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[APP][Update 2009/04/08] SSMaHo

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Default [APP][Update 2009/04/08] SSMaHo

[APP][Update 2009/04/08] SSMaHo


I reimplemented the old SSMaPa. completly new technology.

There aren't many new features till now, but the new architecture allows further changes..

some new features
- differing between mail and sms now possible
- added some new replacements
- landscape mode fully supported
- should be working generic on all manila versions

I also added gsgetfile.dll as default file chooser for ssmaho

How to use:
- if you was using old ssmapa, do first a 'full restore' in ssmapa!
- Extract all 4 files and copy them to a folder on your phone (the folder has to stay on the phone.. I recommand /programs/ssmaho)
- run ssmahogui.exe
- click on the first button
- click on load configuration
- click on "Start INIT-Assistant"
- There are two modes, prefer the fast init, only if this is not working, choose the manila file from the slowinit box. Click on Fast Init (or maybe slow init)
- There should appear something like: "CreateProcessW offset found: 0x002d4240, ..." If that's not the case and "unknown exetype" appears, then use slow init.. In some cases you have to click 2 times... If this isn't working too, then sorry, ssmaho will not work on your device.
- click close
- click on "start assigner mode"
- minimize ssmaho (click right top corner, fast, or start -> today)
- Go back to manila
- click on every element you want to replace in manila
- there should pop up a window 'Assigner'. enable in minimum following checkboxes: Active, EXE Name, all News
---- Match condition commandline is useful for hooking sms inbox and mail inbox
- with the button "..." choose the new file
- click ok
- assign as many as you want.. windows are not working, but there are more than in ssmapa.. also landscape alignment should be working
- when you're done go back to ssmahoGUI and click on "Stop all".
- go to shortcuts, I recommand enabling all...
- click on "Save Configuration"
- click on About (or don't do it :P)
- close the program
- You have under programs new shortcuts: SSMaHo Attach / SSMaHo Detach. click on "ssmaho attach" and the new programs get called when working with manila.
--> You have to execute the attacher everytime manila crashes. If you use autostart it should automatically attaching after softreset, but not after a crash.

I don't think that this tool is able to destroy something on the phone. Never mind, I'm not responsible for any damages.

Upgrade instructions
1. copy all the new files to the same directory
2. Click on "Install new HookerDll"
2.1. If this fails, click on "Load Configuration" -> "Stop All"
2.2 Reclick on "Install new HookerDll"
3. ReDo the initialisation. You should use FastInit. There should appear 6 offsets
4. Ready.. You can now use ssmaho...

With version I implemented a real inline patch (hooking a function of manila). a generic solution for smt. like this is heavy... theoretically it should work (tested on a rhodium and old manila)... but as soon as htc changes smt deep, it won't be working anymore..

- Everytime the first button is available, click it... you'll then have lesser "where the hell"-messages
- if you have problems with one function / one hook, deactivate it with "manual configuration"

- The new inlinefunction-hooking of manila can only be searched with fast init. Also, fast Init isn't as fast as before, because it has to search more data... be patient after clicking on it..

Please donate for me! I'm a apprentice and use a lot of my free time for working on the computer, to be able to create such tools.

Thank you

Received Donations:
  • 15 Euro - 28wagram - 2009/05/13 - nice, thank you
  • 10 Euro - ppc3300 - 2009/04/07 - thank you
  • 10 Euro - lacasi - 2009/07/23 - thank you
  • 10 Euro - Martin L. - 2010/01/02 - thank you
  • 5 Euro - juwenio - 2009/04/03 - thank you
  • 5 Euro - Trident - 2009/04/09 - thank you
  • 5 Euro - mpayne - 2009/06/11 - thank you
  • 5 Euro - 1swat - 2009/06/25 - thank you
  • 5 Euro - aussiebum - 2009/08/02 - thank you
  • 5 Euro - plerche - 2010/02/23 - thank you

Version (2009/04/08)
- Improved slow init. ssmaho now fully working on all devices where manila.exe isn't read-accessible (file is fully readable in ram )
--> Full support for Dutty 2.6 xtreme !
- added crash handler
--> on new phones, evertime manila crashes (not restart, crash) ssmaho gets reattached automatically. This feature is like all other event-based and not polling anything..
- fixed some bugs

Version (2009/04/06)
- Removed exe limitation.. all filetypes are now supported

Version (2009/04/05)
- ssmapat2hook.dll doesn't get removed after install
- improved --with-wait function. probably it helps, probably not..
- filename is no more case-sensitive
- last filename will be shown in fast-init box
- change on assigner: clicking to cancel will do the original action, clicking Ok will supress it
- added architecture for an external api interface (if your're interested, contact me)
- added new patch (only for developer usage, on page change)

Version (2009/03/28)
- After hours and many evenings of work, I am proud to present the new ssmaho-version!
- Added special-infile-patch, hooks every subview of manila.
- Rhodium calendar / Call History and much more gets triggered (altough, on old manila versions, call history isn't hookable)
- bugfixes, autosave, ...
- added manual offset changer for professionals

Version (2009/03/19)
- Added new hook (click on sms / mails / maybe rhodium calendar)

Version (2009/03/16)
- First official release
- Thank NLS and hanackin for their patience on beta testing

P.S. Excuse me for my english...
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Thanks a bunch, Svenso... I am a long time SSMAPA user, and I am very happy to see this new app.

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So will this prog allow me to have wmp open instead of tf3d music player when i touch the music tab in touchflo? also will this software work on the new manila?

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That´s indeed nice improvments. The question is if this app supports the upcoming "XBmod Manila Rhodium port". If it is you´re my hero!!
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Really cool tool. I hope that no bugs will be found.
Hmm, previous version of this tool used manila's files patches, I suppose, but now we have to check an autostart option... that means that you patch manila in the RAM, but not the file. Does your app hang in memory or it starts after a soft reset, patches and unloads?
(Last edited by Drybonz; 16th March 2009 at 11:25 PM.)
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Testing now... not sure if I am clear on what everything on the pop-up assignment screen does.

*edit* Ok, I think I've got it. I have successfully mapped the "time click" on XBMod's HD manila.
If I click on the call history button it brings up the call history instead of bringing up the assignment screen. I'm assuming this element cannot be mapped?
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Yes unfortunately you assume correctly.

But SSMaHo is a better base to develop on, anyway.
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Also: THIS guy is unbelievable! (in a bad way)
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Originally Posted by NLS View Post
Yes unfortunately you assume correctly.

But SSMaHo is a better base to develop on, anyway.
I'm already loving it. The fact that it works on the HD manila is wonderful.

*edit* How does the "differing between mail and sms" work? If I click on the "all messages" button on the sms tab will it just remap this button?
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Thanks a lot for all your effort with this tool. It's a great idea and hopefully it'll work on my device in one of the next versions. Stumbled upon your tool yesterday and read the whole thread of the previous tool, and now tried this one. But it seems there's still something going on with this manila version, your tool doesn't like.

When I press "Start Assigner Mode" I get a popup saying "thats bad. Proc not found -.-"

I'm using a new HTC Touch Cruise (09). It already features the new "Footprint Tab". In case I can send any file to you to help, please don't hesitate to ask.

Until then: good luck with your exams!

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