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Windows Mobile 6.1/6.5 - Core 21052/23009/23007 XIP & SYS LITE

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By TAI_Sw, Senior Member on 30th June 2009, 12:08 PM
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Hi Dude,

Downloading and cooking your own ROM with new core 23007.


Hier you are:




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30th June 2009, 12:08 PM |#2  
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Previous ROMs:

Windows Mobile 6.5 and WM 6.1:

Golden Globe - Black

Golden Globe - Gold

Blue Calm

Change log:
core 23007

23006/Build 23007 V20:

21812/Build 21812 Manila V18:

21728/Build 21728 Manila V17:
WWE: 21728_Manila_V17_WWE.rar

Update 21232 V16 WWE: Update_21232_Manila_V16_WWE.rar
Thanks don_theo for link:
21232 Manila V16 WWE: 21232_Manila_V16_WWE.rar


Golden Globe Manila2D - 21510/build 21510 Fast and Stable.
4MB Pagepool - Storage: 46 MB Programs: 22MB
Black: Manila2D_Black_V14_WWE.rar
Blue: Manila2D_Blue_V14_WWE.rar
Ultra Lite: Manila2D_ULite_V14.rar

Thanks don_theo for links:

GERMAN and FRENCH versions on post 2.

Golden Globe Manila2D - 21500/build 21500 Fast and Stable.
4MB Pagepool - Storage: 37 MB Programs: 22MB

Download: 21500/build 21500
Golden Globe Manila 2D Black V13: 21500_Manila2_V13.rar
Blue Calm V13: 21500_BlueCalm_V13.rar
Manila2D Ultra Lite V13: 21500_Manila2_ULite_V13.rar

Thanks don_theo for direct links:

Golden Globe Manila2D - 21198/build 21198 Fast and Stable.
4MB Pagepool - Storage: 37 MB Programs: 22MB


NETCF 3.5 for Device update:


Offical build 21040 WWE Rhodium coming soon...
21040 FRA version ready for download on post 2.
• .NET CF 3.5
• .NET CF 3.5 Messages EN
• ArcSoft MMS
• WM5orage 1.8
• Adobe Flash 3.1

• HTC Manila 2 D 1.0.1820.1233
• HTC Camera 4.0 build 28276
• HTC Opal Album 2.5.1819.1330
• HTC Opal TaskManager 2.1.34563.3
• HTC Touch 10 Button Comm Manager with 3G
• HTC Diamond ConccurenceMgr 1.1.1814
• HTC Network Plugin 1.0
• HTC USB To PC 1.0.18143432.1
• HTC ShareDLL 2.0.071002.00 v2
• HTC Opal Phone Canvas 3G (Black)
• HTC RandomAccess
• Raphael DShow
• Startclean
• Keyboard Skin

HTC_Connection Setup 1.5.34057.2
GoogleMaps Streetview and Latitude 3.0.2 (NEW version) (in ROM)
Nitrogen 0.3.1 (SD-Card)
G-Alarm 1.46 (SD-Card)
M2DC v0.27.232 (SD-Card)
S2U2 1.50 (in Rom)
iDialer 0.41
EasyShares v2.0 (Stocks) - Working now. (SD-Card)
Super Calendar (SD-Card)
Iris Browser (NEW) (SD-Card)
Device Update

Storage: over 43MB Programs: 23 MB

Some Apps install in SD-Card (please don't remove SD Card)

Device Update and all other Apps run fine now. In ROM not insert Office 2007 but you can use the Device Update to install directly in ROM.

Remove Music Tab, add Golden Globe Tab.

Fixed activesync for Vista again. (second fixed)

For newbie please flash HardSPL and OEM Stripped AT&T first before you can flash this ROM.

Thanks boog321 for link: HardSPL
OEM Stripped AT&T : Hier

For FRA/GER on post 2.

Hi Dude,

I want to break my work now. Because I don't have time for support and cooking any rom more. I would like to enjoy my life and I have more time to take care my childrens. In the future, if I will cooking a rom for Hermes, i only want to share it for friend and for the people who really like my works. If you like my rom, you can pm me under the title "using your rom (languages)" and I will send the links to download.
Goodbye and have your good time.

Final Black V10: GoldenGlobe_Black_WWE_V10.rar

Final Gold V10: GoldenGlobe_Gold_WWE_V10.rar

Final Blue V10: BlueCalm_WWE_V10.rar

Black Ultra Lite : GoldenGlobe_Black_Lite_WWE_V10.rar

Black PhoneCanvas: GoldenGlobe_Black_Canvas_WWE_V10.rar

Thanks don_theo for links, you are so great:
Extra Bonus : WM 6.5 Build 21169 Manila2D-Black

Coming soon...

Black V9:


Gold V9:


Blue Analog V9:


Thanks don_theo for links:

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30th June 2009, 12:09 PM |#3  
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Windows Mobile 6.5 Lite

Previous ROMs:

21820 Lite V23.5:
WWE: 21820_Lite_WWE.rar

21812 Lite V22: 21812_Lite_V22_WWE.rar
21812 ULite V22: 21812_ULite_V22_WWE.rar
21728 Lite V21:
WWE: 21728_Lite_V21_WWE.rar
GER: 21725_Lite_V20_GER.rar
ITA: 21728_Lite_V21_ITA.rar

21725 Lite V20:
WWE: 21725_Lite_V20_WWE.rar
23/05/2009 21234 V19:
WWE: 21234_Lite_V19_WWE.rar
UltraLite V19 without Titanium, you can install another UI.
UltraLite V19 WWE: 21234_ULite_V19_WWE.rar
ITA: 21234_Lite_V19_ITA.rar
GER: 21234_Lite_V19_GER.rar
FRA: 21234_Lite_V19_FRA.rar

20/05/2009 21232 V18 Update:
WWE: Update_21232_Lite_WWE.rar
Thanks don_theo for link:
ITA: Update_21232_Lite_ITA.rar

21231 V18:
WWE: 21231_Lite_V18_WWE.rar
Thanks don_theo for link:
FRA: 21232_Lite_V18_FRA.rar
ITA: 21232_Lite_V18_ITA.rar
GER: 21232_Lite_V18_GER.rar

21222 V17: 21222_Lite_V17.rar

FRENCH: 21222 V17 FRA

Update 21502: Update_21502_Lite_V16.rar
Thanks don_theo for link:
21502: 21502_Lite_V16.rar
Thanks for link don_theo:

21501: 21501_Lite_V15.rar
21510 Lite V15 French: 21510_Lite_V15_FRA.rar


21500 Lite Yellow V13: 21500_Lite_V13.rar
21500 Ultra Lite V13: 21500_ULite_V13.rar







2G: V5_Lite2G.rar
3G: V5_Lite3G.rar

2G: Lite_FRA_V7_2G.rar
3G: Lite_FRA_V7_3G.rar
3G: Lite_3G_GER_V7.rar
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30th June 2009, 12:21 PM |#4  
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For those of us who can't port like myself of course I want to say


This is greatly appreciated as I haven't been able to release any new ROM's lately. I will load this up tonight and see what happens..
30th June 2009, 01:37 PM |#5  
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Thumbs up
Hope to see new Fast and stable Roms soon!!!
30th June 2009, 01:57 PM |#6  
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Thanks mate
Any news what's that build? I've seen it in TouchPro section already... Did you try it already?
30th June 2009, 02:32 PM |#7  
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wow hahaha, thanX 4 u TAI
30th June 2009, 03:08 PM |#8  
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Rapidshare Link - Rapidshare Users
30th June 2009, 03:50 PM |#9  
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Sounds Great TAI!!!
anybody knows why the jump from 218XX to 23001????? Im not sure but 218XX are from HTC and 212XX windows, but 23XXX?

Thanks TAI You rules!
we'll try this new core!
1st July 2009, 12:16 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by + Que PPC

anybody knows why the jump from 218XX to 23001????? Im not sure but 218XX are from HTC and 212XX windows, but 23XXX?

Thanks TAI You rules!
we'll try this new core!

in general i find the Microsoft builds faster and more stable. The HTC ones are rebuilds and ive found are a bit more fiddely

Thanks TAI for sharing this. ive been looking out for a new build. i plan on getting that new nk.exe with the new virtual memory layout working with this once ive worked out how to add the right tools to my kitchen
1st July 2009, 12:37 AM |#11  
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wich new nk?
you mean the native by da_g?

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