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Magnetic Leather Pouch Causing Device to turn on

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I think I have this figured out.
I think the keyboard uses a magnet to detect when it is deployed, and that is what is being tripped by the cases' magnetic clasp.

After playing about with the case, trying to find all the ways to turn my TP2 on with it, (never turns on inside the case, mine is nowhere near as magnetic on the inside as it is on the outside) i found that the magnet can also rotate the screen disabling the onscreen input at the same time, just like when the keyboard is deployed.

If my theory is correct, then if you can find a way to disable the power on with keyboard slide (has anyone figured this out already?) then your problems with the case should be solved.

Or you could try and demagnetising the magnet a bit, perhaps your magnet is mega-powerful and thats why its able to trip the sensor while inside the pouch.
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Same kind of problem here, that keylock opens when device it put to holster. And I have got couple of "angry" calls about "can't you use the keylock".

Luckily this "slide to unlock" keylock works little better, but still isn't the best solution.
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Woohoo! Mine does it too!

Strangely though, it does seem to happen on my friends Vodafone branded TP2...
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Oh, and off course the "nicest" thing is, that puches that came with TyTN2 and Touch Pro2 (and TyTN, if I remember correctly) contains magnets that open keylock/turn power on. Maybe there should have been little more thinking/hardware testing when that kind of accesories are decided to put in package.

And otherwise Touch Pro2's pouch is pretty useless, because it doesn't have belt clip, and it's "too thick" (compared to eg. Nokia's E71 pouch) to use with phone just in pocket.
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Whoaa.. mine does too..

Just curious, try to enable the sliding sound, And you'll notice that when you put magnet on it, the sound plays.

Maybe the magnet triggers some sort of keyboard sensor..

anyone knows how to keep the phone standby even if the keyboard is opened?
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Mine does not switch on when I take it out of the pouch. But it does switch on when I wave the pouch over the bottom corner like in the video.

I usually put the TP2 LCD facing in, but I tried with it facing out and it still does not switch on... strange

BTW, I feel the original case that came with the unit is too tight. Kinda hard for me to take the phone out. I'm using the original TyTn 2 case. A little loose, but can be tightened with the velcro...
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If you want to disable the "wake up when the keyboard slide", check this post :

It solved the problem with my magnetic leather pouch.
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Originally Posted by vakbrain View Post
If you want to disable the "wake up when the keyboard slide", check this post :

It solved the problem with my magnetic leather pouch.
Thanks very much - that sorted it...


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mines turns on as well. i have a vertical type case. when i place the tp2 into the pouch it cuts on. if i place it in upside down it doesnt. seems odd that orientation affects it...
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Hey Guys,

I think Ghostifish has this thing completely figured out. There's definitely magnets inside the phone. I discovered this one by putting my phone down on my desk at work close to a couple of paper clips. When I picked it up, it grabbed the clips with it!! Four of them to be exact. At first I was a little started (thinking jeez, the magnetic fields off this thing must be frying my brain! ) But then realized that it was probably a lot like my i760 which also used a magnetic retention mechanism to hold the phone open or closed instead of a spring that would be prone to breaking.

Just FYI.


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