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[KITCHEN][ROM][WWE][WM6.5][15-OCT-09] OC Build 23071 FULL + KITCHEN

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Default [KITCHEN][ROM][WWE][WM6.5][15-OCT-09] OC Build 23071 FULL + KITCHEN

Optimal Champious 23071 FULL Version

I will no longer be updating this forum with new builds. AT&T is sending me a Pure as a warranty replacement. Therefore I am uploading my latest 23071 Kitchen. It is fully functional and could prove to be a valuable learning experience for new chefs. Help upgrading to newer WM builds is plentiful and pretty easy since the packages are pretty stable. I will miss the Raphael forums but I will still be around. Thanks for your help and support.

Click to Download the Kitchen

Upgraded to 23071 build
Updated Theme images
Fixed Checkbox images
Google Maps
EzInput SIP Changer
Adobe Reader
Streaming Media

Manila 2.1 R5 w/ AllBackground Mod
Manila Start Menu
EzInput 2.1
AT&T Rhodium Dialer
Notification Manager
HTC Task Manager
Latest ArcSoft Messaging
Google Maps
Supports Widgets
PIM Backup
ProFuze Keyboard Layout Swapper

Thanks for trying my rom. Please leave suggestions or bug finds in this thread and I will try to resolve them to my best ability.

BUGS 9-29-09
EzInput Settings toggle graphic MIA
Upgraded to 23060 build
New Contact Manager
Fixes Missing Buttons
Fixed Lockscreen Issue

Upgraded to 23053 build
Ditched Tachi Dialer for new Rhodium AT&T Dialer
GPS Fixed

Hardware Accelerated Graphics
Tachi GPS Icon Fix
Tachi Phonecanvas Update
Numeric Battery Taskbar Icon
Manila Start Menu
TouchPro/Fuze Keyboard layout Selector
EzInput2.1 Tweaks
ArcsoftMMS Settings Update
Speed Tweaks

Manila 2.1 R1.5
Tachi Dialer
Notification Manager
EzInput 2.1

Download Full Version: [September 30th, 2009]: OC_093009_23060 Rhodium Dialer
Download Full Version: [September 27th, 2009]: 911_092709_23053 Rhodium Dialer
Download Full Version: [September 24th, 2009]: 911_092409_23049v2 Rhodium Dialer
Download Full Version: [September 18th, 2009]: 911_091809_23049
Download Titanium-Only Version: [September 14th, 2009]: 911_091409_23047
Download Titanium-Only Version: [September 10th, 2009]: 911_091009_23047
Download Titanium-Only Version: [September 9th, 2009]: 911_090909_23045
Download Titanium-Only Version: [August 31th, 2009]: 911_083109_23034
Download Titanium-Only Version: [July 31th, 2009]: 911_073109_23016
Download Titanium-Only Version: [July 28th, 2009]: 911_072809_23009_CommFix
Download Titanium-Only Version: [July 27th, 2009]: 911_072709_23009
Download Titanium-Only Version: [July 15th, 2009]: 911_071509_21222
Download TouchFlo3D 2 Beta: [July 23rd, 2009]: 911_072309_21222

Latest Total Commander Download
Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta Download
Youtube 2.5 VGA Beta 4 Download
m.carrol's Pure Black 2 Theme Download
amarullz's Green-Black Theme Download
geolab's Manila Softkey Programmer Download
MarcLandis HTC Volume Solution Download
Programmix's EzInput Layout Selector Download
Attached Files
File Type: txt BuildInfo.txt - [Click for QR Code] (2.3 KB, 287 views)
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It looks nice man. Congrats on adding one more great 6.5 ROM to the mix
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Haven't tried any 6.5 ROM so far, but feel like I should try out this one. Thanks and keep it up.
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I can't seem to get it to download. When I click on it (WM 6.5-21222-911) within Mediafire, it just reverts back to the same page.
Nevermind, after a few more tries, it is now downloading.
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it does look good. Vaguely remeniscent of xECK29x's 6.5 theme. The icon set is nice. Now heres to being a flashing whore and trying out!!

thanks for the efforts and sacrificing life as you know it, to become a chef.

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can someone give me icons that are in carburno rom? in the top bar

qualcuno mi puo passare le icone presenti nell'ultima relase di carburano? quelle in alto!

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This looks great. Thanks for sharing. I have a couple of questions:
1. Is there a way to use the standard 6.5 Chome rather than the oversized?
2. Will your notifications allow you to snooze like the 6.1 ROMS? That is, offer a choice of snooze times, 5 minutes, 15 mintues, 1 hour ect...
3. Just curious, but why use 21222? It seems like most are using the later builds. Do you find 222 to be better?

I finally have my Fuze set-up exactly how I want, but this is very tempting...

Doug M.
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Thanks for this Player911

I really wanted a 21222 ROM today

Edit: Are the theme and taskbar cooked in, or are they uninstallable?

Edit 2: This setup and theme is really nice man, and 21222 really does scream during texting and phone operations from what I've seen so far. I came from Da_G's Clean ROM 21231v1 w/o MSVC - which was also nice; relatively few bugs. I only wanted to switch for the speed and possibly better battery performance. Your screenshots don't do it justice, it looks great!
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looks great!

if only you could integrate htc default dialer, that'd be awesome!
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The WM7 theme is cooked in. As with the Taskbar Icons. I had to do a lot of tweakin' to get those Taskbar icons working right with WM6.5. I basically took the stock WM6.5 dll files and imported a WM6.1 icon set I picked up a few months back. I forget the author's name but has lots of icon sets. I just made them WM6.5 compliant.

I've always used the HTC Dialer with WM6.5, but the bugs are annoying. It also seems to be sluggish at times. I opted to go with a theme default dialer because it is noticeably faster and also doesn't use 10mb of memory. Plus with this configuration, you can install any version of the HTC dialer you wanted.

The main goal was to keep it as close to stock as possible but retain some of the benefits of a few HTC apps. For example, the default Windows Mobile volume control is HORRIBLE. Also the Notification manager keeps from tapping those taskbar icons and getting the crude popups. The Notification manager also cuts down on notification pop ups that can be very annoying to dismiss them one by one.

I would have installed a better keyboard, but each user is picky about their keyboards. I typically switch between FingerKeyboard2 and PocketCM Keyboard. I've tried SPB Keyboard and Resco. Each have their pros and cons.

The HTC Comm manager could have been left out but the stock one lacks the Data and 3G switches, which I find very useful.

The reason I choose 21222 over the newer releases was simple; 21222 is awesome. Microsoft has several "Final Betas". The newer releases feel laggy to me. I released this ROM the next day I flashed it because of how responsive and speedy it is.
LG G2 - Modded Stock
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