2
Settings>Personal>Owner Information>Notes = 22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,2,1
Settings>Personal>Owner Information>Options = 22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,2,2
Settings>System>Power>Main = 20#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,3
Settings>System>Memory>Main = 20#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,4
Settings>System>Memory>Storage Card = 22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,4,1
Settings>System>Memory>Running Programs = 22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,4,2
Settings>System>About>Version = 20#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,5
Settings>System>About>Device ID = 22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,5,1
Settings>System>About>Copyrights = 22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,5,2
Settings>System>Backlight>Brightness = 20#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,6
Settings>System>Backlight>Battery power= 20#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,6,1
Settings>System>Backlight>External power = 20#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,6,2
Settings>System>Screen>General = 20#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,7
Settings>System>Screen>Clear Type = 22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,7,1
Settings>System>Screen>Text Size = 22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,7,2
Settings>Personal>Input>Input Method = 20#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,8
Settings>Personal>Input>Word Completion = 22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,8,1
Settings>Personal>Input>Options = 22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,8,2
Settings>Personal>Sounds & Notifications>Sounds = 20#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,9
Settings>Personal>Sounds & Notifications>Notifications = 22#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,9,1
Settings>System>Remove Programs = 21#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,10
Settings>Personal>Menus>Start Menu = 21#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,11
Settings>Personal>Menus>New Menu = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,11,1
Settings>Personal>Buttons>Program Buttons = 21#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,12
Settings>Personal>Buttons>Up/Down Controls = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,12,1
Settings>Personal>Today>Appearance = 21#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,13
Settings>Personal>Today>Items = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,13,1
Settings>Connections>Beam = 21#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,15
Settings>System>Clock & Alarms>Time = 21#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,16
Settings>System>Clock & Alarms>Alarms = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,16,2
Settings>Connections>Network Cards = 21#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,17
Settings>System>Regional Settings>Region = 21#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,18
Settings>System>Regional Settings>Number = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,18,1
Settings>System>Regional Settings>Currency = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,18,2
Settings>System>Regional Settings>Time = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,18,3
Settings>System>Regional Settings>Date = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,18,4
Settings>Connections>Connections>Task = 21#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,19
Settings>Connections>Connection>Advanced = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,19,1
Settings>Personal>Phone>Phone = 21#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,20
Settings>Personal>Phone>Services = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,20,1
Settings>Personal>Phone>Network = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,20,2
Settings>Personal>Phone>More = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,20,3
Settings>System>Certificates>Personal = 21#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,22
Settings>System>Certificates>Root = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,22,1
Settings>Connections>Bluetooth>Mode = 21#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,23
Settings>Connections>Bluetooth>Devices = 23#ctlpnl cplmain.cpl,23,1
Calendar agenda view 21#:MSCALENDAR -va?outres.dll,-100002
Calendar day view 21#:MSCALENDAR -vd?outres.dll,-100002
Calendar month view 21#:MSCALENDAR -vm?outres.dll,-100002
Calendar week view 21#:MSCALENDAR -vw?outres.dll,-100002
Calendar year view 21#:MSCALENDAR -vy?outres.dll,-100002
Calendar must be already running in the background for these to work
New Task: "poutlook.exe" tasks -new
New Note: "notes.exe" -n
New Contact: "poutlook.exe" contacts -new
New Appointment: "poutlook.exe" calendar -new
To Dial a number: "\windows\cprog.exe" -n -url tel:+1234567890
"\windows\camera.exe" -i =photo mode
"\windows\camera.exe" -v =video mode
"\windows\camera.exe" -p =contact photo mode
"\windows\camera.exe" -m =mms video mode
"\Windows\HTCAlbum.exe" -mode:camera -type:image
"\Windows\HTCAlbum.exe" -mode:camera -type:video
"\windows\camera.exe" -t =picture theme mode
"\windows\camera.exe" -b =burst mode
"\windows\camera.exe" -g =GPS photo mode
"\windows\camera.exe" -s =Sport mode

You will also have PowerOffWarning.exe (long power press key) (and maybe others) in your windows folder renaming another .exe (such as device lock) and pasting into windows will result in the long press of the power key running that program instead of turning off your device.

To change the icon of the .lnk file.
Useful if you have several mail .lnks and would like to differentiate between, for example, Google and Hotmail. Or if you want to assign icons to .lnks for Mortscripts etc.
Icon sources can be .DLLs or .EXEs, not picture files, such as .PNGs. View the icons within these files using RViewer.

Change the file extension of the .lnk file to .txt, open it, you will see the address for the program, or what ever it is that you have linked to eg "program files\my program.exe" you need to append a "?" followed by the address of the icon you want to use, then ",-" then the number of the icon within the icon file you are using, the default icon is "000".

You will end up with "program files\my program.exe",?example.exe,-000

If you have any suggestions or corrections please post and I'll add them or edit this post.
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7th March 2009, 10:12 AM |#2  
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for future use............
7th March 2009, 10:28 AM |#3  
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for future use............
7th March 2009, 10:34 AM |#4  
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and how is it diff than :
7th March 2009, 10:40 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by ather90

and how is it diff than :

Well that's a 20+ page thread of mostly questions. I can't easily link to it and say look at x, y or z page for the answer can I?
Also as is obvious by the posts in that thread and many others (my reason for this thread) is that most people don't bother reading the thread for the answer, here I have tried to put them all in the first post not over 258.

Secondly, my intention is to improve this thread by adding other 'noob' questions when I find them or think of them, to the first posts, for example how often do you see- 'how to install a .cab file?'? etc.
Basically add all the answers I keep writing in threads, even my signature was made so I could just say 'click it for what you want' (requests I used to read all the time).
Hopefully that answers your question?
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7th March 2009, 11:55 AM |#6  
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hehe thats ok then
7th March 2009, 12:10 PM |#7  
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Wiki this m8. This is great wiki material.
7th March 2009, 08:59 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by NeoS2007

Wiki this m8. This is great wiki material.

3rd May 2009, 02:57 AM |#9  
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what's the link for the setting page with 3 tabs (personal,system,connections)?
can't find any info for that link.
thanks in advance.


3rd May 2009, 11:07 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by twisted

what's the link for the setting page with 3 tabs (personal,system,connections)?
can't find any info for that link.

There is no known .lnk to the settings pages.

I'll try to upload 2 .exes which simulate it.
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