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New Filebrowser with Root & SU permissions as well as built in terminal client

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By pentace, Senior Member on 29th June 2009, 11:29 PM
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New App on market

Market Name: SU File Browser & Terminal
Developer: Protocol - X

Search for SU, Root, or pub:"Protocol-x"

Or click and or Scan this image if u have the reader installed on your Android Device.

Currently supports normal file browser commands: cut, copy, paste, rename, new directory, open ect.
ability to chmod a file or directory from the file browser with one click.
File search functionality whole partial any non case sensitive.
open, edit, save, save as, preview text,xml, css, html basically any readable format.

built in terminal emulator with soft keyboard support for devices without a hard keyboard.

This is still a beta so there are a few bugs as well as some soon to come UI changes.

keep in mind this is not ugly but it is not meant to be a "pretty" file browser. There are enough of those out there. This was designed for functionality.

***Fixed*** Known bugs:
Enter Key on soft keyboard does not work in terminal client. need to use the trackball >>if anyone knows this fix id love to hear it.<<

soft keyboard in landscape mode needs to be toggled on 2x the first time you open it.

Post any Bugs, issues, or ideas here please


Changed Search UI so that it is no longer its own activity. This will allow the user to back out of the search box and still use the switcher on the bottom to switch between search, browse, and terminal.

Replaced pop up in search box with Search hint.

Corrected the trackball from defaulting to control key when changing Terminal prefs. Basically it will allow it to work as the enter key again after changing preferences.

Current users will have to change the preferences the first time they update in order to correct the issue if you previously had it.

menu> preferences> command key: select something other than jog ball

Updates 1.5:

Fixed Search UI bug
added preferences for List color, Text Size, and Selector Color


Added ability to create sym links

Updates 1.6:

Email Support

Better thread processing to prevent system hangs and crashes.

Random amusement?

Updates 1.7:

Multiple Viewer and editor support Support

Issue with 1.7:

It appears that something was miscodded causing crashing whenever a dialog attempts to appear this will be fixed tonight I appologize in advance.

The app is currently unpublished for now. until i can fix this

1.7 Re-Published as 1.7.1:

Delete / Paste Crash Fixed

Update 1.7.5:

Search Fixed for Newer Hero Build
Current Directory/Browse To bar implemented
Partition RW/RO Status added

Update 1.7.8:

Filter set up for "Browse To" bar to prevent typos.
Bugs: Symlinks Broke?
Not sure if symlink in the code is broken or maybe if its this new hero build 2.3.3 I tried to manually create a link and that fails as well.
Any Feedback on this one would be appreciated.

Update 1.9:

Cleaned up a lot of code
added some additional menu icons
Better Alert descriptions
file support to the Browse to bar for manual entries

Update 1.9.5:

Recursive Zip Support Added for Extraction
Compressions support in the works.
view, extract all or single targets to the directory of your choice.
Remember u must Mount as RW if you would like to extract to anywhere other than in your SD card.

More terminal colors added per request:
Amber on Black
Green on Black
Red on Black

More code clean up

Update 1.9.9:

System/Data RW/RO replaced with S & D buttons as well as option to remount on click or from menu still
Optional Expandable tool bar added with:
Settable Home Button
Quick Exit

Update 2.0:

Browser Download Helper Added per requests

Update 2.1:

Multi Select support added. no buttons needed, just click the icon next to the file. You can also select across multiple directories so be careful :)
Zip File Creation Added. You can Zip ALL files unlike other zip apps out there. Zipping files on other partitions than the sdcard may be slower though due to the special means needed for the files to be zippable.
Unzip/install apk option added for those that wanted to be able to view the apk contents
Download helper change. Hopefully this will fix the issue that arose with android 1.5 and email crashing with txt html and pdf files if u had astro, download crutch or any download helper

Update 2.1.6:

Viewable Hidden files

Update 2.5:

Added button to toggle View hidden Files
Tool bar will now save your last selected instance when you re-open the app.
random bug fixes.
Added lots more Bugs just for fun & everyone's aggravation
Added ability to connect to your PC via wifi over a shared network setup (Should work in all OS but only tested in windows)
If you are having issues with this make sure you fully set up shared networking on your pc.
PC browser has all of the same abilities as device. you can copy back and forth between the 2 cut paste delete ect.

Update 3.25:

grep free remount code
Syntax Highlighting
APK XML Binary viewer
Last edited by pentace; 16th April 2010 at 05:20 PM. Reason: new updates
5th July 2009, 03:57 PM |#2  
OP Senior Member
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New Features added
5th July 2009, 05:33 PM |#3  
Gimpeh's Avatar
Senior Member
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Too bad theres no way to push the Rav1.1G through this. I still can't get the damn USB driver to install.
5th July 2009, 06:21 PM |#4  
OP Senior Member
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what is the Rav1.1G?
6th July 2009, 04:43 AM |#5  
OP Senior Member
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Added Screenshots
Best to follow for better assistance. This post is only made because the apps section is split into different devices. I will try my best to keep up with this , dream, and hero but the Dream forum one has alot of information already that may help
9th July 2009, 05:51 AM |#6  
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Zip Support Added
Recursive Zip Support added
13th July 2009, 02:20 PM |#7  
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I'm using SUFBS with nk02's ION Multilanguage v4 (HTC Magic) and when I make a long press on files or folders SUFBS always crash, don't know if it's my phone or ROM.
13th July 2009, 05:50 PM |#8  
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Not that this matters but for some reason this is named "SU File Manager & Terminal" in my market. It wouldn't find it under "SU File Browser & Terminal" just so you know.

13th July 2009, 11:29 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by ClintonH

Not that this matters but for some reason this is named "SU File Manager & Terminal" in my market. It wouldn't find it under "SU File Browser & Terminal" just so you know.


yeah search SU or pub:"Protocol-X"
13th July 2009, 11:32 PM |#10  
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BusyBox Required
Originally Posted by DBeCe

I'm using SUFBS with nk02's ION Multilanguage v4 (HTC Magic) and when I make a long press on files or folders SUFBS always crash, don't know if it's my phone or ROM.

BusyBox is requiered for certain features most cooked roms have it but if yours does not follow this link for instructions on how to install busybox

How to install Busybox

Also please follow the thread on the Dream forum to ask questions and look for answers it is easier to keep up with one other than 3

Thanks for your support
25th July 2009, 03:56 AM |#11  
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