Unhappy hw6915 english to spanish problem

Hi. Good people .Please I need your help because I don't now if my PDA is broken, I had spent all my money for few days to buy me a hw6915. I tried to change the language German to Spanish the realized steps have been the following. - hw6915_up_2_spanish_flasher
when the installation process finish (I'm not sure if I disconnects the PDA from the base before finish the process because now on the screen appears the following.
Serial + hp + vG.39 but change when I conect it to the computer to : USB + hp + vG.39
I don't now what is the next step or what I can do but the thing is that now the PDA is inoprative.
please can you help me to repair or finish the process. żAny one have or can tell me if there are any tutorial to made it?.Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation. and sorry for my bad english