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|July 4|RAPH| ..`..-|Energy| 21916|29022 - Sense 2019 / 2.1 / Titanium


7th February 2010, 05:57 PM   |  #18191  
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January 27 Sense 2.1 (21889) is awesome! Thanks for all the hard work NRGZ28!

Here's $10 for your slush fund! Confirmation number: 17906487K28667311.
7th February 2010, 06:15 PM   |  #18192  
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thnx always looking fwd to using ur roms
7th February 2010, 06:22 PM   |  #18193  
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can any of my friends upload this link on mediafire and PM it to me
coz internet connection here sucks and it hast REALLY LOW SPEED 15 kb/s!
7th February 2010, 06:32 PM   |  #18194  
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My location still not working!
Okay... I am retarded. I cannot get "my location" (weather or Google Maps) working even when I installed the fix NRG posted. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance
7th February 2010, 06:37 PM   |  #18195  
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I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but Opera Mobile 10 beta is SO slow when you are entering text. Maybe it is a problem with Opera, because 9.7 worked fine. I'm a big fan of 10, other than the text entry problem (~1 character per second)
7th February 2010, 06:41 PM   |  #18196  
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Originally Posted by incisivekeith

Okay, so does this mean that you are running 2.7 SE and 3.0 on 21891? I read through all the posts about Max Manilla after the latest ROM was uploaded and am not able to resolve if v3.0 will work with ROM v21891 or not. Could someone please provide a definitive answer?

@Scarecrow and ceesheim:

I have posted a couple of times about this issue of mine but haven't received any comment or answer on it. I would really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction. I have had Max Manilla 2.7SE run perfectly for me until I configured my phone for MS Exchange. After MS Exchange configuration, I just get a transparent dark screen on my phone which says "Title" and I am not able to scroll or click on anything behind the screen, essentially rendering Manilla 2.5 useless. I had to change to Titanium as Sense is useless for me due to incompatibility between MS Exchange and Max Manilla 2.7SE. I am attaching the image of the issue I just described.

Although it is premature to ask, as I have not yet installed the latest ROM from Feb. 7 (I am on Feb 6 ROM v21891), if you happen to comment on my issue above, please know that I will be installing Feb 7 ROM in a few minutes so it would help if your observations/input pertain to Feb 7 ROM.

Originally Posted by incisivekeith

Thanks for a prompt response. Yes, I had hard reset my phone and the first thing I installed was Max Manilla 2.7SE on Feb 6 build of this ROM. I had downloaded two files in addition to Max Manilla 2.7SE as the original files were corrupted (I really hope Max included the correct files afterwards, otherwise, everyone who downloads 2.7SE with the corrupted files will never know what's wrong). Scarecrow referred to those two files a few posts back and I am attaching those files with this post.

I am a little intrigued because in the Max Manilla thread, Scarecorw was provided with two files, while you just referred to only one file, which is one of the two files. Are both the files not needed?

I had Max Maniall running perfectly fine as my first install after a hard reset. It ran fine even after I installed other apps but as soon as I configured my phone for MS Exchange, it broke the screen as I posted before. I am not sure if I am correct in drawing this inference, but I am not sure what else could the reason be. Any ideas?

@Fellow NRGians:

I noticed the large finger menus on Feb 6 version and I could not go back to turn off finger menus as I could not find that tweak anymore in the ROM. Is that tweak back in Feb 7 version of 21891, or, is the tweak folder back, which unfortunately, was removed in Feb 6 version?

I use MS Exchange as well as MaxManila 2.7 and now 2.7SE on the 23xxx builds of EnergyROM for weeks/months and have never had that problem. I agree that Exchange/ActiveSync shouldnt really have any affect on Manila. How exactly do you "configure your phone for Exchange" out of interest? If it is via provisioning or a backup/restore tool you might want to try manually setting it up incase your method somehow does involve/affect/overwrite manila files? If you are manually setting it up then i dont know - Truth be told I actually always use SASHIMI to create my email account based off an XML file, as well as to install my cabs and import registry changes and files, and i never have any problems like you are seeing.

Is it possible it is not exchange that is screwing your manila, but you just happen to soft reset during the process of setting up exchange which reveals the problem? Id suggest as you say to hard reset, install 2.7SE and the patch file/s if needed, then soft reset again. Then setup exchange account manually and soft reset again... Sorry i cant be much more help other than saying Exchange and Manila and MaxManila have always worked fine together for me
7th February 2010, 06:49 PM   |  #18197  
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Originally Posted by protwitness

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but Opera Mobile 10 beta is SO slow when you are entering text. Maybe it is a problem with Opera, because 9.7 worked fine. I'm a big fan of 10, other than the text entry problem (~1 character per second)

Yep. I have had the same problem, and it's hard to get anything done because it takes 2 minutes to type a simple sentence.
7th February 2010, 06:53 PM   |  #18198  
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Originally Posted by Falcon11

Am I missing something, or did the roms get pulled?

He pulled them and will update later.

Originally Posted by NRGZ28 Twitter

VGA ROMs are gone... they were a little too BETA for my taste.. Reuploading them later tonite

7th February 2010, 07:15 PM   |  #18199  
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on the 23529 ROM with manila 2011.3030 is the HTC messeging client working fine ?
Its not working fine for me...
is it a problem with the updated leo packages or the incomplete ports ??
after a long time i tried NRGZ's ROM impressed with the Graphical changes...
Please respond
7th February 2010, 07:22 PM   |  #18200  
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I have finally gotten Max's 2.7se to run correctly from what I can tell so far. How ever I can still not get 3.0 to load and work. Once loaded manila loads and crashes,loads and crashs over and over.

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